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  1. tvw410

    migration trying to find an agent ????

    I am using an Australian agency which was very strongly recommended by both the company and two friends who have used them when getting their 457 through the companies they work for (schneider elctricity i think) and they are in sydney called Migration Downunder. so far they have been really good and very good with fees and completing stuff. Julie Williams is the person I am dealing with but they have a number of agents as i have spoken to a couple with questions re forms. here is a video that was sent to me before i signed up with them for my PR. hope this helps tez
  2. This video was shared with me over the weekend from my friend in Sydney which was interesting as I am trying to get my PR in much the same way as well. May be of interest to some of you but at least it looks real. I think its interesting to hear how difficult they made it for her just cause she's from Brazil. tez
  3. Try Migration Downunder in Sydney, check out their web page, Julie has been highly recommended to us and we have found her really easy to deal with. she saved us from one of those offshore creeps just looking to take money as well. She was also very quick with docs and updates. good luck
  4. Go the different Agent.......you should have almost had the work started and nearly completed by now. mines just great and very recommended ......PM me for details...you'll get help with her. We looked for a while and our friends have all used her and no complaints.
  5. tvw410

    First Post! Electrician getting leg lifted?!?

    I know from talking to an agent here in Sydney that there are some really unscrupulous guys out there telling people they have global companies and are charging an absolute fortune for stuff that can get done in Australia on your behalf for the correct fees as set by the government registration board. If these costs came from an internet company then be very careful as i nearly went down this track with one last week and after carefully checking them out found out that their addresses in all the so called "offices" (UK, Canada, Australia NZ) were simply mail forwarding and serviced office companies. One of my co-workers also suspected they were a fraud as well after they sent him their documentation which was wrong. If you want to get details of the agent that came highly recommended here in Australia that I'm talking to then PM me. She has been terrific and seems to be very reasonable and is high up in the Migration Institute which is their association in Aus. her quote to me was over half what your saying you've been quoted. hope it all works out
  6. Hi there, its my first blog so here goes, been back in Australia for 3 months and I want to bring my British girlfriend here to live and maybe marry. I found a migration company on google that specialises in getting Visa's for partners and possible marriages, but one of my work colleagues has warned me that I should use an Australian government registered company as he had a bad experience with a unregistered company. I have checked this company out who claim to be "Global" and it turns out they may be in the USA or they also have a UK address. they also want me to pay up front by credit card which worries me if they aren't in Aus as they could just take the money and run. Has anybody got experience with this and what was the best result ?? I read on another blog site that you should use a local company and my work mate has referred me to somebody here in Chatswood that got them through in record time. any suggestions welcome please.