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  1. barcud

    Financial/Emotional worries after moving

    I have lowered the rent asking price significantly, just no takers biting I'm afraid. Am on online job sites every day applying for work plus calling round business' in person. The father does contribute towards the children, this helps a little.
  2. Hi, Long story short : I lived here in Qld 10 years ago, had 2 children, got divorced then moved back to uk to be near family. x is Australian so he stayed. Now my situation so far is, I moved to qld in August this year with my 2 teenage children, 13 & 16. They have settled well into the lifestyle. They get to see their father who is Australian more often. I have managed to find a job but am unable to find full time hours in the area I chose to live. I left my house in the uk thinking I could rent it out as renting has never been a problem is the area. But then changes happened to the school and families are moving elsewhere. Sadly this has not happened and my funds are dwindling paying mortgage there plus rent, bills over here. The housing market there is not looking good to sell. The outlook of staying looks quite grim. So realistically thinking, I'll be going back. My eldest has also missed 4 months of gcse course work in the 2nd year, so am concerned as to will she be able to catch-up in time for exams. Any suggestions???
  3. barcud

    Gcse or year 11 qld

    So my daughter will be 15 end november, is she going to be in year 10 or 11 in qld?
  4. barcud

    Moving to Perth soon and starting to brick it!

    I moved back home uk 8 years ago with my young children, their father lives in oz, he sees them every couple of years, they are settled here and do well at everything, they obviously miss their father. I'm feeling unsure myself, love where i live, but have been made redundant and thinking of moving my kids back to oz so they can see their father more. Makes sense for them, but i also have family here.
  5. barcud

    which high school

    Hi, Thanks for your info, had a look at Urangan school website, looks impressive, will have to try getting in contact with them.
  6. barcud

    which high school

    Does anybody have any high school recommendations for Hervey Bay????for a 12 & nearly 15 yrs old
  7. barcud

    Gcse or year 11 qld

    I have a 12 & 14 yr old, the eldest in yr 10 & is just starting Gcses here in uk. Thinking of returning to oz to live, we are oz citizens. Just want clarification as to how important yr 11 is in qld, does she need to start in jan what happens if she starts later in year?(I know it will be a lot of wasted schoolwork.) When we moved here she was put back a year according to her birthday. So im pretty sure she would go into yr 11 in oz. If I don't move back now, I'll be in same situation with my youngest. What are my options?:wacko: