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    Application for Skilled Migration Subclass 190 Visa

    Victorian nomination was applied by my lawyer only, If it is necessary, I can ask him, he is generally a complete non helping lame sort of guy who promise much but actually delivers an iota of everything. Would you be kind enough to let me know in case I have missed any bit as I do have an offer to Join an Australian Company and still waiting for the Visa to be there, which is such a shame indeed.
  2. voyageurvibs

    Application for Skilled Migration Subclass 190 Visa

    Yes the Guy is a MARA certified lawyer, however is a good for noting fella...Just because of him, My application is delayed by atleast 4 months as he himself is not aware of many processes and workflows I am at this point just worried that I should be pro active from my side and be prepared for anything rather than keep waiting for things to happen first and then work towards the formalities Thanks a ton for the help, I need to check If I have received any acknowledgement yet or is it still stuck, waiting for some input from my side. Thanks V
  3. Hi I by mistake employed a Migration Agent who turned out to be a complete flop He was not even half aware of the processes and was surprisingly a fool. I got Victorian Nomination on March 3rd and we lodged an EOI on 9th March 13. Neither my agent nor I was aware that we need to write to Victoria(My chosen state) to proceed further. It was only after 3 long months of gruelling wait that I read about this information and wrote to Victoria about my EOI ID. Within next 2 days, I got the invitation from Victoria I have Lodged my Visa now on 7th July, Case officer is not yet assigned to my application. I have two questions: 1. Dont wish to repeat the same mistake as last time, I have written to Victoria already, Paid for the Visa and have shared the information and reference number with Victoria. Is there anything else which needs to be done? 2. What is the acknowledgement letter all about. I just received a Payment Confirmation letter which is a PDF file and no formal acknowledgement as such. (Can someone share with me a screenshot of acknowledgement letter so that I can drill my MARA agent just in case if he is still in his slumber) 3. My EOI status is displayed as "Suspended" is this normal. This happened after I applied the Visa once Victoria Invited me. 4. I checked with the Indian embassy in Singapore, they said they cannot issue me a PCC before they hear from embassy, kindly suggest If we get any letter from Case officer for PCC or can we do it ourselves (Download from somewhere etc) Thanks a lot in advance My timelines are as follows: IELTS: L:9, R:9, W:8, S:8.5 Overlall: 8.5 | EOI Points scored: 80 | Category: 261314 | 7.5 Years Exp | Staying and working in Singapore Victorian SS application submitted: 17 Oct 12 | SS Accepted 6th March 13 | EOI submitted: 9th March 13 | Victoria Invitation received:2nd July 13 | Victorian Visa applied: 7th July 13 | CO Assigned: Waiting | PCC Applied Waiting | Medicals Completed: Waiting | All documents confirmed received by CO: Waiting | Visa Granted: Waiting