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  1. Deborah Downunder Salmon

    Red back dilemma

    Hi all , when you have been in Australia a while you will realize red backs are no threat. Not dangerous and tend to build messy webs where they can. They are not wanderers and honestly they become part of your life in Australia. I live in Perth ( loads here) we all live together in harmony but they are rarely found inside. Just teach your children to not route in pots or cob web areas without supervision. It's common sense really. Oh and now the hot weather has hit keep your kids out of coastal sand dunes for goodness sake. Snakes love these dunes and kids should not be running about in them . ( silly mother the other day thinking it was cool letting her child run a muck in there.) idiot. Happy Christmas all
  2. Deborah Downunder Salmon

    Moving back to UK with pets

    Hi All Its been a while since coming on here as 2 years ago just over I up sticks and moved to Perth, now after some time and a marriage breakdown I am looking at shipping myself and my 2 cats and dog back to Blighty. Wondered if anyone had any advice on shipping pets from Perth and what the general costs are ? I assume its going to be anywhere between $5/7k :arghh: God that's a frightening amount of money. Anyway also would love to know how people have settled back into life over there as I have been away from the UK for such a long time as before Perth I was living in Europe. Would love to hear what people think and any ideas to make the process smoother would certainly be very welcome. Hope to hear from you all soon.. enjoy the day guys wherever you are in the world :tongue: