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    What options actually available to me?

    Oops u meant I CANT get a girl lol
  2. Hey all, this is a general enquiry on information about visa and the like. I'm pretty certain I know there is little options viable for me but maybe someone on here can highlight some possible routes I may have missed or misunderstood. I am currently 8 months in to my 2nd year Working holiday visa (4 months left :sad:) and really wanting to extend my stay if possible. I know about the obvious route of sponsorship, but I'm currently working through an agency so it's hard to get to know a company employer well enough to grab the chance of sponsorship as I move jobs every so often. I know there could be a route of studying but I'd prefer not to to be honest. And I can get an Aussie girl to go out with me for a defacto! Haha Any amount of insight from people's experience would be great. Thanks for your time peeps!!