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  1. vickyplum

    What is Traditional Aussie Fare?

    It's still there @Toots - the Australian (menu: https://australianheritagehotel.com/eats/)
  2. vickyplum

    309 visa - extend entry date

    My understanding is that this isn't negotiable. The enter by / initial entry date, is based on when your police/health checks etc, expire. Google 'initial entry date Australia visa' or 'extend australia visa entry date'. You can always enter and leave again - or go on a short holiday. It's an expensive way to do it, but your first entry doesn't have to be to live there.
  3. vickyplum


    Thanks, appreciate it!
  4. We used Seven Seas - medium move cube - London to NSW. Can't say I loved their service, but nothing was damaged on arrival. Note we did our own packing and boxing up.
  5. vickyplum


    Hi All, just checking in on this discussion. I applied only this week (18 June 2019), so clearly nothing will pop up for a long time yet!!
  6. vickyplum

    Israel Folau

    Did you miss the news about his property portfolio, which is valued at $7m AUD (est.)?
  7. vickyplum

    Medical today!

    Don't worry, it's a fairly standard check. I was concerned about mine, and apart from the trying to pee in bottle part, it was fine!
  8. vickyplum


    That's a funny one - the form says: So I would assume all of your children who are aged 18+ have to complete the form regardless if they are migrating or not?
  9. vickyplum

    Medical today!

    No! They are not checking if you're got a cold or not... They will weigh you, take blood pressure, measure height, do a chest x-ray, check eyes/ears, breathing etc (I can't remember every step).
  10. vickyplum


    Yes you do need to complete the form and have it signed by one of the listed occupations. Your GP or dentist can do it, if you have been visiting them for 1yr+
  11. vickyplum

    Reference letter for citizenship application??

    (2) you ask them. Or they can show their passport. (3) again, the form clearly states the person must know you for at least 1 year. Applying from inside or outside of Australia, the person must have known you for at least 1 year and be in the list of specific occupations If you actually read page 1 of the form, it will answer your questions.
  12. vickyplum

    Reference letter for citizenship application??

    It's very clear on the form, that the person must have known you for at least one year. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1195.pdf The information you need is on the form, if you take the time to read it.
  13. vickyplum

    Reference letter for citizenship application??

    @Shingekinokyogin, I asked my dentist to sign the form - as I see her every 12 months, she has known me for at least 1 year. She doesn't know me well but knows that I am who I say I am, has personal records about me, etc.
  14. vickyplum

    Reference letter for citizenship application??

    You need to look for identity declaration form 1195. The list of people who can sign, is contained within the form itself. The form is also linked from the online citizenship application portal.
  15. vickyplum

    Form 888 - Australian citizen in UK

    The Form 888 is just the form 888... no need to do an extra statement. All boxes and information required is provided on the form + space for the 'authorised person' to sign. Australians and non-Australians can both provide a statement using this form. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/888.pdf
  16. vickyplum

    Your favourite city in the world

    Yes it does - Manchester Metrolink.
  17. vickyplum

    Immigration Officer checking documents

    I don't know for sure, but it seems pretty unlikely they will make those telephone calls.
  18. vickyplum


    I was on holiday for three weeks. Didn't do anything special, but did look around a few suburbs that I thought we may be interested in. Everything else (TFN, getting driver's licence, medicare etc) I did in the first few days of moving here to live. I did open a bank account from the UK before. I was expecting a big fanfare when I arrived with my shiny new visa, but no
  19. vickyplum


    I see what you mean. Yes you need to enter Australia by the 'enter by' date, to validate your visa, but you don't have to make the full move at that time. I validated my visa by visiting for a holiday in August 2014, but didn't move until May 2015. The subclass 100 visa is similar to applying for the 309 (but slightly less rigmarole if I remember correctly!), so until you start that process, you'll remain on the 309.
  20. vickyplum


    Length of stay is how long you can legally remain in Australia. So it's not like you can't leave for holidays etc. Is that what you mean?
  21. vickyplum

    Transit in Melbourne

    The advice on Melbourne airport website is to "check with your airline". It's not a big airport, so they should be able to advise you that 95min is enough time.
  22. vickyplum

    citizenship application form

    here's the PDF version if you want to cross-check it for anything: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1300t.pdf
  23. vickyplum

    citizenship application form

    I just looked at the PDF (paper version) of the application and apparently 'associated family' are people you haven't already listed, who are in your immediate family. So I guess that's your siblings, as you've already mentioned parents and children (if you have any).
  24. vickyplum

    citizenship application form

    Hi, I am not quite ready to submit my application but have been filling it in online and collecting the various bits of info. For the countries, I assume we have to list them all since 18... but I used my list from when I applied for PR, and then added the ones I could remember from age 18 until that point. Can't be certain on some of the dates of course For the family. I just put my parents' details as that's all it asked for (assume you are talking about the "Details of Parents" section?) and put "None" in the "Associated Family" section. But now I am wondering what that question actually means, as it's not clear and I can't find any definition for it...
  25. vickyplum


    A quick search via the Google shows that processing times don't appear to be available: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/contributory-aged-parent-864