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  1. Hi, my name is Brandon Austin I'm 17 years old and hopefully I should be moving near darch/landsdale around April/may time from the UK I would really like some information from anyone who has a fair bit of knowledge on the police force, or current and ex police officers. I have always wanted to join the police since I was about 5 and have just had such a big interest ever since. I have been in the army cadet force over here for 4 years and reached the rank of corporal of horse for the household cavalry which is the equivalent to a sergeant. I would like to know what sort of salaries they get paid how their ranking system works and how I could join ect. Eventually I would like to join the T.R.G (Tactical Response Group) or become a detective as I love a challenge and excelled at CQC/CQB (close quarter combat/Close quarter battle) and I was awarded best shot in the county for ages between 12-18 in 2012 for getting a grouping of 9 out of 10 rounds within a 4cm radius using the L85A2 rifle at 150 m and various other requirements for the army also I am very physically fit and I am currently doing a BTEC level 3 sports course at 6th form which will give me 3 A-levels and I am predicted A*,A,A in results. also I love solving puzzles, questions , riddles and crime scenarios. so if anyone can please give me any guidance or info on what i need to do. That would be very much appreciated Thank You.
  2. Yeah will do thanks for the advise
  3. I better learn how to surf then haha , thanks
  4. I'm 16 years old and a fully qualified lifeguard at my local leisure centre. The qualification I have is called the National Pool lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) from the RLSS UK ( Royal life saving society uk. With this I am qualified for lifeguarding and supervision up to depths of 3 meters , spinal board , CPR , First aid and a defibrillator. If anyone can help answer these questions it would be much appreciated. Does this qualification mean anything in Perth? Do you have leisure centres like ours? Would I be able to get a job as a lifeguard in perth with this qualification ? How much do lifeguards get paid per hour ? Would I be able to apply when we move to oz if my parents go on a 457 visa or student visa ? Thank you, Brandon
  5. Thank you , just the sort of advise I needed
  6. Is there anyone that can give me some advise? I am 16 and have recently left school in the UK, me and my family are looking to immigrate to Perth within the next 7 months. I would just like to know if the English GCSE's are equivalent to any Australian qualification or if they mean anything at all , also would I have to go to a school or college when we immigrate. Finally, if I do have to go to a school what year would I be in ? Thank you