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  1. Hi just to say we applied for CPV143 whilst on shore we were on a 600 visa at time, it took us 3 years for it to be granted so therefore had to go back to UK. We were onshore on another 600 when we got the shout for medical school etc. got all that done here in Australia then had to leave to have 143 granted so a quick trip to Bali. Good luck with your future plans.
  2. HarrisL16

    Light at the end of the tunnel 143

    Hi Susie difficult to suggest a budget as would depend on what type of rig/outfit you would like, we were used to towing in the UK and like the flexibility of car and van for touring . We brought our van from a private sale but our vehicle from a dealer and new we would be travelling so our requirements were quite specific. Probably need to work on $100k but could be done cheaper. Fuel is a big outlay , camping varies some free . We did a few trips in different areas. In case we never get back there so all adds up but I highly recommend it we saw some amazing things met some great people and made friends. Now it is our home until we purchase our house so feel it was definitely worth the investment as have managed to stay here 2 years in last 4. Our budget was offset by letting out the UK house which helped as had no work condition on our visa. Hope the wait won't be too long for you now and the last stages go through smoothly best wishes Lorraine
  3. HarrisL16

    Light at the end of the tunnel 143

    Hi we were on a visitor (class fa) tourist 600 but previously in 2014 we came and stayed for 18months by flying out of the country and gaining a further 12 months, this might be possible for your mum will depend on the stipulations set out on her visa. I hope it works out for her. You might have to wait for 6 months before re applying again depends on what the restrictions are some say no return in 18months I believe. Good luck
  4. Just thought I would pop back onto site and update my story, we applied in 4/15 and was granted 143 in 4/18, so there is light at the end of that long tunnel! Even though the wait has now increased. We were lucky enough to have 2 600 visas granted in our waiting period and spent the time here exploring Australia towing a caravan a great way to see this beautiful country. Our visa was granted whilst we were in Australia so had to do a quick trip to Bali to meet the requirements of being off shore. We finished our time then flew back to UK to sell the house took a bit longer than expected but finally arrived on 20th Feb. a bit nervous going through customs but clutched the visa grant email hard copy in my hand but never had to show it. Now back in our caravan heading from Brisbane to Melbourne to look for a house as both sons live close to city, so exciting times ahead. Leaving the UK was quite emotional underestimated how much it takes out of you saying so many goodbyes. We used PSS removals the guys that came were really professional, friendly and our contents are somewhere in Asian waters so hope the next bit going through customs goes smoothly and the smell of Jeyes fluid isn't to overwhelming. This site has been so useful to us, through it we have met some lovely people .Everyone is willing to share their information and experiences which really helps. So hang on in that waiting room and keep decluttering it really helps in the end. Good luck and hope your turn comes soon. Lorraine.
  5. Congratulations I am so pleased for you?? we followed your timeline closely as you applied just before us . We were lucky to have our visa granted in April and are now waiting to sell our house before we head out to Melbourne area. Good luck with your next stage ?
  6. There is a change of details/circumstance form which I used for our 143 which I used to give updated details of our sponsor think it was 1022 but not sure, I think you are meant to keep them informed . Good luck hope this helps ?
  7. Hi Kath we have been twice on a 600 luckily did not have that clause , but I would still advise you to get the temporary Medicare card , just so you don't end up paying to see go etc as well as other private costs. Good luck ?
  8. Hi Sheena if you are in Australia at time of 2nd vac request they give you 7 days to submit proof of travel out of the country which has to be within 28 days. We had this happen as there on a 600 visa at time the visa was granted when we landed in Bali. Hope this helps?
  9. A huge congratulations to all those who have received their visas since 1st July, hope the momentum keeps going for those in the waiting room? Also like to say great post @gafuk honest thoughts, and huge encouragement to everyone waiting for that move to Australia. As for us house is on the market and in process of getting shipping quotes, so another bit of a stressful time but exciting too? Still learning from this forum . Good luck everyone ?
  10. Congratulations to everyone who has received news today hope. The next stage goes swiftly and smoothly, we had a few butterflies especially when sending the cheque off?. Flew to Bali as onshore and received visa grant when we arrived at hotel . Lets hope everything moves a bit faster in July for those of you still waiting , Lorraine ?
  11. Just to let everyone know flew to Bali yesterday and our 143 Visa was granted before we landed. Can't believe it ,seems a bit surreal. So celebrating with wine beer and cocktails. Good luck to everyone whose in the waiting room and hope your visas will be granted soon, we are lucky just under 36months. Thank you poms in Oz have learnt so much about the process from this site☺??
  12. Congratulations so pleased for you and your mum ?
  13. Hi so pleased for you, this process is stressful enough without what you have had to deal with. Wish you lots of luck with the final stage ?