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  1. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    GOT the grant for my wife and I. WOOOHOOO!! on cloud 9
  2. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    I am getting impatient, Co was allocated on 31st of March, was asked for medicals which were done the very next day and they were uploaded last week. Waiting for the CO to have a look at it and issue a grant!!
  3. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Just checked my application, medicals seems to have been uploaded as well. Waiting for the CO to have a final glance and issue a grant!! Counting days!
  4. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Congrats doctdavis!!
  5. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Sorry, I never edited my signature. I got an email about 2 hours ago saying that more information is needed. I was asked to go for medicals and Immigration Department hasn't received my PTE test scores yet. Medicals are booked for tomorrow, contacted PTE and they have sent my score report to DIBP. I lodged my PR on 3rd of February. Fingers crossed!!
  6. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Got CO assigned about 2 hours ago! :-)
  7. lovejarora

    Use an agent or not?

    Again, it's all on the applicant. I was helped by many people right here on the forum technically and on the general enquiries, so maybe lucky me. I have seen so many people who went through agents and got screwed anyway, some were fraud, some fed wrong information to the applicants, if you go through the forum there are plenty of people who have complained about their agents and many of them didn't get a refund as well. So, it is not like if you go through an agent you will definitely get PR. People on this forum can share only their opinion, their experience and offer help, whether to trust the information or not, to go through an agent or not, the decision lies with the applicant.
  8. lovejarora

    Use an agent or not?

    Well everyone speaks out from their experience and perspective. When I decided to go for it, I was baffled about getting an agent but then I spent a day or two on browsing immigration websites and related forums etc. I understood everything and decided to take one step at a time. First, I applied for the Skills Assessment once, I got the results, I started with the English test and once I was through that, I lodged my EOI. Got my EOI, then, applied for the PR. Whenever I had a doubt, I posted it here on the forum and people are so great up here, they answered my queries and helped me to get through. This way, I did everything own my own and I am glad I did as otherwise, I would have had to shed about $1800 on an agent which I saved. YIPPEEE!! So my suggestion is, unless your application is complicated by any means, do it yourself!
  9. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Guys, please update as soon you as you get a CO assigned or if you get a direct grant! Good luck to everyone. Cheers!
  10. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    I applied on 3rd of Feb, Medicals are booked for tomorrow, fingers crossed!
  11. lovejarora

    Computer Networks & Systems Engineer - 60 Points

    I don't know if this would help, but, I got two invitations under the same occupation in the very first invitation round both the times. As the occupation has reached only half of the ceiling, I would say stay positive and hang in there, you would gets yours probably in the upcoming invitation round. Cheers!
  12. lovejarora

    Any one done The Pearsons English Test Yet?

    Hello Supercow, I can see you were bullied by the IELTS, I also, had the same problem, I was aiming for 7 in each but I couldn't score 7 in the writing. 1st test - R8 L8 W6.5 S8 2nd test R8 L9 W6 S7.5 3rd test R9 L9 w6.5 S8 I got sick of it and decided to go for PTE instead, I practiced PTE for about 10 days and just went for it. Although, I was not 100% satisfied with my performance and was a little worried but, I was surprised by the results. L87 R84 W76 S90 Your scores and english seems to be better than mine, so, I would strongly suggest you to go for PTE instead of IELTS as it s a lost cause now. DON'T GIVE UP!! Lemme know if you need any help, for PTE sample tests and practice you should visit TCYonline.com Cheers!
  13. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    A friend of mine got his grant today in the morning, he was not asked for Form 80, he lives in Aus though....He applied his PR on 25th January and his mate applied on 27th, who also got his grant. So, next week onwards, Feb people will start getting CO assignations!! Good luck and Cheers!!!
  14. lovejarora

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Hello Guys, I lodged my application on 3rd of Feb, frontloaded all of the documents, medical is due on the weekend, still waiting for a CO to be assigned. Anyone got a CO assigned yet ???
  15. lovejarora

    Has anyone Frontloaded Form 80 ??

    Hello All, Did anyone upload Form 80 before the CO assignation ?