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    HELP!!! Electrician wanting a permanent visa!

    Thanks again Rupert, that sounds like a great idea. I will sit the English test and see what the outcome is then adjust the work experience accordingly. Cheers
  2. John the Spark

    HELP!!! Electrician wanting a permanent visa!

    That's dead on, if that is the case I will definitely take the test then. Has anyone got a link for the points necessary? I have read in a book, "Digeridoos and Digeridont's" that the pass mark is 65 points I have; Age 25-32 = 30points English Superior = 20points (although I did not know this was from a test) Overseas employment (8 years in the past 10) = 15 points Education (Offshore Apprenticeship) = 10 points I am aware this is due to passing the English exam with Superior although even with Proficient it is still 10 points. Is this points system still up to date or has this changed?
  3. John the Spark

    HELP!!! Electrician wanting a permanent visa!

    Cheers Rupert, that sounds good. I have had a look at the points system and am pretty confident I qualify in that aspect. As for the police check I am a module citizen apart from 3 points on my licence for having a mobile phone at my ear while driving. That's about it. I will give the skills assessment a go and see what comes back. Thanks By the way has anyone any idea whether or not I would have to sit the English exam to prove I have good English? Even being born and raised in the UK and having a GCSE B grade in both English Language and English Literature? I have read that everyone has to have an English exam taken in at least the 36 months prior to applying for the visa, my GCSE's where 11 years ago although I have not forgotten how to speak, read or write! It's no problem if I have to do it, I was just wondering is it a necessity? Thanks again
  4. John the Spark

    HELP!!! Electrician wanting a permanent visa!

    Thanks for the help blossum, yeh I see there is a skills assessment to do, it's a cheeky $1000, then and independent visa is over $3000 along with my partner's at $1500, pricey but i'm sure it would be worth it, just wouldn't like to part with that sort of cash and be refused. Hopefully the medical shouldn't be a problem, i'm only 28, none smoker and as far as I know i'm pretty fit and healthy, does anyone know exactly what they would be checking for in a medical? I've read that TB is a problem, I should be safe enough there, I don't come in contact with too many badgers!!!
  5. Hi, this is my first post. Is there any electricians who have went through this same process. I am wanting to attain a permanent visa to Oz. I have an NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Electricial Installation BS 7671 (16th edition) which i completed between September 2005 & June 2009. I have signed up to do the 17th edition course this year and the Inspection and Testing course. Could anyone tell me would these qualifications guarantee me a permanent visa and where and what I do to get the visa. I have searched the internet, Tradeskills etc and I am not really sure on how to go about getting any further forward. Has anyone did this the same way? I know there is ways to get sponsored and get the visa paid for by an employer but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks