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  1. About ready to ship our caravan from UK to Perth has anyone gone through this process. What are the pro's and con's :-) can any one help :arghh:
  2. Hopefully there will be a rush on visa grant soon for all that are still waiting. Keep banking on 8-9mths :-)
  3. Clifflee

    309 de-facto partner visa in April and still waiting?

    We applied London Jan 13....... ( The wait is a nightmare with no contact) Visa granted Sep 13. Don't worry sit tight ( 8-9mths) it will come. I know that it easier said than done. :-)
  4. Clifflee

    Partner visa offshore granted 10 mins ago

    Yes pregnancy and Visa's are very much life changing hehe.......... :-)
  5. Yayyyyy visa granted today........ Can not believe wait is over. Just shy of 8mths. Anyone who has DP. Check your last email from him and it should say who you need to email while DP is on leave with any queries.
  6. Partner visa just granted 10 mins ago..... Offshore London. Hang in there to all that are waiting. We are just shy of 8 mths :-)))))))
  7. Thank god the wait is finally over................ Visa granted today. :shocked::biglaugh: Two weeks shy of 8mths. Hang in there to all that are waiting for button to be pushed by London............
  8. Co DP on indefinite leave since June. Lets hope whoever has been given his work load starts pressing some buttons this month. :-)
  9. We applied 18th of Jan. Last contact with DP 26th of June.............. :-( Have called Australia house London twice since then 1. To inform that hubby was travelling on visitor visa to see me and 2. To inform that he was back in UK. Still no answer on who has taken over DP cases. Just getting very frustrated now waiting for someone to press a button so I can have my hubby back. :-)
  10. Hiya anyone else waiting for the button to be pushed by DP ( London) ............ Coming on for 8mths and still nothing:arghh:
  11. Congrats to all, we are still waiting coming on for 8 mths now :-( very frustrating.....
  12. Oppps don't know how to delete post
  13. Wow that's great. We applied London Jan 13 and are still waiting........ :-(
  14. Clifflee

    Hi all - currently applying for 309/100 visa

    Hiya, Just Be prepared for a long wait..........We are also waiting for 309/100 to be granted. Applied London 22 Jan 13, CO assigned two weeks later, Medical done April 13, asked for extra documents June 13. CO requires nothing more from us so Nothing more to do now other than wait nearly at the 7mth mark. My hubby is English and I'm Australian. Have been separated from hubby since Jan 13 as I moved back to Perth from Living in the UK. :-) Wait time given 8 to 9 mths