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    AITSL advice needed

    Hi, sorry for the delay its been a busy week in work. I was hoping to go straight to a skilled independent 189 visa. I've looked at state sponsored and they also require a successful aitsl assessment. As a result I'm looking into doing a masters and heading to aus on a student visa. If anyone knows of another option where study wouldn't be required I'm all ears.
  2. Nigel Hooley

    AITSL advice needed

    Ok so I've just made the call to AITSL. The woman on the other end was very helpful as far as she could be. as Millie said it definitely is all about 3 years v's 4 years. The woman at AITSL was very careful not to make any definitive suggestions as standards / criteria can change. She did say that if they make a suggestion of complete a specific course and changes are made then there could be a tough situation later on. I guess I can understand their point of view in this. Whilst those of us on the receiving end may consider this unhelpful it is also logical. So my conversation did bring me back to the point of what to do next. The simple answer is - based on current criteria- that 3 + 1 = 4 so a years additional study at bachelors level or higher is needed. (Unless a lovely private school in Melbourne would like to sponsor me on a 457 of course - unlikely). That brings me back to one of my original questions - has anyone been in this position before and what courses did they do?
  3. Nigel Hooley

    AITSL advice needed

    Thanks for all of the replies. The letter states that only the qualification was unsuitable. Everything else was absolutely fine. I am going to give AITSL a call later and see exactly what the issue was. If it is as Millie has suggested just the 3 years v's 4 then other than a few other questions it would appear a further year of study is needed. With this in mind does anybody have any recommendations? I have looked at the VIT website who have the same requirements and they make some suggestions for upgrade routes based in Australia. I will let you all know how the AITSL call goes.
  4. Nigel Hooley

    AITSL advice needed

    Hi all, I am new to the forum posts but have been reading for a considerable time. I have just received a "not suitable" result from AITSL. This decision was based on my degree being a 3 year not 4 year degree. So arising from this I have a myriad of questions some of which shall be put to AITSL directly. I was wondering if anyone here had been through a similar experience though. So my background is that of a secondary Maths teacher having qualified through the 3 year Bachelor of Education route. This is an honours degree. So AITSL are saying I am unsuitable only on the degree length. My questions are as follows: 1) Is there some academic content to my degree that is missing (this may be something only AITSL can answer unless someone here has experience of the same issue) 2) If there is no academic content missing why is the degree classed as unsuitable? Is it seriously just as black and white as 3 years not 4? 3) If it is this black and white issue has anybody every successfully appealed this decision? 4) The biggest I guess is since it would appear I need to do some form of course to increase from 3 to 4 years can anyone make any recommendations based on experience? These can be UK or Australia based since I have family in Australia I could live with during the course of any study. Any help on these initial questions would be gratefully received - I am sure your responses may throw up further questions! Thanks in advance