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  1. 22 minutes ago, RoEire said:

    Hello! I'm really struggling to get someone to sign my 1195 form. My dentist is on PR so can't sign. I'm thankfully healthy, so no steady GP who's willing to sign it. I asked my Bank Manager, who wasn't comfortable signing as we've never met in person (despite being with them for 4 years 🙄) and we don't have kids in school. It's such a small thing, but is really tripping me up! I asked a JP, but they weren't comfortable as they don't know me 1 year.

    My last option is that our friend is a registered Midwife working in NSW who would sign it. My only question is that it lists 19. Medical Practitioner and 27. Nurse - a Midwife is not technically a nurse... it's a bit of an industry anomaly - I wouldn't have known that it was a difference before speaking to my friend. I've asked the Department helpline who just said to 'use my own judgement at my own risk' - very helpful!

    Anyone have any insight or opinion? 

    This stuff can be difficult. Would your bank manager be willing to meet you in person and sign the form? Would only take 10 min of their day. 


    I think medical practitioner can be your midwife friend but I suppose it's a bit of a risk, depending on how strictly the role titles are governed.


    Are there any legal or finance people in your workplace who might qualify?

  2. 2 hours ago, Indianinoz said:

    All cases of delay over 6 months that I know of in getting test application are from NSW(mostly from Sydney, 1 from Wagga Wagga and now 1 from Wollongong). Hope you get it soon. Please keep us updated.

    Thanks!  I am not in a mad rush but it would be nice to see some progress.

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  3. 19 hours ago, Indianinoz said:

    Oh, its almost 7 months now, hopefully you get invited for the test very soon. If you don't mind, may I ask:
    a) Which town/council are you from?
    b) Did you travel overseas for long period(>30 days) after application?


    a) Wollongong.

    b) no, have just had two weeks outside of Australia since applying.

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  4. On 07/01/2020 at 10:00, Indianinoz said:

    Is there someone who applied for citizenship before 30th June 2019(other than Sydney) and before 31st March 2019(Sydney) and still hasn't been invited for the test?

    Is the backlog of 2017 applicants which were running very late attended to?


    Yes me! Applied 18 June 2019 (not Sydney) and my account has remained unchanged since that day.

  5. On 20/12/2019 at 21:13, Chiwy said:

    Oh! That’s is a good news for Chiwy (our princess 😅)!!. May I ask which area are you staying ? Perhaps I can look ard for rental ard there. 

    I'm in Sydney so not very helpful for you! 🙂

  6. On 18/12/2019 at 14:11, Chiwy said:

    I read that we will not be eligible for Medicare despite the new 491 as our visa will still reflect as 489 😩. We are planning to move with our dog and am trying to look for apartment that allows small dog. 

    Hi @Chiwy, having a dog in apartment will depend on the body corporate (strata). I live in a new-ish apartment block, and there are two dogs here (one chihuahua and one other type I don't recognise - small-medium size). I think my lease indicates 'small pets' may be permitted with prior consent, or words to that effect.  There is also a small-medium terrier type dog who lives in the apartment block next to us. One of these dogs I mention is on the ground floor with a small garden but the other two only have balconies as outside space.

  7. 4 hours ago, Sigemup said:

    Hi guys

    Is there any particular place where I can get the photo as per the specifications for the form 1195 ? 

    Such as some store that I can go and say I need to take photo for form 1195 - and they would know exactly the specifications of this. 

    How did you ensure that your photo was as per the specified dimensions and other aspects for the form 1195 ? What did you ask or say ? 
    Did you take the specification format description to the store and show them ? 

    Thank you 

    I had my photo taken at the post office (same format as passport photo).  If you feel reassured, take the dimensions of the required photo with you and ask them to confirm they will take a photo of that size. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, Silver_Swan said:

    Haha, yes we've been looking - we've found some places within the correct price range (mostly to the south though) and to be honest its the same price as we pay at home, so not too much of a surprise. 

    The biggest issue is trying to understand which area will have the nicest "vibe" for us...!

    Are you in Aus or the UK at the moment?

    Very hard to analyse "vibe" without checking out various areas first. Are you looking to secure a rental immediately or you have hotel/holiday accommodation to  start with?

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  9. 10 hours ago, Silver_Swan said:


    We're currently doing some research and trying to narrow down our choice of suburbs for house searching, and would love some input!

    We are a professional couple in our late 30's, no kids, pretty outdoorsy - like cycling, diving, surfing, climbing, walking etc, but equally enjoy a nice glass of wine.

    Our dream property would tick all the following boxes (and I realise we'll likely have to compromise on some!)

    1. Nice area which has a bit of life to it - a couple of nice places to eat and drink would be ideal
    2. Within 30 minutes drive of a surf beach
    3. Modern property 
    4. Minimum 3 bedrooms, 4 preferred
    5. Garage (for storage) and parking for two
    6. Within one hour (by car or train) to work (my husband will be working right next to North Sydney Station, I work in financial services - so I expect to be near central Sydney somewhere, my husband will also be flying fairly regularly)
    7. A decent sized outdoor space - we want to be able to have a barbie! 
    8. Under $800/week. Could stretch to $1000 if we really had to

    Which suburbs will tick the most of our boxes?!


    Hi, lots of suburbs will work for you! 

    Anywhere on the North Shore (look on map from Milson's Point up to Hornsby and East/West to Mosman, Balmoral Beach, Neutral Bay, Greenwich, ) - close to work for your husband, won't be much further to the CIty for you to commute and airport not too bad either (1hr-ish on train depending on exact location and connection speed!).  Around 30 mins drive to Northern Beaches for surfing.

    Northern Beaches. Ticks all boxes but will be longer for the airport and no trains, only buses to North Sydney and the City.

    Somewhere like Caringbah or Cronulla. Makes North Sydney into a longer journey (change trains at Redfern / Central / Town Hall) but close to beaches and airport. Plenty of cafe life.

    The  only issue I see for you, is getting a 3-bed for $800pw or less (with plentiful parking and outdoor space). Check Domain.com.au or realestate.com.au for prices/slap in the face (I say this lightheartedly!)

    EDIT: there are of course plenty of other places that you can look into that would match your criteria:  Eastern Suburbs (Bondi, other beach suburbs, Paddington, Alexandria) or Inner West (Balmain, Rozelle, Newtown, Marrickville etc). 

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  10. 42 minutes ago, t2529 said:

    Can I double check, is it necessary to have the original birth certificate for the citizenship interview?

    I won't be able to apply for two years, but won't be going home too often and wouldn't want to have my birth certificate shipped by mail.


    You can order a certified copy from the General Register Office (GRO). I used this for my visa application(s) and citizenship application. Can't remember the cost but wasn't much in GBP. 

  11. Tallawong :)

    Haven't tried the metro yet, but I have no cause to be heading in that direction for anything in particular. Will probably use it for Macquarie Centre at some point!  A lot of my colleagues are now using it, when before then had to come 'the long way' on the train or do a double shuffle on the buses. Certainly seems to be very popular whenever I am passing through Chatswood station!

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  12. On 02/07/2019 at 16:02, Toots said:

    Is there really any traditional Aussie fare?  Most of it involves meat in some form or another - no good for me and you could get them in any other country.  Those big spring roll thingies are horrible Simmo.   

    There used to be a pub near The Rocks in Sydney that did pizzas with a choice of toppings including, kangaroo, crocodile and emu.


    It's still there @Toots - the Australian (menu: https://australianheritagehotel.com/eats/)

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