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    Forms Required

    Yes I got to know that, I have made any application yet
  2. Jo Sf

    Forms Required

    Dear Forum Members, I have applied for western Australia State sponsorship and the State has sponsored for Visa, now I will qualifying under Visa 190. Please can anyone suggest what are the necessary form that are required to to submit. I just made an EOI and I was aware that I need to fill FROM 80. Since I'm the main applicant for the Visa do I have furnish my partners details in Form 80 or is it ok if I just update only my details. Apart from Form 80 what are the other forms that i need to Furnish. Please provide some information on this.... Regards, Joseph.
  3. Jo Sf

    Spouse details....

    Hi experts, I'm having a query I have applied for state sponsorship, the thing to bother is that my wife and me are living separately for more than a year, is it necessary to provide/give details of her in form 80 while applying to DIAC. The application is made on my behalf only stating that she will not be accompanying. In EOI I have mentioned that I'm married ( since I'm not legally separated from her yet) and I gave her details in form 80 also. Is it necessary to furnish her details? is it necessary to get police Clarence certificate ? is it necessary to take medical checks of her? Please experts provide some information on this .... thankyou all