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  1. TobyJugs

    Negative outcome vetasses, my options?

    Hi, Interesting that I found you on this thread!! I too just received a negative assessment...utterly gutted. However, theyre saying my qualification is not at a high enough level but I am certain it is. When i gathered all my info before begining this process I checked my quals would be good enough. I think theyre just trying to sort the men from the boys...gather more evidence...put more time and money into it and dont give up. Theyll be so sick of me by the time ive finished they will pass me just to get rid!! I aced my IELTS tho...not that it means bugger all now good luck with the appeal. We're in the same boat. Again.
  2. Wahoo!! Well done! The wait is killing me! ... Kezzels where are you taking your test? I'm heading to Eastbourne for mine on Saturday. I haven't studied half as much as I should . I'm going to cram this week tho and do a test everyday !
  3. Hi mxmanus! welcome to my little thread! youre 9 weeks in so the wait is nearly over!! Kezzles, I think its a good idea to do the IELTS. I ordered a book from ebay so I can practice. It was 12 quid and trains to level 8 standard. Got my papers certified today..the receptionist in the surgery looked confused and couldnt understand why I wanted certificates certified. :mad: Anywho, im going to start reading my Ielts book after my vetassess has been sent off. I got confirmation today my test is on the 27th July !! I also told a big fat porkie pie to my boss and said I needed a statement of emplyment for an open university course!! ooops! Ive never been to WA actually but I have distant family there who will put me up when I first arrive. I have been everywhere in Australia except Darwin and Perth. I dont care where I end up as long as Im there!!! If youre interested ill post a link to the book I ordered from ebay. :cool:
  4. Hey, If your family are there can you not get them to sponsor you? Melbourne is great. Its not my first choice but I wouldne knock it! I have some great friends there too. Im purely doing my Ielts for points purposes . If I get a level 8 or 9 its 20 ponts , what with the 30 for my age bracket Im practically there! for the sake of 130 quid I though I may aswel. Id ratehr have it booked and ready to go than have to sort it out in a last minute panic for points! I have a Diploma which although should be fine, If they decide its not eligible for pointing for whatever stupid reason then I have Ielts... That said, I will probably fail the damn thing and it will be a waste! hopefully not though! As for waiting times..ive heard anywhere between 4 and 16 weeks...I think I will have grown a beard and be completely grey after that sort of a wait! I aim to post everything off by next friday latest. If I havnt got all the papers I will post them as I get them. Ill let you know when the papers have gone off! I should be roughly two weeks behind you!
  5. Ive just typed out a massive reply and lost it...crap. Im applying under 'welfare worker' 3 sponsoring at the moment but that might change . I want QLD but I think Ill end up in WA as they have a lot of vacancies for my profession. Ive also just sent off my IELTS application...another stress!! Im going to aim for a band 8 so i have points to play with. As for the vetassess. Well. Im not a smoker but Im starting to think it may be a good idea. I quit 3 years ago and nothing has made me want a cigarette more!! Im flapping under all sorts of paper ,my GP is certifying my 4 million sheets of paper . copies of certs, passport,passport photos you name it. Then of course im keeping copies for myself too. Just in case. Im waiting on previous employers to send me statements...I hate waiting on other people. I would be done by now if they pulled their finger out!! All things being equal..I aim to post my finished documents by next friday. Or i will be smoking by saturday!! What state are you aiming for? sarah
  6. TobyJugs

    Vetassess Appeal advice please

    Hi , Id be very interested to know if you got the negative assessment overturned? Im in the process of submitting mine, my Diploma was achieved nearly a year ago but not quite ...Ill be royaly peeved if I have to appeal but im kind of setting myself up for it :o/ Sarah
  7. Hi Everyone, Im new , please be nice! Im just starting the process. Ive filled out my VetAssess form and now compiling all my documents to send by carrier pigeon to Melbourne...My head is completely fried. Ive decided against using a migration expert and im going it alone. I may or may not regret that! Just testing the water and seeing who else is going through it and maybe can support each other through the blood sweat and tears... So far today ive spent around £500 on the application and my kettle has just packed in... reaching for the wine while I spruce up my CV.. :confused::wacko::arghh: Would be great to hear from anyone....anyone at all.....:cool: Sarah