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  1. I moved to Hobart in Tas from the UK 6 years ago and now own a couple of GP clinics. I'm now looking at becoming a business sponsor. I have completed the online application but wondered if anyone else had been through this application and might have an idea of time to get approved? On the DIAC site all the timeframes talk about visas being granted not approved sponsor status. TIA
  2. DrNemo

    Becoming a business sponsor.

    Thanks Marcus, someone potentially in mind but for them final step in a long line of paperwork having just been let down by another employer so don't want to hold them up if otherwise their visa would be relatively quick - I can't help but think it would be quicker if I was already an approved sponsor.
  3. DrNemo

    189 or 190, what was your approach?

    190 is state sponsored. Different states have different requirements to meet. I chose 190 over 189 as I had 55 points before ILETS and I couldn't be bothered to sit it plus had a local state office who were very helpful and gave very prompt sponsorship (I was already in the state on a 457).
  4. DrNemo

    Skilled Nominated Visa 190 question.

    Also might be worth contacting Tas for state sponsorship. I didn't bother sitting ILETS at all as I got the final 5 points I needed to make 60 with state sponsorship. I spoke to a lovely lady at the Tas office and they turned around my application within 72hours.
  5. DrNemo

    changing passport details on visa?

    I would assume via your husbands immi account but I just printed out the form posted it off to my local office and 48h later had email confirmation all changed over.
  6. Sorry, no idea I applied for 190 and don't recall being asked that question on the form, it didn't cause any problems for me.
  7. The original poster is a doctor so will have had the blood tests anyway as these are required for healthcare workers on 457s.
  8. I used the go-walkabout emigration insurance in a similar situation however please consider that reciprocal Medicare will only cover urgent/emergency care (as per Aus citizens in the UK) not full cover so if you have any chronic health needs these would not necessarily be covered. If there is any chance you might stay tick the box to get your medical assessments to PR standards rather than just 457. No extra cost to you and if you decide to go for PR within 12 months they are still valid and you don't need to repeat them.
  9. DrNemo

    Ambulance cover

    Locally seems to be all covered, only exception I've come across was a patient of mine who was injured in an MVA as a passenger and not willing to disclose the driver to MAIB as he knew his mate was over the limit. Hence as not MAIB claim was liable for the cost of the ambulance himself (although I seriously hope he got his "mate" to pay it).
  10. DrNemo

    It must be getting clise Tastastic!!

    Have you been down to taste yet?
  11. See a gp and get the script then shop around, there can often be a significant difference between pharmacies although some will price match if asked. It is possible to get A and B in one with twinrix vaccine although still need more than one dose.
  12. DrNemo

    190 Visa Lodged in Sep 2014

    I was already working out here (Hobart) on a 457 visa. I'm a GP which means anywhere there are people there are usually jobs.
  13. DrNemo

    190 Visa Lodged in Sep 2014

    I lodged 30th Sept and direct grant on 18th Nov, Tasmania. Good luck all.
  14. DrNemo

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    190 rather than 189, lodged 30th September, granted today, seven weeks! I'm already in Aus on a 457 but life suddenly got easier wrt mortgages/Medicare etc
  15. DrNemo


    I would approach your UK GP and ask for copies of all the specialist letters, this is likely to take a few days vs weeks if approaching your Consultant. If leaving the UK you can ask for 3 months supply on the NHS and potentially a further 3 months on private script. HTH.
  16. DrNemo


    Budesonide is available under the brand name pulmicort nebules. This is available on PBS for "severe asthma not able to take inhaled steroids via other routes", private cost approx $50-55month. I'm sorry EoE is not an acronym I recognise so can't advise if he falls into the PBS catagory - this is quite important as GPs are audited and if they are found to have prescribed medication on PBS outside the specific indication they can be personally liable for the full cost of the medication. Hope this helps. Nemo (GP in Tas)
  17. DrNemo

    Doctors' thread

    If you are going via an agency this will cost $30,000+ to the practice. Most states have a state gp recruitment site where practices can advertise for free. I would look on DNUK in the nz and oz forum for more specific advice.
  18. I don't understand a country where it is legal to buy an assault rifle (why do you need one?!) yet those dangerous things kinder eggs are illegal. That is before you get onto healthcare, we are wonderful and the bastardised (yes with an S not a Z!) spelling of the English language etc etc.
  19. DrNemo

    I'm so happy, Happy, HAPPY

    Great news hope to meet you for a Salamanca meet up some time soon.
  20. I can't help but notice there are recently a lot of senior medical jobs being advertised for Queensland. This is not a specific dig at the recruiters but please be aware that there is currently a great state of flux for senior medical staff in Queensland. The Government is try to re-write the contracts unilaterally and I believe 1/3 of the Consultant level body has signed resignation letters if this cannot be sorted. Potential terms and conditions are vastly inferior to other states and due to the fact that with timings of AHPRA processing etc almost all Doctors come at least initially on 457 visas you could be very vulnerable indeed. Please see the DNUK forums, and these links for further information. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/frightened-surgeons-fear-retribution-from-queensland-health-over-pay-contract-dispute/story-fnihsrf2-1226875747192#social-commentshttp://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/frightened-surgeons-fear-retribution-from-queensland-health-over-pay-contract-dispute/story-fnihsrf2-1226875747192#social-comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7hq4jBpkmk&feature=youtu.be As a senior medic it is huge decision to uproot and move across the globe most likely with family in tow. Please ensure you have your eyes open to what is currently happening regarding contracts and job security in Queensland before considering a move.
  21. I've recently moved to Tasmania and am getting rather frustrated waiting for my container to arrive. I went for a sole use 20" container due to concerns about extended delays with a part load. I'm using one of the frequently mentioned names on here and am feeling slightly non-plussed and misled regarding timings. Packed Feb5/6th Cheltenham Left Felixstowe 28/2/14 Changed ships at Singapore.... Arrived Melbourne 10/4/14 Still in Melbourne cleared customs today (1 week after arrival) Won't leave Melbourne until next Wednesday (23rd April) to arrive in Tasmania following Monday (28th) I will then need to arrange delivery which I've been told could take another couple of weeks..... Is it reasonable for it to effectively take 2 weeks to clear customs (no issues or treatment required)? How can it take the best part of another week to cross the Bass Straight - AFTER it has got on the ship? :arghh:
  22. DrNemo

    190 visa with no work expereince post qualification?

    Additionally if going for state sponsorship they may be further requirements. Tas for example requires 5 years experience for state sponsorship.
  23. DrNemo

    Rental Applications - need to vent

    Made me laugh, I managed to get all my qualifications as a GP with equivalent training, RACGP and register with AHPRA etc without a single reference being followed up yet when i wanted to sign a lease all of a sudden the emails started flying!
  24. DrNemo

    Beware medical jobs in Queensland.

    I appreciate that many may not agree with the battle currently going on between the Doctors and Queensland Health however my main intention is to flag this up to potential SMOs so that they go in with their eyes open. This has got to the point where the AMA is advising not to take up contracts in Queensland and some Royal Colleges (who oversee training of doctors up to Consultant/SMO level) are also advising junior doctors against training contracts in Queensland.
  25. DrNemo

    My TFN hasn't arrived yet !

    Yes, I applied 22 Feb, got mine 2 days ago.