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  1. Well thats us a week into our reccie looks like you where correct Skippy1 the rain has stopped not rained since the sun is shining and life is good, I must say i love this place, the more i see the better it becomes.firstly id like to apologize i made a mistake on the shopping hrs on my last post they are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM,Saturday-Sunday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Thanks fish.01 for correcting this for me.I am still putting all my info on prices onto a spread sheet and will post this ASAP but what i have noticed is that petrol is cheaper here it costs $1.56 Brisbane inner city but have found it cheaper when u get just outside the city at about $1.36 so is a good idea to shop about by the looks of it, never noticed Diesel at the moment but will check it out and will be in my spreadsheet, In my opinion the cost of living depends on how much you earn in OZ, it doesnt seem that expensive if you earn more here than you do in the uk it balance's its self out, even when you convert prices back to £ which i dont like doing because it doesnt show a true reflection. Some things are more expensive like beer but i think the big thing here is the cost of housing that does leave a big dent in your disposable income and thats not including any bills that is just your rent or mortgage repayments, prices range from $300 per week for a 1 bed unit upwards depending on area, the closer to the city you are the more expensive it is the further out you go $370 can rent a 3 bed house so finding work and then choosing my area to live looks like a must from what i have seen i think i could settle anywhere here, but i have only seen a little bit of the place and dont know the ins and outs the good and bad of the areas, but where i am staying in Auchenflower 2 min from Toowong and 10 min from Brisbane city is a great place especially for a reccie its quiet and a good location for access to everywhere. Not alot of info in this post just a quick update on how its going, been a busy week but a superb experience so far ill post again soon Thanks Tony. [TABLE=class: cms_table] [TR] [TD=align: left][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  2. Well we have arrived safe and well long flight but it was not too bad due to my son being an absolute star never created once only cried for a feed no problem at take offs and landings just smiled and laughed all the way here everyone commented on how good he was very proud of him so ill not moan about how tired i am, emirates staff where great very friendly and helpful, so all in all good flight. Once we arrived going through emigration was no trouble at all never asked to see the things we declared just asked what it was baby food and medicines so that was fine not like on the program nothing to declare, Once through customs phoned Apex car rental and got picked up by the shuttle bus no problem only complaint was having to load all the cases onto bus myself as the driver never helped but that was not a huge problem just never gave a tip, Apex was only a 5 min drive from the airport guy who serve me was very friendly and helpful actually arrived earlier than i said but that wasnt a problem car was exactly as i ordered a Hyundai Elantra 2011 free car seat and sat-nav full tank to start with just need to return it with a full tank boot space was a bit smaller than i was expecting but with a squeeze we fitted myself 2 adults a baby 3 large cases 30kg each 1 slightly smaller one 10kg 2 small hand luggage cases a back pack for laptop and stuff a baby changing bag and a buggy so it was just the correct size for us. Once we squeezed all the stuff in we a had a 15min drive to the oasis apartments in Auchenflower ,roads are good here well signed posted filtered turnings and wide lanes very impressed with the roads, We arrived out of hours at the appartment so phoned the number on the door and the guy gave me the code for the key safe where my key and welcome letter where waiting so that was good, apartment is clean and tidy could do with a polish in some places but over all very good apartment with free secure parking ideal for our trip also 5 min drive from Toowong shopping centre. Found a 7 eleven for some essentials e.g tea bags,cereal,bread and milk as everything else Woolworth, Coles close at 18.00 0r so and the whole shopping centre is closed on sat and sun i think will double check that but i hope there is a 24/7 supermarket somewhere or that is one thing ill miss but. Once we got our essentials we went for something to eat at sizzlers will post my message list and prices for eating out and things on another post soon so overall apartment 5/5 car 5/5 Brisbane not sure yet first impressions where not good but think that was a case of being tired and it raining but we shall see will post again soon any questions or anything you want me to try and find out just ask and ill try my best. Thanks Tony
  3. tdoc

    job websites

    cheers guys doing a reccie in 3 weeks so will pick up papers and see if i can make some contacts.looked into the QLD electrical license Cal not easy but will see what happens if i need to change jobs so be it.just as your quote states nobody said it would be easy they just said it would be worth it. Thanks again guys
  4. Hey guys thanks for the advice im just glad im doing this reccie in 3 weeks time but to be quit honest i dont know where to start think the biggest thing now is trying to make contacts for jobs so will be working harder on that side of things but wont be moving over till one of us has something but where there is a will there is a way got 5 years till things pick up i suppose not ideal but we shall see who wouldnt want to employ us lol
  5. tdoc

