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  1. I arrived in Melbourne last September and love it! With regards to your questions... 1. I think there's a Woolworths pretty close to Middle Park as well. To keep costs down theres good markets in Melb that are good for fresh food produce! 2. Yep bang on, I don't think you can but they're available at every 7/11 (so virtually every few hundred yards!!). They're just $8 and you top them up online or in stores. From the airport to Melb your best off getting the SkyBus to save cash. 3. When I came I put all my money onto a Travelex Cash Card. Opened an account with a bank here when I arrived, then once all the new cards etc came through, took the cash of the Travelex card and deposited into the new account. What sort of Graphic Design do you do? I work in advertising/marketing so could have useful contacts!
  2. Hey, I'm pretty new to Melbourne still, living in the CBD, always looking to meet new people! Fancy a beer... let me know! tom
  3. tomblackburn

    Meet Up For Beers Melbourne CBD

    Hello mate! I'm living bang in the CBD and would definitely be up for a few! Managed to break my ankle playing football last week though... but my number is 0452 336861 let get some beers on the go in a couple of weeks! Tom
  4. tomblackburn

    Playing Soccer in OZ

    Interested in playing! Let me know details 0452 336861 Ta
  5. Hi Tom, My girlfriend and I moved here a month ago and definitely wanting to meet more people and Friday drinks sound a seriously good way of doing it! We're moving to the CBD next week so looking to meet people over that way especially. Oh and definitely looking for a gym buddy! Keep me posted! Thanks Tom (another one!)
  6. tomblackburn

    Regular 5 A-Side Football (Proper Football!!!!) - Melbourne

    Ha you'd think that'd be the case but that's actually the surname, I'm a goober! We'll sort a few pints out soon then.
  7. tomblackburn

    Regular 5 A-Side Football (Proper Football!!!!) - Melbourne

    Oh right, whereabouts? I've only been out here a week! Guessing you're a Hammers fan (unfortunately!). Given the missus dragged me out here for work I know no one, so if you fancy a pint or watching the football gimmie a shout!
  8. tomblackburn

    Regular 5 A-Side Football (Proper Football!!!!) - Melbourne

    Well if not mrebrennan and westhamjd we've got 3/5 so far if we can get a couple more on board we could well have ourselves a team! When do you both get to Melbourne?
  9. tomblackburn

    Regular 5 A-Side Football (Proper Football!!!!) - Melbourne

    Hi Nigel, A bit late on the reply but... ...I moved to Melbourne on Tuesday and keen to start having a kick around and meet other football mad Brits! Did the 5-a-side ever get going? If you still play I'd love to get involved! Cheers Tom
  10. So, as the title says... My girlfriend and I arrived in Melbourne just yesterday we currently have 4 year VISA's (and now we 'think' we've mastered the Trams) it's time to get ourselves a social life!! We're 26/27, from England, like eating, drinking, coffee, sushi, having a laugh etc etc and in a nutshell just looking make friends (as corny as it sounds!!). So lets go for a drink...?
  11. tomblackburn

    Meet Up For Beers Melbourne CBD

    Hi Joe & Mark, Hope you're both well! I literally arrived in Melbourne with my girlfriend yesterday and like you both I'm looking to meet new mates and go for a few beers! If either/both of you fancy it let me know... Thanks Tom
  12. tomblackburn

    457 VISA Question.........

    Hey all! Hoping you can help? As we don't seem to get many words from our immigration agent! We've had an email today saying our 'nomination has been approved'. From your experiences what comes next and how long does it all take? My partner and I have been in no mans land waiting for approval for a while and need to sell cars etc! Thanks all!!