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    Should I claim points for work related experience?

    It happened to be my first job after completing education and company was a small textile company at the infancy stage. So I joined the company even though the salary was very low since I was struggling at that time to secure my first job. I worked there for couple of years and then I got job in a well reputed multinational company. I have sent experience letters from both the companies for skills assessment along with educational documents. Kindly advise me on the following points: 1. Would it be a problem if I had sent experience letter from my first employer but don't claim points for it in EOI. 2. In order to not to claim points in EOI, should I not mention that experience at all or should I mention it but mark it irrelevant. Many Thanks
  2. This is my first post here and I would like to say thanks to everyone. I am accountant with almost 5 years of experience (4.8 to be precise). I have score 8 in IELTS and has recently got positive assessment from CPA. I am intending to apply for Australian immigration under 190 for NSW. I am facing a dilemma on a single issue and I am not sure what should I do. Thus I am here to seek your advise. As I said earlier I am intending to apply for NSW immigration. But I am worried with regards to DIAC experience verification and therefore bit reluctant to claim points for it. Reason I am reluctant to claim points for experience is that I don't have bank statements and payslip for my first job. I have actually worked in two different companies and I have sent reference letters for these companies for skills assessment. I have all the documents with me for the most recent job. However, I do not have bank statements and payslips for the job prior to that which was also my first job. At that time I was paid in cash so there wasn't any bank statement and my salary was well below minimum taxable income thus no tax return. For my first job I can only provide experience letter, contact details of CEO and salary certificate. Although my case is valid but I am not sure how DIAC would perceive it. Now I have two options to consider: First - I should mark all of my experience relevant (including first job) in EOI and hope that DIAC would not dig into my experience. There are many anecdotes on this site where people are claiming that DIAC has not asked them for bank statements or payslips for verification purpose. Second - I should mark experience irrelevant in EOI and thus avoid the risk of overclaiming points in EOI. Since I am not dependent on experience related points, I would not mind underclaiming points in EOI. The only worry here is that marking it irrelevant would unnecessarily raise red flags for DIAC and may complicate my seemingly straight forward case. DIAC may ask why I have sent my documents for Assessment when in fact I am claiming it to be irrelevant. Please advise which of these options should I choose and why. Is marking experience irrelevant in EOI the only way of not claiming points for it.