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  1. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Great, guys. It sounds like it's not as complicated as it was in my head and it didn't take you too long either. Many thanks!
  2. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Yes, for a new PhD grad, the positions are usually fixed term, whether it is lecturing or a post-doc research. (But it's good to know, I hadn't seen that, Pink.) I am clearer now about my steps, assessing previous quals and experience, then 457/186/189 without assessing the PhD. Moji, one more question for you please - did your PhD work count for work experience? VETASSESS says “In order to consider employment undertaken whilst completing a PhD for Points Test purposes, the employment would need to be paid, at least 40 hours per fortnight and the tasks performed should be at the required skill level and highly relevant/closely related to the nominated occupation. PhD research tasks which are unpaid, or paid a stipend or scholarship cannot be assessed for employment under the Points Test Assessment.”. I am on an Australian Government Research Scholarship, so it seems like it won't be counted. Is that how you guys understand it too?
  3. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Thanks a lot, Moji. This was a really informative answer and I am glad things worked out for you. So I guess you didn't have to assess your previous education and work experience, because you went for the 457. Now that you are preparing docs for the PR, do you have to assess anything, or the fact that you got your latest qualification and work experience in Au means no need for assessment?
  4. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Thanks, blossom79. It's great I can stay until my visa expires, as that would give me plenty of time to start everything after I get my PhD. I guess I am being a little anxious:)
  5. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Thanks, Tickled Pink. That was the answer to 2). Would you know if the PhD should be assessed at all, since I will be obtaining it in Au? On the VETASSESS fees section (http://www.vetassess.com.au/migrate_to_australia/qa2_fees_payment.cfm#FullSkillsFee2), I see a separate category for "Overseas postgraduate doctorate degree", but nothing about my case.
  6. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Hi Everyone, I browsed through the previous topics, but I couldn't find a similar thread. I am a PhD student and am expecting to finish my studies by the end of 2013. My visa (postgraduate research) is valid until 01/12/2014. My goal is to apply for a State Nominated Visa as a Victorian PhD graduate under occupation 234599 (Life Scientist). 1) Am I able to stay on my visa until it’s validity date, even after I graduate? If yes, can I undertake employment as well? I think the answer to this is yes, but I can't find it in writing anywhere. All answers I am able to find are about situations where your visa expires before you finish study, not the other way around. 2) If VETASSESS is evaluating my PhD, can I apply for assessment before I obtain the degree, or do I need to wait until I’ve finished it? 3) If the answer to the above is that I have to finish my PhD first and then evaluate it, what kind of bridge visa do I need to be on during VETASSESS’ evaluation time? I still would not have applied for PR, so I cannot be on a bridging visa. 4) My Bachelors degree is in the same field as my PhD and applicable for the same ANZCO code. If I evaluate it through VETASSESS (because I can do so without waiting to finish the PhD), do I still need to evaluate the PhD as well? Thanks! Nicola