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  1. vickyplum

    Food from Uk

    Agree that the chocolate is not the same. But I find the silver lining is that I then don't eat so much of it!!
  2. vickyplum

    100 visa final stage processing

    Took me just under seven months. I did have a time line but it appears to have disappeared on the new forum
  3. vickyplum

    Ship all or minimal

    Yes, we shipped minimal, just under two years ago. It was still a fair amount of stuff though! Bedding - took new / good condition stuff and threw the rest out. Fitted sheets don't fit exactly on Oz mattresses (a bit tight) but not an issue. Replaced pillows on arrival and haven't used a duvet since being here! Kitchen - brought our cutlery, some utensils like good knives and other small items. Also brought some mugs of sentimental value. - Didn't bring ovenware - Didn't bring crockery or pots and pans (our were all cheap so no lost value). - Didn't bring toaster, kettle, sandwich maker - have replaced all. - Replaced all crockery with plain white range from Ikea and Kmart and in the process of slowly upgrading to nicer pots and pans etc, as and when funds are available. Books, CDs, personal items etc... Pictures in frames - purchased a TV shipping box and packed them in that. Tools - brought domestic tool boxes over. Clothing - took most in a two big suitcases and other items like handbag collection and shoes, went in Movecube. Jewellery - had my box at the bottom of my large carry on bag for the flights over. DVD player, amp, shredder, mini hifi, speakers, laptop, other small electronics... - Carried laptop with me on flights and OH put his desktop in Movecube. - Didn't bring TV. Didn't bring white goods - as we were renting in UK so didn't own any of it. Didn't bring any furniture - apart from a two person dining table, that completely flat packed down. Wish we had brought our very expensive super king bed frame and mattress but hindsight is a wonderful thing... Summary: we made the right decision on most stuff, but there are few small items we could have fitted in (+ aforementioned mattress & bed), and I still find myself looking for them, convinced we DID bring them, nearly two years later. But nothing of any regret! Also we arrived and stayed with relatives until we got our own place, so didn't anything apart from clothes, immediately.
  4. vickyplum

    Snail mail

    i sent a small parcel to the UK recently. Took nearly two weeks to actually leave Australia and then about a week to get to the destination! Go AusPost :laugh:
  5. vickyplum

    Negotiating Rent?

    Sadly people often offer over the going rate - or offer 6 months in advance (for example).
  6. vickyplum

    How much do you spend on your mobile???

    $24.90 every four weeks for 1.5GB data and unlimited calls & SMS in AU and overseas (incl. UK) - with Amaysim. I'm sure I can get those things for less but it's easy and suits me at the moment!
  7. vickyplum

    Where are you from?

    I'm from Oxfordshire - now in Sydney.
  8. vickyplum

    What type of Aussie are you?

    Ambitious saver! Ha ha :ssign2:
  9. I work in the project management field and many employers seem to use PRINCE2, PMBOK, Agile, P3O for PMO roles etc, as a minimum benchmark to use when screening applicants. So its not essential for doing the job, but highly desirable to put on cv when applying for roles. If you can afford to do PRINCE2 practitioner or similar I'd recommend it.
  10. vickyplum

    The wall

    Well, the Romans had a go with Hadrian's Wall, but admittedly that was not so recent... There is also lesser known wall further up in Scotland, built by another Roman Emperor - not sure how much is left of it though.
  11. vickyplum

    Keep UK bank account?

    Yes mine is still open. Nothing goes into now (aside from birthday/Xmas money from my parents) and only small items go out - a few Amazon Kindle type payments, but mainly I try to keep it for spending money on trips back to the UK! Surprised I haven't been rumbled by the bank yet, as it's almost inactive, but guess there must be enough activity for them not to be concerned. I use my parents' house as the a/c address and switched to online statements only & no direct marketing mail outs. Have also still got a UK credit card but might cancel that, if I remember at some point.
  12. vickyplum

    Dying of boredom

    Nothing like a good ol' broad brush generalisation on a Sunday afternoon!
  13. vickyplum

    Dying of boredom

    Have you done any exploring? I don't necessarily mean tourist stuff, but more like seeing different suburbs, coastal walks, exhibitions etc? If you just stay in your suburb, yes it's going to get old pretty quickly. I came from London, so I understand what you mean, but at the same time you need to research and make an effort. Find "your thing' if it exists here.
  14. vickyplum

    Dying of boredom

    Have you done any exploring? I don't necessarily mean tourist stuff, but more like seeing different suburbs, coastal walks, exhibitions etc? If you just stay in your suburb, yes it's going to get old pretty quickly.
  15. vickyplum

    Hunter Valley

    Hawkesbury river cruise - http://www.palmbeachrivercruises.com.au/river-cruise.html This is on my to do list, but not sure if will be any fun for the kids, unless you tire them out in the beach beforehand!
  16. vickyplum

    Is it possible to secure a rental property before you arrive in Sydney?

