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  1. vickyplum

    IT Project Manager

    There's demand for both in Sydney at the moment, as most of the banks/insurance companies are divesting their life insurance business and a good number of other large scale projects. There are good contractor rates to be had, but I'm not so clear on perm opportunities. I can't speak about working conditions, although it's safe to assume the same as the UK, for any large office based employer. Work-life balance, depends on what you're working on presumably. My colleagues, who are PMs, don't work massively long hours but do have full days and most will be in the office early or late, at least 3-4 times per week. No demand for out of hours working though (evenings and weekends).
  2. vickyplum

    Resident Return/Partner Visa

    Visa processing times have blown out massively; see the link below and see the status for partner visas https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times
  3. vickyplum

    What you wish you would have brought...

    Good quality bed linen.
  4. vickyplum

    Restricted Driver

    I believe this a Northern Ireland specific thing. I assume you're in that part of the country @Jay92000? Have you checked here? https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/licence/driver/index.html
  5. vickyplum

    Does this sound right?

    My partner and I didn't have a joint account, still don't. Internet banking is a wonderful thing... For my application, I produced bank statements showing all transactions between the two of us (into and out of my account). I blanked out all other transactions. I also showed evidence of shared tenancy, utility bills etc.
  6. vickyplum

    Does this sound right?

    Immi will notify you when you need to go offshore, you don't have to guess.
  7. Just realised I trailed off mid explanation! I was trying to say that I applied by post, so I am not sure what the online version looks like. I just typed up a couple of pages using my own words, under the headings I mentioned earlier.
  8. I applied for this visa and was not specific about staying the night. I described how we met, how frequently we saw each other, what we did together (ie, days out, holidays, meeting friends etc) and described how we stayed in touch when apart. I then gave details of the period before moving in together; we were in different cities so I gave details on how we decided where to live, how this affected our jobs/commute etc. This was in he 'History of your relationship' section. I applied by post so not sure how Immigration don't need to know every intimate detail! I used these bullet points for guidance ("Tell us in writing about"...) https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore/provisional-309#HowTo Happy to answer any specific questions that you might have.
  9. vickyplum

    Things to be done on visa validation entry

    Hi @SoniaG. There are no "mandatory" things to be done on your validation trip, it's up to you what activities you undertake. When I came to Sydney to validate my visa, I just had a holiday and did some exploring to better understand the city and surrounding area(s). My bank account was opened from my home country (UK) and when I moved here permanently, I visited my nominated branch to finalise the application and pick up the debit card. I would assume you can also wait until you arrive permanently, to open the account. I also visited my local Dept of Human Services within the first few days of arriving to apply for a Medicare card/account (https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/migrants-refugees-and-visitors). You will also need to look at what happens with your Driver's Licence; this depends on what visa you're on (NSW details here https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/licence/moving-to-nsw.html).
  10. vickyplum


    Yes you can make voluntary NI contributions each year. HMRC will send you a reminder and you need to pay by cheque, I think! It's less than 200 GBP per year so well worth doing to avoid any gaps. https://www.gov.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions
  11. vickyplum

    Rudda's Clotted Cream now in Perth

    Meander Valley
  12. vickyplum

    Rudda's Clotted Cream now in Perth

    I just found some Tasmanian clotted cream at a local green grocer / deli (Sydney). Just in time for mince pies!
  13. My confusion is that the rules were going to change, meaning you'd have to be four years as PR before qualifying for citizenship. But I can't find any news source that confirms if that's happened. Immi website and the residence requirement calculator, still states four years living in Aus with the only the last of those years needing to be PR. Sorry to go off topic!!
  14. I can't see what's changed - it's four years living in Aus with the last year as a PR. Did it used to be less than four years? I've been targetting 2019 as my year for citizenship, for a while now!
  15. @SydneyBound Hi, have you actually heard that this is definitely happening? Please post a link if so. I was keeping an eye / ear on things, but have been a bit slack lately! Thanks
  16. vickyplum

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    OH! I had forgotten about that little drama...will have to see what happens with it in July then. I was looking forward to applying in 2019!!
  17. vickyplum

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    I'm pretty confident I'm good for citizenship application next year, as per below. But I will be sure to work it out carefully, closer to the time! https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/ente/retu/residence-calculator To satisfy the residence requirements you must: have been living in Australia on a valid Australian visa for four years immediately before applying which must include the last 12 months as a permanent resident, and not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, in the 4 year period, including no more than 90 days in the year immediately before applying. Lawful residence means living in Australia on a valid Australian temporary or permanent visa.
  18. vickyplum

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    Off topic slightly, my understanding is that you need to have been resident here for four years... So I arrived May 2015 and am aiming for May 2019 to apply. Or have I miscalculated...?
  19. vickyplum

    Form 40SP - Immiaccount

    I got most of my European travel details from the date stamp on photos! That and diary entries etc.
  20. vickyplum

    Form 40SP - Immiaccount

    I didn't think the 40SP asked for any of the countries visited, just where the sponsor has lived in the past 10 years. The 47SP (applicant) does ask for the countries visited.
  21. vickyplum

    Emirates/ dubai airport

    I had a 1hr 5min transfer time when I last went through Dubai (on Emirates flight booked via Qantas), which was originally a longer time period but the onward flight was moved to an earlier time. I was in business class and flagged to the cabin staff that I had a short transfer time, so they put me and a few others into the first cabin, just before landing, so we could be shoved off ahead of everyone else. The flight landed late so I was in a bit of a flap by this point... had to go through security and the staff there were not amazingly receptive to me and another woman who were saying we needed to rush, etc. And of course I got pulled over for a frisking. Luckily the next gate was only around the corner and we made it with plenty of time. But with no thanks to the staff onboard or the airside staff, which I found particularly bloody annoying, given the short transfer was not of my own making, and most airports are set up for short turnarounds and are often waiting for passengers with a short transfer window.
  22. @torn, you say: 'We are thinking of moving to Melbourne, but I my daughter has bad eczema and I am not sure the longer, darker winters will do her any good and it doesn't help with my heat issues. If you are thinking of moving to the UK (job, visa etc aside) you should go in December / Jan / Feb and you will soon find that Melbourne winters are a walk in the park in comparison! Freezing wind blowing in your face, getting dark before 4pm... I get you don't like the intense heat, but UK will also provide you with long cold and dark I love the Sydney winters and would very happily live somewhere with that climate all year round, but that magic egg hasn't hatched yet!
  23. vickyplum

    Taking Credit card statements to Auz

    I applied for a credit card with CBA - no problem. I think this was after a few months of working, therefore having regular payments going in bank a/c. No evidence from UK was required.
  24. vickyplum

    Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    @Pura Vida Chimpanzees in the Tetley adverts. Think they stopped being used in ads during the early 2000s
  25. vickyplum

    Foods you detest

    I was going to say anchovies (horrible litle things) but then I saw the comments about Balut and googled it... I'm not a vegetarian, but -