    job websites

    cheers Pablo will give them a try
  6. tdoc

    job websites

    Hi guys i am a UK qualified electrician and my wife is a nurse we are moving to Brisbane hopefully at the end of next year or when the jobs market picks up as i have read it is pretty bad out there, we have our P.R visas just wondering if anyone can tell me any good job websites and recruitment agencies to look at as it looks likes its going to take a bit of work to get a job.Also any tips on getting a job or advice on change of profession for myself would be much appreciated cheers Tony
  7. thanks guys my wife works in general medical in the western infirmary in glasgow how about u pacticenurse.will be putting in as much detail as possible any suggestions jac2011 and ill try to find out thinking the trip in general rating flight accommodation etc cost of living car prices house prices basically anything i am wanting to know ill post on this thread
  8. Hi everyone have been granted our P.R visas and are now off to validate them so ill tell you about my reccie step by step and update as i go hopefully someone will find this useful. I am an electrician and my wife is a nurse who was the main applicant we have a 5 month old son and are moving to Brisbane Queensland we used the emigration group for our visas who where absolutely brilliant roughly we payed about £6000 for the visas including medicals etc.Just shortly after our medicals my wife found out she was pregnant phoned our agent who informed us our visas where ready she gave us our options and we decided to put them on hold we would just need our medicals done again plus a medical for our son,once our son was born we informed our agent who informed us our entry date to validate our visas would be put back only needing to get our sons passport and medical sorted so this was great news anyway done that visa granted in June needed validated by 13th of October. Flights booked from Glasgow to Dubai/Dubai to Brisbane and vice versa with a 2hr stop over in Dubai flying emirates cost- £91 for infant in lap £1344 per roughly 24hrs flight time there are cheaper flights but with a longer stopover and more stops and up to 36hrs flight time. Booked bassinet for my son no probs phoned emirates seats booked very helpful. Accommodation booked staying at the oasis apartments in Auchenflower 10 min from Brisbane city centre for 3 weeks from 28th of septembre $175 per night done direct very helpful just opened and looks good Car hire done through Apex cheapest quote with sat nav free car seat good looking car only thing is they are 5 min from airport but there is a free shuttle from airport to car just to phone them once we arrive cost $1038 Travel money got prepaid cards from travel-ex rate 1.68 but ice currency exchange has a better rate so got cash from them as well rate 1.70 but they dont have a Aus dollar pre paid card didnt want to carry all cash So thats our story so far 4 weeks to go on thu till we fly out and start our reccie ill update this to tell you how everything is going and put as much info as i can on here as i find things out any questions let me know and ill try and answer them cheers
  9. tdoc

    Anyone moving to Brisbane in 2014???

    Hi Fliss and Greg i like your thinking this is a good post we should be over there end of 2014 and hoping to make friends asap as it will just be the three of us no family in oz. my wife is a nurse and i am an electrician from Glasgow we have a 5 month old son we have our P.R visas and are going out on the 26th of sep to get them validated and do a bit of a reccie for 3 weeks.Have yous been to Brisbane before. Hope to her from you soon Tony and Emma
  10. thanks bobbsy only thinking of springfield lakes because i seen it on wanted down under and it looked really nice so done most of my research on that area but i am open to all suggestions on suburbs probably look around Brisbane now i really dont fancy getting stuck in the worst flood zone are
  11. hi ceyclaire good luck with the move keep me posted on how yous are doing are you going over for good or a reccie
  12. Hi Nats thanks for all the great info it helps alot my wife works in general medical at the western on mat leave at the moment yea we are unfortunately from Cumberland lol the world is defo a small place.How are yous enjoying oz are yous glad you made the move that would be great to meet up once we are out ill email you to arrange a meet.
  13. Hi fred thanks for the info this is a great help.I never thought it would be so stressful now we are close to going its getting worse as well but hey ho all part of the experience i guess.how long u been in oz are you glad you made the move.
  14. tdoc

    car rental company

    Hi guys thanks for all your help with this subject i have found a car at last and not just because im tired of looking at car rental sites lol.I found car buddy a good site thought east coast was a bit expensive but i have decided to go with apex they where the cheapest and ticked all the correct boxes e.g good site, pricing clear, good car, free car seat, the list goes on so a massive thanks to Alaska for recommending them hopefuly they will be as good when i get there.I will be making a thread soon listing everything about my trip from start to finish updating as i go so hopefully this will help others so if you want to find out if they are any good keep a look out for my thread.Thanks again guys for all your help it has been a massive help.
  15. tdoc

    holiday app/homes ?

    hi pom queen thanks for the reply yea i looked at stayz i have found accommodation on booking.com which i found a good site