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    309 problem

    hello. i have been in Australia for about 10 months now. i got married a year ago. and got my visa and came here. and after few months of being with my wife here. i found out alot about her. stuff she lied about. and she have mental issues and sucidal and she kept threatening me that she will kill herself. and i have phone recorded for that. beside she has been very mental abusive to me playing with my head. and she has been abusive to her kids from her prevues marriage . and i contacted her ex husband to find out. and i've it written from him that she has threatening him by hurting her kids if he didnt go back to her. alot of stuff. she have alot of problems , so i left her and i live on my own since. i contacted immigration and they gave me options . one of them is to apply for PR. and i did apply and i wrote them a big letter explaining everything. and that was back on feb. and i have txt masgs and call recordes and chat screenshots of her abusing me and being racist. and that she can kick me out of the country anytime she wants. and i've two members of her family supporting me and willing to write a letter to immigration to tell them how unstable she is now my questions is. whats my chances of getting the PR?
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    309 problem

    any other opinions ?
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    309 problem

    i wish i could. the problem they cost too much . and i barely can support myself. i really dont know what to do . i've been thro hell in here. my wife was my sponsor and when nxt day i left cuz we argued. i told her i have no where to go. i want to come back and even talk about it and she said no. and i have this on phone record aswell. she was my sponsor but she left me. she is mental. i really dont know what to do