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  1. scottishsmudge

    Vettassess general electrician assessment.

    Conduit is the one thing i haven't done since i left college! what are the chances that would be on the test. Gutted. Best get practicing before i book myself in for a test! Genuinely worried about what is in this assessment. Thanks for the breakdown, very helpful. *just been informed its only plastic conduit...panic over!
  2. scottishsmudge

    Electricians In Australia

    if you really want to know what its like here, its blowing a gale and when the rain hits your face, it feels like you're in the ring with tyson. Anyone wonder why i want out! Australia is the great unknown for us. 2 of her sisters have emigrated to Melbourne a few years ago, and they rave about the place. I'm 30 now and regretting not doing it younger, and i'll be damned getting to 60 and regretting not doing it at all.
  3. scottishsmudge

    Electricians In Australia

    Thanks. We are going to start the whole process in January. Give me some time between now and then to get as much money as possible together to pay for everything. I want everything paid cash, so when the move is going ahead, i can sell my house and use that money as cushion money when we land incase the job search isn't great. If i were to come over on the 189 visa, and didn't get a job in the electrical trade, could i get into bother with this? To be honest, i don't care what job i'd have to do, if it meant a roof over our heads and food on the table, i'd do it. Being a spark, that is obviously my number 1 choice, but if needs must, i'd do something else.
  4. scottishsmudge

    Electricians In Australia

    I AM LOST. I am a 30 year old approved electrician near Edinburgh. Me, my partner and 9 year old daughter would like to emigrate. I have contacted an agent to help us, and he has told me about vetassess. After reading through nearly all 208 pages on this thread, my heads about to explode and the cold horrible rainy weather of Scotland doesn't seem that bad after all! what does vetassess actually do regards my quals (if anything)? we were hoping to move to NSW or Victoria. I didn't expect to be able to fall off the plane and land in a job, but financially, we are not in a position where i can afford to be looking for a job for any longer than 2-3 months before i'd have to return home with my tail between my legs. What can i do from the uk prior to my move that will help? We haven't even started the process yet, but will be applying for the 189 visa (according to the agent). Can someone shed some light on what actions i should take if we were to move, for example, to the Newcastle area and how this would effect/improve my job prospects? My other half is now panicking about me being able to find work and it is threatening to put the whole move off. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. scottishsmudge

    First Post! Electrician getting leg lifted?!?

    hey, thanks. It was either ask on a forum like this or get a few comparative quotes from other agents (which would take a lot more time and effort), hence I thought best to ask you wonderful people!
  6. scottishsmudge

    First Post! Electrician getting leg lifted?!?

    Good, thanks. I wasn't sure as I don't know any other electricians that have done this, so unsure of prices. I was also a little surprised about the English test?? I know I'm not from England, but being my first and only language, it could get embarrassing!
  7. Hi, I'm new to this and hoping to get my head straight after being bamboozled by information. Myself, my partner and 9 year old daughter are thinking of moving to Australia, if we can find our way through the mountain of emigration info. We are looking at either Victoria or NSW. I am 30, and she is 29. I'm an SJIB graded approved electrician, and would like to continue my trade over there. I contacted an agent for some advice and rough prices, and an extact of one of his emails is below... We would charge you a fee of £1,850 +VAT (payable over 9 months) Vetassess Trades is $2,200 AUD (about £1,350) paid in two installments - $600 to submit all relevant paperwork and $1,600 to do the practical test Visa fees are $3,520 + $1,760 + $880 AUD (about £3,750) Medical checks will cost you about £800 for the 3 of you (done here in Edinburgh) Police checks for you and your good lady is £90 English test (www.ielts.org) is £130 So in total, you would be looking at approximately £8,500. Does this look normal? am i getting my leg lifted???? I appreciate this may be a long process (we are looking to do it slowly and steadily over 2 years). any helps/tips/advice greatly appreciated. Thanks