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  1. skippy2009

    Pet to Uk without flying (overland)

    Cunard have cancelled the 2021 world cruise on QM2, 2022 on sale now, also I'm 99.9% certain that dogs are only allowed on the transatlantic crossing, New York/Southampton/New York. Very limited numbers, stay in kennels, owners are able to visit, very well looked after by the Cunard crew.
  2. skippy2009

    Help re LPA/Will etc parents in UK, 2 son's (citizens)!!

    Many Thanks for your helpful advice, Tulip 1 and Quoll, it's quite daunting, however, it has to be done, our will is 11 years old, at the time only ES was living in Australia. Thanks again
  3. skippy2009

    Help re LPA/Will etc parents in UK, 2 son's (citizens)!!

    Sorry, for the confusion, we have 2 son's, Australian citizens, married to Australians, we live in the UK, have a will, however, needs updating, decided we don't want a "traditional" funeral just a direct cremation , how practical is to appoint our son's as executors (although I think they are), as they are in Australia. Trying to avoid the extortionate fees lawyers charge as executors, I understand there will be fees which is fine, rather not involve family/friends if possible. Any members find themselves in a similar position? Many thanks in advance for advice/comments.
  4. skippy2009

    UK Passports

    Maybe things have changed, this was a couple years ago, my family live in Australia, have Australian citizenship, not sure when their UK passports expired, just mentioned it as that was their experience.
  5. skippy2009

    UK Passports

    I think if the UK leaves the EU with "no deal", passports will require 6 months left from the date of arrival, also any extra months added if renewed early may not count (no longer applies when renewing), this only applies to EU countries. Google renewing a UK passport after Brexit, (GOV.UK), the blue passports are due in October, who knows!! I understand they will not be like the old style blue passports, no idea what will happen if we leave with a "deal", yes the cost of renewing a UK passport has dropped, as family discovered, however, renew before the passport expires, it's a pain if you don't, you have to start from "scratch", as family discovered, hope this helps.
  6. Words fail me, why not apply to migrate to the UK, everyone welcome here, until the rules change, allegedly!!
  7. skippy2009

    Swimming pool

    Lovely, has Ted had a dip yet?
  8. skippy2009

    Immigration with 2 wives

    2 husbands, even worse !!
  9. skippy2009

    Flight from Birmingham to Heathrow via Aberdeen?

    Check out one way car hire or a local airport taxi service, stress free and convenient, given the cost of train and taxi fares maybe very little saving using public transport/taxi, possibly worth it given your circumstances, good luck!!
  10. skippy2009

    Flight from Birmingham to Heathrow via Aberdeen?

    I'm an ex TA, and live 40 minutes from BHX and EMA, 99.9% certain flights from the midlands to LHR ceased many years ago, I remember my parents flying from BHX and EMA to LHR connecting with long haul flights, I have checked and there are no direct flights from the midlands to LHR, hope this helps.