    Very much agree with this and @northshorepom! We are currently (half heartedly) looking for a new place, and we haven't yet seen one we'd even consider moving into... (although our current unit is very nice - we are only looking elsewhere to try and get a drop in weekly rental costs). We have local knowledge and are looking in very specific areas. Most real estate photos seem to be out of date - ie, the property looks roomy / fresh etc and in reality this rarely seems to be the case, unless it's a VERY new property. I'd wait to get here and eyeball everywhere in person - and then you can at least see in person the things you might be willing to compromise on.
  17. vickyplum

    Where to buy?

    Fair play :wink: I'm sure all have things we sometimes miss or crave. I've got Cadbury's Giant Buttons and Munchies on my shopping list for when I go back to the UK in May! I don't miss them as such, but want to take advantage of being able to buy them easily and cheaply. In the meantime, I'm doing my waistline a favour by avoiding most of the Australia chocolate... apart from an occasional trip into Haigh's (which I try to avoid doing too frequently!).
  18. vickyplum

    Where to buy?

    Allen's should do most of the gummy/sweetie things that you're after, I'd have thought. Any Woolies or Coles will have them, and other similar items by other manufacturers. As you are in Sydney, there's also a 'British Shop' on in the Piccadilly Arcade on Pitt St in CBD (think it's call called Treats from Home). Have only been there once and that was before I moved to Aus permanently. Apparently there's a British 'Lolly Shop' in the Harbourside complex on Pyrmont side of Darling Harbour. I'd say it would be cheaper and easier to find local equivalents though, or just wait for a treat the next time you're in the UK or someone comes over to visit.
  19. vickyplum

    What's going on with the pound this week?

    I assume it's ahead of Teresa May's Brexit speech : "The government is prepared to abandon the single market, customs union and the European Court of Justice in order to achieve a clean break with the EU, Theresa May is expected to say this week." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-latest-updates-theresa-may-article-50-speech-unity-end-division-global-britain-a7527896.html
  20. vickyplum

    H o t

    Bunnings have got fans for 11 bucks (well, they did two weeks ago). We've got one and I plan to get more!
  21. vickyplum

    Cost of living

    I'm from just outside Oxford, having lived there from age 7 to age 36-ish! I can't say I noticed the cost of food, but did most of my big grocery shops in Abingdon anyway. The smaller Tesco Metro and Sainsbury Locals, will always be a bit more expensive. The biggest downer with Oxford and surrounding areas is the price of housing - rental and buying. It really is painfully expensive, not helped by planning restrictions, student housing, University owned land etc. It used to be that Abingdon, Witney, Didcot were much better value, but they are shooting up in price, as people are squeezed out of Oxford itself + Oxford, Didcot and Bicester are all within train commute of London (not particularly good fun though!) so tend to attract people from London / on London salary, for those reasons. Bicester is a bit more reasonable I believe, but haven't checked in a while now. Has a few big new-ish housing estates. Might be worth looking at Newbury or Reading, depending on husband's job location.
  22. I would answer that as follows: 1) Lived in UK from age 18-35 (1996-2013) 2) Lived in Australia from age 35 (2013-present) and have travelled outside of Australia since then, as folllows: - Trip 1 details - Trip 2 details -Trip 3 details etc Although it is open to interpretation!
  23. vickyplum

    Open return date

    I've booked return tickets (put your fictitious return date as far into the future as possible) and then changed the date as the fictitious return date gets closer - there is usually a fee to do this and you need to check the small print before booking!
  24. vickyplum

    I'm a Hoarder - I need HELP!

    I used to cut pages out of cookery magazines and stick them into a notebook - that's after I got bored of handwriting them out! It's a great idea to preserve the recipes you actually use, in one place.
  25. We did our own packing, and I put clothes in thick black bin bags and then did a bit of Blue Peter, cutting up the boxes and doing my best to seal the box walls with them. Just wanted everything to be a bit water proof to avoid anything getting through and causing damp/mould. Everything turned up fine so either I was lucky or my packing skills worked :cool: