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  1. The weather in Tasmania today

    Wow we had almost 70mm of rain here in country Victoria last night. To wet to do any work today so a nice lunch out in town instead.
  2. Sadly there are a lot out there who are not nice at all. We've heard loads of horror stories. Many don't stick it out even with us. Farm work is not for everyone and it is hard work i don't deny that. We don't expect people to do anything we wouldn't do though. That is working in extreme conditions too hot too cold we call it a day. No point killing yourself or the workers either.
  3. Flight deals

    I too used to use Best Flights they were really good. Hello World as said no longer have the deals Best Flights had.
  4. Not all as you have said are bad. We run a vineyard and employ a lot of backpackers/holiday visa holders we also have a small two bed unit on site which is quite nice. We do charge for it but not a lot $150 a week. We treat our backpackers/ Holiday visa holder workers well much as we would like our own children to be treated. If they work hard we value them. Some been fab other not so much. We have been burned in the past but judge as we find them. Many we are still in contact with years late and we have employed younger family members years later some have worked others not so much.
  5. Children law

    Personally i wouldn't be going if the relationship is already shaky which clearly it is by what you're saying. Given that the Hague convention would come into play if the father says no to them going back with you. In all honesty a court is unlikely to grant you permission to return either. Do some research on the Hague convention. Many parents find themselves and their children stuck in countries with no option to return to the country of origin.
  6. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    So i've had an update from Telstra about the internet apparently due to congestion on the line in our area the issue will remain for an unknown period. Could be up to a year?? Odd given it was fine until they started digging and such for the nbn. Fantastic so no fix any time soon. They have however agreed to reduce our monthly charges for both the internet and mobile services with an increased data to the mobiles. So a win of sorts i guess.
  7. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Bet it's cheaper and all
  8. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Now you're just being too funny smarty pants. Lol
  9. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    I wish i can't even get a stable connection atm. Any speed would do me if it stayed connected (
  10. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Yes i'm on to the compensation for loss of service. I am going to ring them tomorrow and voice my concerns. My other half will be standing by listening no doubt he finds my calls to them very amusing?? Here's hoping i get somewhere.
  11. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    They've done all that and line was replaced and some other thing not sure what that was now. I'm still waiting for call back from them regarding setting a time for yet another technician to come out again. Honestly i'd just be happy to get a stable connection at this point. LOL
  12. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Chris N Lora i feel your pain we live 15 minutes from large rural town and our internet is crazy. Hourly if not more dropouts in the last 6weeks. Although it's really hit and miss at the best of times to be fair. Took over a year to sort out an issue we had 6 years ago. Now they've started doing work to bring the nbn it's become just ridiculous. have had 3 techs come out over the last 6 weeks and the issue is still not fixed. So frustrating as we need our internet for work. I have now resorted using a prepaid modem for work purposes. It's really not good enough.!!
  13. Father refused visa is having to return to India

    It's been to tribunal and court and clearly they both don't feel they are really a married couple anymore. I tend to agree somewhat in that they claimed to be separated for Centrelink purposes and it's now bit them in the arse. More to this than meets the eye imo. It's a bit rich for the agent say it's been accessed by unqualified people given it's been to both tribunal and court really!!!
  14. To sell or not to sell

    I think i'm in agreement with you and Quoll. Personally i'd hang it to the house ( particularly if it's in a growth are). At least until i was sure Australia was for me. I'm bit like you in being a planner and i'd like to think i had a safety net in terms of a place to go back to if it all went wrong in Australia. You just never know how you will both feel living in Australia. Good luck with the move and everything else. x
  15. Shipping and removals

    Have you consulted any about a movecube or a shared container ?