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    The best place to bring up a family in Sydney?

    Thank you Rupert - all very valid comments. I am slowly ruling certain suburbs in and out based on what I have been able to read. There's definitely the trade off between location, price and size of property. I just need to keep on reading :-)
  2. Sallyann Thomas

    The best place to bring up a family in Sydney?

    Thanks. I have been looking and proximity to the city, water and facilities appear good. I need to narrow it down from there I think. We will rent initially so there's scope to explore when I get there and do more research on the ground. Thanks!
  3. Hopefully arriving early next year. What is the job market looking like in Sydney at the moment? Would Brisbane be an option for Financial Services or do I need to focus on sydney? Thanks sal
  4. Hi My husband, son and I intend to arrive in Sydney early next year. Our son will be 2 at the time. Where's the best places for a young family? Ideally, we would like to be by the water but realise that this would also be expensive. Any thoughts? I hear the Inner West is good. Thanks Sal
  5. Sallyann Thomas

    Carpenter- do you need skills assessmennt

    Thanks Wooky. Good luck on the job front - hope you get something soon. Sal
  6. Hi we are coming out next year under my quals. My husband is a carpenter with 20+ yrs experience. Does he need to have the skills assessment done in the UK before we leave or is his CV enough? I've had mixed reviews on this but don't want to waste money on getting his skills equalised to an Aussie qualification if I don't have to. Thanks sal