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  1. Chicken66

    Travelling with pending UK Spouse visa application

    Well currently she wouldn't be able to travel ( no overseas travel permitted unless for aid workers or compassionate reasons) a visit to you wouldn't qualify for this. All indications are boarders will be closed until next year anyway.
  2. Chicken66

    Australia Life in Photos

    Few more pics.
  3. Chicken66

    Australia Life in Photos

    Few Pics of life in Australia for us.
  4. Chicken66

    Australia Life in Photos

  5. Chicken66

    Can't believe it!

    Yes i agree with previous responses about the rural locations Orange would be the best one out of them all.
  6. Chicken66

    Advise Please - Citizen by Descent

    Hello again no you won't need the original document.I myself have applied for replacement documents previously and it's really straight forward. However i'm not sure if they will post to the UK there would be a way to aquire it from the UK i would think. Perhaps someone who has done so previously will see your post or just have a look on the website. Otherwise try contacting Australian House in the UK i'm sure they'd be able to advise you. With a bit of luck someone who has gone through the process you are trying to do will see your post and can offer some help. Good luck.
  7. Chicken66

    Advise Please - Citizen by Descent

    If he has done nothing to recind his citizenship then ii's likely he still has it and did so when you were born. Ps. If you have a photo of the birth certificate that wiil come in handy as it will have a file number on it and that makes it easier to find when applying they will ask if you have the file number. Good luck i think you may have a good chance with what you're trying to achieve.
  8. Chicken66

    Advise Please - Citizen by Descent

    Hi there you can apply online via Birth, Deaths and Marriages for South Australia for the Birth Certificate. Although i'm not sure if they will post it to the UK.
  9. Chicken66

    Moving back to UK after living in Aus, (NEED HELP)

    Hello there from what i understand you can just apply for a British Passport for youself and daughter. I think your partner would qualify for a visa through her mother given her mother was born in the UK. As per the above link given will guide you i'm sure.
  10. Chicken66

    What is Mildura like

    Hi there i live in Gol Gol and disagree there is not a lot of Aboriginal kids running amok here at all. Gol Gol is a fantastic place to live we love it right on the river just over the boarder from Mildura. However i agree with your thoughts on Dareton that is spot on and i'd avoid it. Mildura is not bad there are some areas that you should give a miss though. There's a lot of competition for rentals in Mildura having a dog will make it a little harder and you might not be able to be as picky about the area because of it. I don't know anyone who flies daily to Melbourne for work and i think your price for flights is a little low too. However if you are looking for somewhere that's not a big city but has facilities i think you shoud give it a go. Plenty of choice for dinning out and shops to get what you need. With the added advantage that it's only an hours flight to Melbourne if you want a city fix. It's a good laid back lifestyle mainly however the summers are very hot.
  11. Chicken66

    Missing home, struggling to fit in and settle.

    My DH has lived in Australia for thirty plus years and has never quite settled he's in much the same frame of mind as Quoll. We have over the years discussed a move to the UK even got the planning and booking things to go stage at one point however life got in the way and we never got there. We also have a similar situation as Quoll re: friends no one we could call at 3am or anything i'm not sure why though it's just turned out that way. I know my DH would go back in a heartbeat to live in the UK if he could but it's just not an option for us. So we just get on with life and enjoy what we have. You really do need to think hard about whether you feel life here with your husband is a better prospect than life without him in the UK ( if he can't/won't go there with you). Can you see a life without him being an option if no then you may just need to put your big girls pants on and suck it up( i don't meant that at all in a mean or nasty way). Please don't however have children unless you are certain you bare a life in Australia as you will certainly be closing the door on a return to live if the worst happens and you split wiht your husband and he says no to taking the children with you. The courts in Australia very rarely if at all let you take them if the other parent says no. Good luck it's not easy feeling the way you do.
  12. Chicken66

    Outdoor items, how clean?

    Yes we are somewhat obsessed with organic matter, seems silly to a lot but there are valid reasons for it.
  13. Chicken66

    Adding Parents to my Partner 820 Visa

    I'm fairly certain you can't add parents to a partner visa. Other family would mean children of either yours or partners. Your parents would need their own seperate visa from what i understand.
  14. Chicken66

    RRV advice

    You wil need one each and they expire after five years. Cost is as above.
  15. Chicken66

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    W20 be aware not all homes have built in robes. some older properties won't have. If you have room i'd bring everything you have room for no point not using the space available. Can always get rid if youfind you don't need it the other end.