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  1. These guys provide assistance like any other consultancy. Only thing is tat they have some kind of references that they are MARA registered. They are not going to be proactive. You have to do your research and keep questioning them to make sure they are taking the right steps. I have not reached EOI stage still so i cannot say they are the best. But everywhere else you will get the same service.
  2. Yes their office in Cochin, Kerala (South India) is registered. However, they have an office in Bangalore aswell.
  3. Hi Mandhani, I too am looking for reviews on this agent. Have you got any update already. If so please PM me. I will PM you if I receive any.
  4. Please can you PM me the consultant contact details
  5. Anyone used services of Aives Consultants bangalore for australia immigration??
  6. can you please help me with the sample of employment reference letter
  7. I am a Database administrator and am looking for Employment reference letter format for australia skillselect. Anyone who has got through the skill assessment successfully or have good knowledge on the approvals please forward that letter to me.
  8. Anyone who got through the PR visa process from India to Australia?? Please let me know of a reliable consultant who helped you in that process. It is tough to find a genuine company here.