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  1. Chicken66

    Consequences of cancelling a visa

    I think however i'm not 100 percent on it, that your partner visa will be cancelled given that you will no longer be in a relationship with the sponsor. I think you need to contact a visa angent and find out or if there's any option for you to stay if that's what you want.
  2. Chicken66

    Partner Visa Concerns

    It's very likely centrelink will prosecute the person claiming the single parent payment. It's not like the old days when all you had to do was pay back the money. The generally do take it further these days as clearly it's fraud. You can't claim to be single to gain financially and then oh no we are a couple now because he's losing his visa. I'm sorry but this just stinks of someone chancing on not getting caught and abusing the system. If i'm wrong on this i'm sorry. However i don't think i am in which case you've both been very silly/stupid to play this game and i think the visa will be refused and prosecution for benefit fraud will be coming your way along with paying back the money.
  3. Chicken66

    Nursing in UK

    Have you considered trying a rural teaching hospital EG Mildura in Victoria, Bendigo again Victoria or somewhere else in a country location. Worth a try before moving to the UK. Sorry if you have already considered or tried this option.
  4. Chicken66

    Coming up to 10 years in Aussie

    We must be very lucky we have just recently moved to a new area. Currently renting after selling a property. Moved due to new employment. We've been in the new place about three weeks. We had a large gum branch fall from the tree in the front garden two nights ago. The very next morning our new neighbour who we hadn't even met yet came knocking and asked if we'd like him to remove and take the branch away( he was heading to the tip and would be happy to add the extra to his load). He came back a few minutes later with chainsaw and cut it and took it away. Money and drinks were offered which were both declined. He was happy to help he said. We are looking to buy in the same area atm. If the house we are renting comes up for sale would love buy it.
  5. Chicken66

    How to make it happen?

    Unfortunately as far i'm aware unless either has a skill on the list then no there's no other option. Good luck to you all.
  6. Chicken66

    How to make it happen?

    Perhaps i'm pointing out the obvious but you do know the 457 is not permenant visa in regards to your daughter and her family? Could she not get Pr with any skills on the list?
  7. Chicken66

    AMA plan to get more doctors in rural areas

    Yes we need more doctors in rural areas that's obvious tried recently to get an appointment and it was a week to get an appointment. We have three clinics here and all were fully booked. However the idea to make student doctors do a year in a rural area is flawed imo. We need doctors who are prepared to stay, you need to build a realtionship with a doctor and it just doesn't happen in rural areas for the most part. In my case over the last few years i find a doctor i like and am comfortable with only to find they leave after a year or two and you're back to square one. We have a lot of doctors coming to our area whom are from non english speaking backgrounds and a good portion of them are very hard to imo understand. I'm curious as to how they pass the english test to be honest. I even had one prescribe me medication that it clearly states in my records i'm allergic to? Which i pointed out to said doctor. Not good enough!!! I agree with the comment about maternity services two of the small rural hospitals in this area have closed their maternity units in the last two years forcing expectant mothers to travel between an hour to two hours to access maternity services.
  8. Chicken66

    Debt in different states

    As far as i know no it's not true the debts will follow eventually. Especially if they are for things like utilities, credit card, phone plans etc. In fact they will most likely end up on a bad credit list and even something as simple as getting a phone will prove very difficult. Renting a property will also most likely be hard too.
  9. Chicken66

    Aussie weather

    Yes it is a day for staying inside with aircon. Sadly i have to go out shortly but won't be for long Current temp is 44 and still climbing.
  10. Chicken66

    Aussie weather

    Going to be hot as in my area. Nothing under 43 for the next four days and up to 45 for two. Yuk!!
  11. If you have all the requirements i'd do it asap. You just never know if your occupation is removed you will have no chance. Good luck.
  12. Chicken66

    Centrelink benefit when husband lost job

    I'm fairly certain given the wife is working he would get nothing from centrelink.
  13. Chicken66

    The weather in Tasmania today

    Wow we had almost 70mm of rain here in country Victoria last night. To wet to do any work today so a nice lunch out in town instead.
  14. Sadly there are a lot out there who are not nice at all. We've heard loads of horror stories. Many don't stick it out even with us. Farm work is not for everyone and it is hard work i don't deny that. We don't expect people to do anything we wouldn't do though. That is working in extreme conditions too hot too cold we call it a day. No point killing yourself or the workers either.
  15. Chicken66

    Flight deals

    I too used to use Best Flights they were really good. Hello World as said no longer have the deals Best Flights had.