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  1. Thank you again to everyone for your advice, my husband and I have had a looonnnnngggg chat this weekend about it all, he does have 6 months left before he hits 45 and I have researched everything everyone has said in response to my first post. It was all quite confusing but I think I have the jist of what everyone was pitching in now. I honestly don't think the agency is mis-leading us, they respond every time we email with another concern or worry, and we email A LOT and they have been transparent in what was available to us, however, we have decided to at least try the PR idea and if that fails we have the other visa to fall back on. Already send out an inquiry email to a recommended migration agent for their return after the Easter break, not much we can do until then. I took one look at the all the forms and thought eeeekkk defiantly need the help. Couple of last questions, has anyone every heard of someone being turned down for PR whist already over in Australia on the 457 visa? I know you cant put a time frame on these things but realistically, in everyone's experience, how long does the application for PR take before you are ready to move? Its opening up a lot more options for us but comes with many more questions. Thanks again everyone. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. In answer to your questions, after asking around, we have signed on with a reputable agency, techs on the move, we realized pretty quickly some of the agency's out there do not have anybody but their own interests at heart. We knew this particular visa came with restrictions, having a couple of friends who had gone over, both with different circumstances, ages, areas, family situations and year of migration, only thing in common is the motor trade. My husband is 44, I am 10 years younger and although my occupation of medical administrator is mentioned somewhere its not a qualifier and isn't quite the equivalent of what my current job entails and its actually just the two of us, we don't have kids. Thank you for the information VERYSTORMY, the agency have said to my husband with his skills and experience they are pretty confident they will find him something in an area we would both be happy to settle in and have been talking to a few dealerships, I wasn't aware of the permanent residency situation. I thought you could only apply after 2 years, are you able to negotiate this earlier with the employer? How does that work? We are also not been leaving everything to the agency and have been actively looking ourselves for employers out there willing to sponsor. We have discussed the possibility of alternative visa's with the agency but at this present moment in time until we know the outcome of current negations are holding back. Unfortunately the timing to move forward hasn't been right until now, maybe it is too late and we have missed our window however we have had to deal with some personal circumstances which where more important to overcome first.
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post, hoping someone out there might be able to offer support and advice. After our second trip to Australia over Christmas my husband and I are now ready to make the move using his skilled trade as a motor technician/mechanic. We have signed on with an agency and have been advised that the quickest way would be down the route of a 457 sponsorship visa. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so how long did everything take? From signing onto an agency to flying out? We have said we are open to most areas but are slightly restricted as my husband would like to stay with the same brand of car (Audi) he has worked on for the past ten years because he feels more comfortable but is open to sister brands like VW. Unfortunately time isn't on our side as my husband is now in his mid 40's but we don't regret waiting as we both wanted to make sure the move was right for both of us and have been able to and enjoyed trying and testing a number of areas. We are a little worried though about the visa process and not being educated on the process we are unsure what to expect. Is there a chance we may not get in? or does that not normally happen if you secure a contact with a company out there? If anyone can offer advice from a similar experience it would be appreciated, you don't want to get your hopes up too much but after deciding to go for it, at this point if anything went wrong we would be devastated.