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  1. vickyplum

    problem neighbour

    We also have a funny locking system, a bit like hotel room. Turn the latch one way to lock and the other to open; so we don't actually have to use a key to lock ourselves in the apartment, or when leaving either, as long as the latch is turned the correct way before leaving. So it's not as if we are locking everything with key, although that might be easier, the number of times I wander down to the bins or across the road for a coffee, and have locked myself out!
  2. vickyplum

    problem neighbour

    I agree with @snifter, and would start locking the door and making a note of the date and time of each 'visit'. I would then present this to your agent and/or to the police if required. I personally always lock the front door behind me, living in an apartment block, it makes no sense to me to leave the door unlocked. I am not paranoid, it just seems like common sense. I would also be looking for somewhere else to live, as if you cannot live in your own home without fear of interruption, then it is not a pleasant way to lead your life. I know you shouldn't have to move, but for your own sanity / peace of mind, it may be needed.
  3. vickyplum

    Renting UK house out to family = big mistake

    Yes I agree. Parley mentioned this about another poster before and said keeping the UK properly, made it "too easy" to return. Like that would ever be "easy".
  4. Decent bacon - one of my favourite was Waitrose smoked British bacon (I think that was the one). London Beautiful coast (Devon, Cornwall, Wales, Northumberland ...etc) Easy to travel distances / proximity to Europe Many lovely buldings steeped in history and charm Folklore and strange celebrations unique to British Isles (ie, wassailing the cider orchard, King Arthur story/myth, May Day, First Footing / letting in new year, Morris Men, cheese rolling, bun throwing, maypole dancing ...etc ...) How everything can be "sorted out" with a good cup of tea!
  5. vickyplum

    Are those who return to the UK failures

    Presumably we'll never know. At least now he has a home to live in when he gets back to the UK.
  6. vickyplum

    Are those who return to the UK failures

    In fairness to @Gareth 666I would have done the same in his position. Selling your main UK asset when you don't know if you'll settle in Australia, is not what everyone would call a sound strategy.
  7. vickyplum

    Medical Cover while on a PMV

    https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/medicare/medicare-card The above is not amazingly clear so it may be worthwhile taking your passport and visa documentation, into your local Centrelink I was eligible for a temporary Medicare care when I arrived on partner visa 309 (temporary) and went back to Centrelink when I became PR, to apply for a new card.
  8. vickyplum

    Customer service in stores - UK vs AUS

    @Toots agree with you on this one! I try to avoid Myer and David Jones (neither ever seem to have what I'm looking for, and can be pretty overpriced). Sometimes I wander back in and am reminded why I don't bother. It can be difficult to even find a cash desk with someone serving at it. But they do stock items that I occassionally need, so I can't claim that I boycott them completely
  9. vickyplum

    Platonic Relationships ?

    My partner has a close female friend from back when they met at Uni. She is currently single. Apart from me asking if they ever got together at Uni, I have zero interest / concern about it. We sometimes have drinks together and they also go out separately & with others. I rather suspect they'd find each other to be rather hard work, if more than friends!
  10. vickyplum


    No need for any slagging off of London. It was my home for three-ish years, before moving to Australia. I lived elsewhere for longer, but still consider it 'home'. It is a wonderful city! I have been in Australia (with my Aus partner) for just over two years. It's only really since moving into my second job, that I have more of a friendship / acquaintance group. I wouldn't go to them if I was in trouble, but they are there for chats, drinks, a sounding board, career advice etc! I've been in my second job for just over three months, and am only just starting to gel with a few of my new colleagues. I've found it quite hard this time around, but the workplace can be funny sometimes. After two years in Sydney, I'm only just starting to consider that perhaps remaining here is an option, rather than running off back to the UK at the earliest opportunity. But I would also be interested in returning to anothoer EU country, so will see if Brexit ends that idea. So please, do give it longer. Maybe chat to hubby after 12-18 months? And enjoy Melbourne - walk around, explore, get the tram - make the most of what's on your doorstep, before making any final decision.
  11. vickyplum

    The white British Minority

    I would assume they were on holiday. Not local residents.
  12. vickyplum

    The real truth about spiders please!

    We live in a second floor apartment in Sydney, and have had two occasions where there's been a huntsman in our bedroom. I'm sad to say that I got my partner to "deal with it". It was any other room, I'd have happily left him/her alone. But I didn't want a situation where they took up residence in my built in wardrobe and there was any chance of me disturbing them. This has been over a period of 27 months. On the other hand, my father in law has an old house on a big plot (in the Illawarra) and I've never even seen a tiny house spider!
  13. vickyplum

    Not enjoying new job

    Personally I would give it three months. Then if you're still not feeling happy, start looking at your other options. When everything is new, it can take a while to settle in and find a rhythm. Give it a bit more time
  14. vickyplum

    Best flights to travel OZ

    As a zero status Qantas FF, they are not so excellent. However, my OH was Platinum FF until recently (he is now gunning for lifetime Gold!) and I can see the perks.
  15. Yes I was disappointed to learn this when I arrived in Aus a couple of years ago. Same with many other countries as well. Hopefully that will change as advanced in testing / technology are made.
  16. vickyplum

    Temp visa to PR visa

    Driver's licence
  17. vickyplum


    Not sure on the price to be honest, but don't think it was much more than a straight through / connecting flight, in the grand scheme of things (given how much it costs in the first place to get to Aus!).
  18. vickyplum


    yep, I have stopped in Singapore and Hong Kong for 2-3 days each. Very easy to do. Hong Kong has city airport check (at Central and Kowloon train stations) in so you don't need to lug your bags around if your flight is not until late in the day. Also really well connected by train. Singapore I'm less familar with, but still pretty easy from memory. I like the chance to re-set and relax a bit, but also see the benefits in keeping on the move, and getting the flights over and done with!
  19. I vaguely remember on the form that the sponsor completes, there's a statement they need to write / agree agree to, regarding financial support
  20. vickyplum

    Brisbane - darkness?

    It's getting dark in Sydney at 17:30 at the moment... No killer mosquitos though.
  21. vickyplum

    Is it worth taking cash with me?

    I set up my CBA account online, before moving. It was very simple and I just had to pick up the debit card from my nominated branch, on arrival
  22. vickyplum

    I Deleted my Mac HD!!

    Oh what a pickle! Hope you are up and running soon. I have got a very old Windows laptop, which will be replaced once I have the spare cash. I back it up every two weeks, alternating the external hard drive that I use, so the backups are in duplicate in different storage locations.
  23. vickyplum

    Qantas Perth-London direct announced!

    it's 11 months ahead, so should be viewable by end April I guess.
  24. vickyplum

    Qantas Perth-London direct announced!

    The route doesn't take effect until March 2018.
  25. yup agree. And go to any airline website, and it will not prevent you from purchasing a one-way ticket to anywhere in Australia that they fly to.