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  1. sandeep1

    One final query ...

    Hi, Before submitting the fees for my ACS skills assessment I have one final query. If any of my document is not as per the ACS guidelines, will ACS ask me submit that doc again? or will simply reject the application? Really appreciate help from u guys Thanks all in advance for your help on this.
  2. sandeep1

    certify payslips for ACS skills assessment??

    Hi Dusterio, Thanks for ur reply. I'll have to furnish the payslips along with my ACS application because I am not having the reference letter from my current employer :arghh:. Instead of a reference letter I am going with a notarized affidavit/declaration and to support the declaration I need to furnish the payslips and other docs. I hope and pray that ACS considers my application.:daydreaming: Cheers,
  3. Hi, I've all the documents in place for lodging my ACS skills assessment application. I've not got the payslips certified. Do ACS expect the payslips to be certified as well. could you guys please help me on this? Cheers,
  4. Notary Public and Bank Manger will be able to certify your documents. while certifying the docs things such as "certified true copy of the original", signature of the person certifying, regd no etc should be there on the certified doc. yes you can take the print out of the scanned documents and have them attested/notarized.
  5. sandeep1

    ACS Skill assessment

    Hi Xenon4017, Is an affidavit also acceptable if written by a work colleague at the same level (designation wise) and supported by the documents that you have mentioned? Cheers,
  6. sandeep1

    Work references for ACS Skills Assessment

    Hi All, I've managed to get the reference letter from my previous employer. But I'm not able to get the reference letter from my current employer. Now I'm planning to go ahead with an Affidavit written by my work colleague. My question is, if ACS accepts an affidavit written by a work colleague who at the same level (in terms of designation) as myself, if it is supported by other documents such as pay slips etc. Cheers,
  7. sandeep1

    Skilled Assessment from ACS

    Hi gtaylor, This sounds really promising. I guess, if everything goes well, your assessment will be done with in 4-6 weeks. It is quite inspiring for me. I'll also try and submit my application ASAP. Cheers.
  8. sandeep1

    Skilled Assessment from ACS

    Hi all, I'm planning to submit my application to ACS for Skill Assessment and I've pretty much all the documents in place for the same. There's one small hiccup though, my current employer is not providing the reference letter. Now I'm planning to have Statutory Declaration or Affidavit written by my work colleague. My concern, now, is::huh: 1. Do I need to attach any other documents with the Statutory Declarations or Affidavit? 2. Is there any specific format in which ACS accepts the Statutory Declarations or Affidavit? Could someone please share a sample Statutory Declarations or Affidavit (specific to Indian standards). 3. How much time is ACS taking after the application is submitted with them? I would really appreciate if someone could please help me with these concerns. Thanks in advance.
  9. sandeep1

    Late starters for independent visa 189 for (2013 -14)

    I tool planned to submit my EOI by November. But with ACS taking this much time, it'll spoil all the planning :mad:. Patience is the key. But having said that I'm also very bad when it comes to patience. :chatterbox:
  10. sandeep1

    Late starters for independent visa 189 for (2013 -14)

    One of my friend got his +ve skill assessment within 1.5 months of submitting the docs. Was thinking if luck runs in my favour too and I also get +ve assessment within 1.5 months ... counting on my luck ...
  11. Hello Guys, This is a thread which discusses the problems/concerns/issues of the people who have started or who are planning, just recently, to file the application for Visa 189 by the end of this year. I'm planning to submit the EOI for independent visa 189 by the end of Nov:biggrin:. I plan to submit my documents to ACS for skills assessment (for application programmer) by end of this month. Hoping to get the +ve skill assessment. Once that out of the way will take the IELTS and submit my EOI by the end of NOV. I hope things move as planned.:cool: You guys are welcome to share your thoughts. May the force be with us :cool::cool::cool: Cheers, Sandeep
  12. Thanks for the info talesofatwinmum. If its possible can you please share the template of stat dec that you wrote?
  13. Hi, My current organization does not provide employment letter/ Reference letter. Now I'm left with the option of a Statutory Declaration. Can someone please help me understand: Is Statutory Declaration good enough to convince ACS in order to get a +ve skill assessment? Really appreciate if anyone could share the Statutory Declaration template (w.r.t to Indian standards)? Whom do I need to get it signed from? (apart from my supervisor in the current organization) Do I need to attach any other document with the Statutory Declaration? Thanks in advance for your help and guidance. Cheers, Sandeep
  14. sandeep1

    Employment Reference letter

    Can I furnish my roles and responsibilities in a statutory declaration as my employer is not providing the reference letter? Is is good enough to convince ACS? Can anyone please share process of obtaining a statutory declaration. It would be great help if someone can share the template of the same.