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    189 visa lodged in November

    Local PCC & meds completed yesterday. Received grant notification in a surprise mail today! Team 33 Brisbane.
  2. wanderingwheels

    189 Visa November applicants

    Local PCC & meds completed yesterday. Received grant notification in a surprise mail today! Team 33 Brisbane.
  3. wanderingwheels

    189 - Oct/Nov Applicants

    Local PCC & meds completed yesterday. Received grant notification in a surprise mail today! Team 33 Brisbane.
  4. wanderingwheels

    Visitor visa for Parents (subclass 600)

    Both my sister and I have lodged a valid application for a SI 189 visa this month and plan to move to Australia soon after receiving a grant. I understand that our parents will be eligible for the Contributory visa route only after we can demonstrate that we are 'settled' in Australia. Balance of family test looks fine. Once we are settled there, both our parents intend to join us under the Contributory parent (Migrant) visa subclass 143 option. However, can they apply for the Visitor visa (subclass 600) for Parents until they become eligible for the Contributory Parent Visa 143 (Migrant) option?I am not sure about their eligibility for the Long-term parent visitor visa (subclass 600) option since there is limited information available on the eligibility for parents on the website and Booklet 3. Specifically, can our parents apply for a Visitor Visa (600) after we are granted a visa but before we enter Australia? Further, are there any requirements for Assurance of Support (AoS), etc. for applying for the visitor visa for parents? Any other conditions? Any advice is much appreciated.
  5. wanderingwheels

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    Lodged 189 on 9 Nov. At the end of the confirmation email, I can see GSM Adelaide along with their address. Does this mean my CO will be from the Adelaide team? Uploaded all supporting other than Meds and Local PCC. Further, I got a link to organize medicals but no link to organize PCC. I am being asked to provide a Referral Letter for getting the Local PCC. From where can I get this? Can anyone on this forum suggest? Thanks in advance.
  6. wanderingwheels

    189 - Oct/Nov Applicants

  7. wanderingwheels

    189 - Oct/Nov Applicants

    Got an invite during today's round. Can't believe it!
  8. wanderingwheels

    189 - Oct/Nov Applicants

    Hi All, Oct/Nov 2013 applicants please share your experiences here. I submitted my EOI application on 29/10/2013 with 60 points Accountant (General). Expecting a call on Monday 4th Nov would be too much I guess.
  9. wanderingwheels

    189 Visa - Sept 2013 Applicants

    EOI submitted yesterday 221111 Fingers crossed! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  10. wanderingwheels

    IELTS - General or Academic

    Submitted EOI yesterday soon after receiving a Suitable skills assessment. Now waiting for November invites :cool: Wow this is actually happening!
  11. wanderingwheels

    IELTS - General or Academic

    Thanks! Yeah, I know it can be really agonizing to retake for half a point! I was worried about the writing and speaking sections too but made it in the end. All the best for the General. Hope you make it too
  12. wanderingwheels

    Question for Accountants: Learning about Australian Laws

    No, in no case will I be working in tax or corp. law. As an accountant, I thought I might be expected to have at least some basic idea of the local taxes / laws. Sounds good if I don't have to bother flipping those pages.
  13. I'm a member of ACCA and ICA of India. After moving to Oz, I will be obtaining the ICAA qualification through the recognition for ICA of India members route where I will just have to take the Capstone module. However, before moving to Oz, I plan to get a fair idea of the Tax System and Business/Corporate Law there. I'm currently in India and cannot get any resources locally. Has anyone had a similar experience? From where can I get access to comprehensive resources online? Any idea? Google hasn't helped much!
  14. wanderingwheels

    Form 80 questions

    Thank you guys!
  15. wanderingwheels

    Form 80 questions

    Thank you guys, it's pretty much clear now. However, if I am not requested to submit anything else like my work experience / service certificates, how are they going to ring up my employers? This part didn't compute.