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    Moving to central coast with a road trip squeezed in!

    Thanks bob, that's a great help! Can't wait to see it all :jiggy:
  2. Saschamartini

    Moving to central coast with a road trip squeezed in!

    Thanks, crikey, should of robbed the post office before i deciding to move! Xx
  3. Hi everyone, My hubby and our 8yr old daughter will be leaving for Sydney in the next 3 wks! Eek! As we need to get our visa stamped before it runs out, without boring you with all the details, we built our house and its just been finished and been on the market a week! Our visa runs out mid November, so we need to make a trip out! As we've never been I'm using this as a opportunity to explore and a rd trip seems the obvious choice! I'm just wondering if anyone has been on a rd trio from Sydney to Brisbane? We are fist Landing in Sydney where we will stay for 3 days as I have meetings with agents, but than plan to get a camper van and head north. Go see the usual manly, Byron Ect. I than would like to head up to central coast as that is where we plan to settle once the house sells this end. Thinking of travelling down the pacific highway through berrowa to Brooklyn crossing Brisbane water than heading up to avoca, terrigal and stay around there. Looking into renting in or around those areas. If you have any tips on a few campsites on the way, mostly we will just camp around and not be in campsites but its good to know. Also I've looked into camper van hire is there anyone you'll recommend, we were looking at blitz as appllo seems mixed reviews. Also is better to prebook or just rock up for a better deal? Really looking forward to that Aussie lifestyle, I'm from Cape Town originally and miss the sun, been overseas 15 yrs so accent frightful!
  4. Hi guys, We are planning on moving Down central coast in about 5 months, just waiting on the house to sell! Seems we're not alone in that! My partner is fully qualified chippy and we have a skilled migration visa. He has over 10 yrs experience, I'm just trying to find out what he may need to put in place to be able to work on site in oz. Here in the UK think they need health safety card Ect, he has them all. I've been tearing through the Internet and just can't find a clear answer to what he may need, as I don't want that holding us back when we arrive. Trying to have everything in place before we leave, seems the sensible grown up thing to do:) Also just wanted to ask if anyone is a chippy in central coast, how you found the job market, is site work hard to find? I guess we chose central coast as it seems to have it all. Not to far from Sydney, amazing beaches, family orientated, and growing suburbs, which I thought would be key for OH. thanks x
  5. Saschamartini

    Moving to central coast

    Thanks Ellie, think the camper van is the way to go x
  6. Saschamartini

    Moving to central coast

    Whoops, tips, yes I can see how that is a very generic question. Do you live in the central coast? Just trying to gauge areas, of central coast, nothing better than coming from people who live there instead of getting watery eyes searching google. We have a plan but needs a bit more working, so I'm just trying to get a feel for areas Ect, thanks for your help so far x
  7. Hi girls, I'm a newbie and just came across this thread, not sure how it works you might all have moved on to greener pastures, but I'm planning on moving to central coast in 5 months. I've been looking at those areas which you all live in. Any info on good schools or how you've found living in those areas, positives, negatives Ect, would be fab. Myself (south african) and partner (welsh) are moving down with our 8 yr old, so very excited and nervous! X
  8. Saschamartini

    Moving to central coast

    Hi, I'm a newbie, we are looking at central coast area, love the look of north avoca and terrigal, but house prices are on steroids. We would like to be coastal but a 15min drive to the beach is no probs, so a little inland suburb should be good. We are a young family, with one daughter who is 8, I work in fashion so would be commuting to Sydney a couple of times a week as I freelance and probably work more on location shoots. My partner is a carpenter so ideally we would be looking to be near or commuting distance to areas with a lot of development so he can work on site Ect. We are planning on arriving in Sydney, staying there for a few days so I can have meetings with agents for work than get a camper and head towards central coast. Hopefully have the camper for 3wks to drive around the different areas Ect, as schooling is very important and we would need to be in the right catchment area. If anyone has any tips advise on anything that could be helpful would be great, probably looking for short let whilst looking for a house to buy or build, depending. Rental budget probably $400 a week. Thanks guys x