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  1. vickyplum

    Customs- tea and vitamins

    Both - but only because I'm not sure if vitamins are classified as "food". Probably not but might be worth doing a bit of Googling !
  2. vickyplum

    Customs- tea and vitamins

    I think it's fine if they are commercially packed - ie, you got them from the shop and they are unopened. And you should declare them. Happy to be corrected by more knowledgeable types!
  3. vickyplum

    Evidence of DeFacto relationship

    Do you know why they were turned down...?
  4. vickyplum

    Simpleton pom question

    This is a bit of a strange question but here goes anyway... So, Australia. Opposite hemisphere to the UK, relatively new "modern" culture but otherwise very ancient. Creatures with paddles, pouches, who hop. Lots of sunshine but can be lots of rain too. A love of cricket, soccer, Aussie rules. Rainforests, crocodiles, immigration, Lamingtons. What to you, are the things that set Australia apart from the UK or even north America?
  5. Hi everyone Just wanted to say hello, after the many hours I've spent looking at specific threads for advice, and also just browsing on subjects like jobs, where to live, where to visit/holiday. I am currently in the process of gathering all the info I need to apply for a 309/100 visa. Just waiting for the stat decs from Australian friends and a couple from my friends and then I am ready to send it all in to Australia House in London. I am British and I live with my Australian partner in London. He has been here for 10 years but we are hoping to relocate to Sydney, where my partner's family live (aside from Dad in Wollongong & Mum in Adelaide - siblings are all in North/South Sydney). And most importantly, it will bring him physically closer to his daughter, also in Adelaide. I am going into the process slightly blind, but I am aware of the high taxation, higher cost of living, different medical care arrangements, so am not completely blinkered. But at the same time I am looking foward to what Australia can offer and how we can make the best of it. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide over Xmas 12/13 and will hopefully visit again around Easter 2014, for a more practical visit - less tourist stuff and more of an eye on surburbs, jobs, transport etc. So that was a very long way of saying Hello! Have a great weekend VP
  6. Hi all Finally submitted my (our) 309/100 defacto visa application to Australia House in London. A couple bits still missing (one of my friend's statutory declarations and my full birth certificate) but will be sending them on as soon as I receive them. Feels good to have all the paperwork off the dining table, and now keenly awaiting any sort of communication...
  7. vickyplum

    Hi all - currently applying for 309/100 visa

    ha ha - seems we always know when the visa arrives, as they take the money very promptly!
  8. thanks for your concern CollegeGirl I have submitted two form 888 and my birth certificate, but it's the "short" version and doesn't have my parents' names on it, so am waiting for the "full" version to arrive from the General Register Office, which is very slow in being sent out. But as you say, I'll get onto the missing things ASAP!
  9. vickyplum

    Hi all - currently applying for 309/100 visa

    Hi Nikki - finally submitted my application today - feels really good to have sent off that big pile of paperwork. Did you get yours sent off as planned?
  10. vickyplum

    The doggy thread

    Ha, I can well imagine - but at least the BBQ bloke saw the funny side. Getting broody for dogs now - must stop looking at the cute photos! :cute:
  11. vickyplum

    The doggy thread

    great pic -he looks a proper chunky surfer dude
  12. vickyplum

    The doggy thread

    adorable @Tcrejbf - I love Beagles, such soulful little faces I hear they're a bit stubborn but quite good family pets?
  13. vickyplum

    General advice

    I can recommend indeed.co.uk as a job seeking website. There is also Total Jobs and Monster.co.uk - the Guardian newspaper also has a pretty good job site and there are many others as well, mainly run by agencies or sector/profession specific.
  14. vickyplum

    Suitcase? WHV

    Personally I'd take a rucksack. I have one that zips all the way round, so easy to use when not travelling. I find suitcases unwieldy in places that aren't cities or airports. Or you could get a soft bag with wheels - a good compromise perhaps. Edit: my rucksack sounds like quoll's - highly recommended!
  15. vickyplum

    want to live & work in Oz but what visa can I get?

    check the visa wizard http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/ - may not help but will let you know what the various options are.
  16. vickyplum

    job dilemma URGENT need to decide tomorrow

    I think it's entirely down to: a) would you be happy to leave your new employer after less than six months (for example)? b) would you be happy to have a job on your CV that you left very quickly? I guess if the new job will enhance your CV and give you new skills, then you are only left with a) above to decide on. It's a difficult situation but only you can decide what's best for you and your family/future life. Personally I'd stay in the current job, and bear with it until the visa comes through. But up to you
  17. vickyplum

    Partner visa issues

    it is recommended not to do the police checks and medicals until you have submitted your application and your case officer requests this extra information. Somewhere in the guidance booklet (can't remember where exactly) it says to wait until you are told to do it, basically. I believe (from looking at this forum A LOT!) that they will request these checks fairly quickly after receipt of application. Hope this helps.
  18. vickyplum

    De Facto Visa help

    I'm about to send off my defacto visa application. It wasn't difficult, just takes a bit of time and lots of reading the guidance document. If you have been living together and have all the usual stuff that goes with it (bills, photos, mortgage/rental agreement, holiday bookings etc) and your friends/family are aware that you are in a relationship, then it's just a matter of setting aside 1-2 days to collect the documents together, write your statements and, of course, ask other people to write statements as well. Make sure you use the checklist as it really simplifies what you need to do, without using too many words (unlike the partner migrant guidebook!).
  19. vickyplum

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    I pestered a friend to ask if she has got her stat dec signed and can she bring it to the pub tomorrow night (so more work for her, not so much for me!) :cute:
  20. vickyplum

    Flights for WHV

    I agree with those who have recommended buying a flexible ticket. Book your flight to Australia, pick a return date in the future (6-months, 1 year) and then you can move the return date depending on how well it's going. My OH (Australian) is always complaining about the price of flights originating in Australia!
  21. vickyplum

    Hi all - currently applying for 309/100 visa

    Judging by the pile of paperwork I have accumulated, sounds about right!!
  22. vickyplum

    Hi all - currently applying for 309/100 visa

    Thanks Nikki! Checking through the paperwork at the weekend, I realised that I do not have a full birth certificate, so I have ordered one from the General Register Office, as my current version does not have my parents' names on it. I am also waiting for the stat decs from Australia citizens / and other friends. I believe they will be with me this week, but if not, I will submit the rest of my paperwork anyway, so I can "mark" my place in the queue. I'm really looking forward to getting it done and seeing what happens next! Good luck with your partner's paperwork
  23. vickyplum

    what gets checked for visa medicals?

    Hi all Suddenly dawned on me that I might have problems with visa health check, if I get that far into the process (309/100). What do they check for and what could get me delayed/stopped from having a visa granted? I have high BMI and borderline high blood pressure. Both of which can be fixed given time, but cannot help but worry...! I have no other health issues/have never been in hospital (touches wood) and am not on medication for anything. Thanks -VP
  24. vickyplum

    what gets checked for visa medicals?

    @snifter - thank you for taking the time to reply in such a comprehensive manner; it's appreciated. As you say, I can get to work on more exercise/less food, as it will be a good few months before I am asked to do the medical, as visa application not yet submitted but nearly done, so this will be a good goal to work towards. I reckon if I get my a*rse into gear, I can lessen the problem quite significantly!
  25. vickyplum

    what gets checked for visa medicals?

    @BertieBear - sadly it's over 30! Didn't know this until now but have just checked