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  1. Kaz90

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    October 7th thats not long either, this is so exciting dude! I have to call 3 about my phone, but everything else is kinda sorted, need to book the hostel where i'm gonna stay for 3 weeks and then go shopping..so really nothing is done haha but i thrive last minute so i'll get it done! How about yourself, what have you got left to do? I cant stop smiling tbh haha i live in (and am leaving) Slough so thats probably why!
  2. Kaz90

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Haha thanks, it hasnt sunk in yet at all! And great i shall await an email or contact them tomorrow, worried i might have given the wrong email lol, i will of course print the online approval from the Aus gov website! Time to get packing aaaah!
  3. Kaz90

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Hey guys just checked online and my visa has been approved!! Just booked flight to Syney for 4th September omg! Also i havent received any email from the Aus gov or a letter, should i be expecting those? Cannot believe its all confirmed now! Excited beyond belief!
  4. Kaz90

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Hey guys applied for my visa on Saturday, but no email correspondence at all, i guess they dont process on the weekend? I really need to book my flight!!
  5. Kaz90

    WHV travelling alone???

    Hey! Im travelling alone too, funnily enough i was travelling in the US and the best people i met were Aussies! They were the reason i decided to actually do this, cant wait to be honest! Im concerned about the jobs but i mentioned in another thread i will do anything at all, so i hope i can get some kind of work!
  6. Kaz90

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Hi guys! Im going to book my visa end of the week and then flights for the end of August! Hopefully start off in Sydney! Only a few weeks to plan and get everything together! So excited to experience Australia
  7. Hi Im so sorry to hear how tough it is for you! Im planning to come to Oz in a few weeks and what I can take from all the advice is here is to not be picky. I understand where you are coming from, but I'm gonna take anything, i have no expectations and i would LOVE working in a coffee shop, i mean i have a degree but experience in retail, care, admin/HR and i used to clean my school when i was back IN school, so i would be grateful for anything that comes my way. I want to work but mostly just LIVE and experience and meet people. I am slightly concerned but i will do anything, its part and parcel i think.