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  1. lknights1987

    WHV yes or no?

    Can you enter into Australia on a WHV a few days before turning 31 and still be able to work for a year? Thanks
  2. Sounds good! What airline are you flying with? I haven't decided for sure yet but it will most likely be Sydney. Where are you starting off?
  3. lknights1987

    Leaving Australia

    You have a years WHV you can enter and leave Australia as many times as you like in that year. So if you decide to go to Australia for 1 month and then go off to Thailand for 11 months you won't be able to use that WHV. However don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure if you go to Australia and do the farm work for 88 days and then go to thailand for lets say 9 months you should qualify for a 2nd year visa even if you have been out the country for 10 months. Can someone confirm whether i am right or wrong?
  4. What part of Australia are you looking at starting your WHV ?
  5. Hi Zara I'm looking at going to Australia on a WHV in 2017 but I'm from Ipswich not Birmingham.
  6. I went to Phuket for 10 days in March 2014 i flew with Singapore Airline they were brilliant i would defiantly fly with them again you pay a little extra compared to other airlines but the service was great. I flew from London Heathrow to Singapore and then onto Phuket. If your flying from the UK i believe the only airline that fly's direct to Phuket is Thomson. The Phi Phi islands were great well worth a trip.
  7. lknights1987

    Choosing a backpack

    With there being hundreds of backpacks out there to choose from for travelling i would like to know what size and make of backpacks people generally go for for travelling Australia? I've seen a couple that look good but the price difference is £100 http://www.ospreyeurope.com/gb_en/xenith-105 Osprey farpoint 70
  8. lknights1987

    How much to save for a WHV?

    Hi all, I'm just after a bit of advice to how much i should be looking to save for a WHV? I'm looking to travel Australia Feb, March 2017 ( I plan to start looking for jobs after 2 weeks of arriving in Australia ) Also please advise where the best place to book Flights- Website or Agency? Hostels/Hotels -The first few days in Australia would it be best to book into a Hotel or Hostel? Travel Insurance- Website or Agency like STA travel? Visa-Website or Agency Is there anything else i need to buy before departing
  9. Doesn't sound right to me why can't she come over here and meet him! Going over to a country the other side of the world to meet and marry a lady he has never met is wrong. What website did he find her on?
  10. Hi all, Myself and my girlfriend have just booked time off work for a 3 week holiday in October. Over the next couple of days we are going to book flights to Australia flying from London to Cairns on the 18th October arriving on the 20th October and then flying back to London from Sydney airport on the 10th November. This will give us around 3 weeks travelling time. Our plan is to spend around 3-4 nights in Cairns/Port Douglas and then travel down the coast using the hop on hop off greyhound coach pass to Sydney stopping off at various hotspots along the way for 1-3 night stays. There are a few tours that we would like go on which are to the Great Barrier Reef, Sail around the Whitsunday Island and also visit the Blue Mountains. Will 3 weeks be enough to travel from Cairns to Sydney by coach or would it be worth leaving out a section of the coach trip and flying instead? If yes would it be best to travel by coach from Cairns to Brisbane and then fly from Brisbane to Sydney or fly Cairns to Brisbane and then take the coach down to Sydney?
  11. lknights1987

    Claiming the Dole in the UK as an expat/dual citizen

    What job are you looking for? If your BRITISH and looking to come back to the UK and sign on at the job centre and claim benefits then good luck with that one! If you come back and say your a refugee you'll be ok! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3366575/Senseless-Syrian-refugees-foisted-remote-Scottish-island-high-unemployment-poverty-given-perks-locals-don-t-enjoy.html
  12. lknights1987

    When is the best time to come over to Australia?

    Wow that is quite far i think we will fly instead lol it'll probably work out cheaper flying as well.
  13. lknights1987

    When is the best time to come over to Australia?

    Thanks for your response. Ideally both a reccie and holiday. We are hoping to speak to a few recruitment agencies whilst out there to find out whether or not we have a good chance gaining employment if we decided to emigrate. The train journey sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the info
  14. About to book some time off work to come over to Australia next year. I'm looking at booking 3 weeks off possibly during October/November. What time of year would you recommend coming over? Me and my girlfriend are looking at flying into Sydney and then returning back to London from Sydney too. We are hoping to stay in Sydney for around 3-4 days before either driving or flying up to Brisbane/Whitesunday island for a few days and then make our way up to Ayers rock. I'd also like to fly over to Perth but don't think we will have enough time.
  15. lknights1987

    Wanting to move to Oz on a WHV when age 31

    If you are planning to travel Australia on a whv at the age of 31 for a year it would be good to know if you would be eligible for a 2nd year if you did the 3 month regional work. Anyone know the answer to this?