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  1. loumish

    Choosing a suburb?!?!

    Good advice yeah as i may have said we are happy to keep our options open location wise so a little further out would be just fine. its just so hard not knowing.... well anything Just going to have to keep an eye out on prices of rentals etc over the next few months and see how we go! thanks for your helpful response.
  2. loumish

    We're moving back, Shipping costs..

    Hi, what did you pay approx for half container?
  3. loumish

    Moving back to UK with pets

    Im with you Deborah... im thinking of moving over this time next year.... had a look at some pricing for my 2 staffys and i almost fell over when i heard the pricing! I had no idea it was going to be that much. saying that theres no way in the world i could leave them behind. Best of luck and start saving x
  4. loumish

    Choosing a suburb?!?!

    Ok, well good to know that much at least! I noticed a lot of rentals in Clapham actually with similar pricing and garden space (for the puppies) to what we are looking for. Again, it doesnt have to be London itself... naturally that was the obvious choice when thinking of making the move to the UK.... but we are happy to broaden our horizons also
  5. loumish

    Choosing a suburb?!?!

    Hi, To be honest we have only really started to think about it all.... we dont necessarily have to be right in the centre but still being young and love to head out for drinks dinners etc... we would prefer easy access in and out of the city without it taking too long to get there i guess. Saying that im sure there are plenty of places to head out to whereever you are i suppose!
  6. loumish

    Choosing a suburb?!?!

    Yeah i think approx 30 mins from the city would probably be the furthest we would want to go. Been looking at a few real estate sites but i guess its a little hard when we dont have a clue where any of the suburbs are... might have to do the old print out the map trick and go by that. Would prefer to pay a little less than 1000 if possible. So much to research!!
  7. loumish

    Choosing a suburb?!?!

    Hi everyone, I am planning on moving to the UK next year with my partner and our 2 dogs and in desperate need of some advice as to which area to move to. Obviously we both have never been over so needing some info on what suburbs are what i suppose. I have heard London itself is very expensive so we are happy to live just out of the city if need be. We are currently living in Melbourne spending approx $400 (just under) Per week in rent and are wanting something similar when moving to the UK. Somewhere with a garden for the dogs! Very broad question i know but any info i could get would be great! :rolleyes:
  8. loumish

    Puppy travel

    Wow i had no idea it was going to be that expensive.... or is it? I guess thats the price you pay for your loved ones ) Cheers for the advise will definitely check it out. thanks again Chris. Louise.
  9. loumish

    Puppy travel

    Haha yeah i noticed that right after i posted this :smile:
  10. loumish

    Puppy travel

    Hi Chris, Im currently living in Melbourne... Thanks! Louise.
  11. loumish

    Puppy travel

    Hi, We are moving over to the UK next year (still a while away i know) and we are wanting to take our 2 beautiful dogs with us. Has anyone taken their pets over? If so any suggestions as to which company to go through or is it done directly through the airline you choose? Any info would be great!