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  1. thanks a lot tinaisrar for the reply.he is now going to take pcc from uk and india too.he will put his file in august now coz his 1 year in completing in august 2013.he said so by the time uk pcc will come and in august india pcc he will also get. He said I will write student (status column)only as he is innocent. He ask Canadian solicitor but they said for advice also they gonna charge.lets hope for the best.In uk also soliciters where confused about his case as judge was neither ordering him to leave uk nor to stay.they know they did wrong but they will not accept their fault. atleast he return back home with his own ticket is the best part.thanks for the wishes. Rupert my friend I m sorry that I posted in wrong section but alteast I got answer from tinaisrar to advise my cousin.Because he is trap in the problem.And for a person his first religion is to help other who r in need.Thanks a lot.
  2. my cousin he stayed for 6 years in uk 3 years on student visa and 3 years fighting an appeal:cry:. sudden shut down of the collage ruins his career.UKBA hold his passport for one year :frown: as he has given for second time extension of student visa for the same collage.HE WAS ALSO DOING ACCA SIDE BY SIDE.they hold it for a year and as soon as they started shut down of collage they give him rejection after a year saying ur collage is not bonofide. he fight case as he was innocent and wanted to study further but no collages has given him admission saying u don't have valid visa.they refused his case,he then appeal,they refused it saying we have to call panel for ur case as it is considered as special and have no right to say"u can stay or leave uk". :chatterbox:. then he wrote letter by himself after all his appeal where refused,then they reply to give them 20 days to think meanwhile my cousin left UK as it was seems worthless to live.then on the 2nd day of his arrival they reply that u r not falling under the section in which u have been refused and leave uk coz u don't have any status.lucky hime he already left before this reply without any inquiry or hassle he arrived safely to his backhomeNow his file open for Canada immigration.he is happy but confused ??? in what to write in "status column" and past history of 10 years???????????????????????????????? he don't want to miss this chance Almighty has given to him.:embarrassed:can any one help to get rid of this confusion. HE IS ALSO CONFUSED ABT GETTING PCC FROM UK.