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  1. Hi all, My civil partner and I are moving out to QLD in September 2015 on a PR 189 visa. I've been wondering how recognised our CP will be? I've tried to do a bit of research but the information is a bit vague about partnerships/de facto relationships etc in general. Also trying to decide whether to change our CP to a marriage now that this is legal in the UK (well, I want to get to wear my dress again wifey is less bothered about converting!) We got married/civily partnered after our visa was granted, but we changed our visa details when we changed our passports as we double-barrelled our names. Obviously it's important for things like pensions/benefits but I'm also curious as I'd like to know if we will be recognised as a legal couple for things like rental paperwork/mortgage applications etc etc. I know the laws are different in different states so if anyone has any experience/knowledge for QLD that'd be great! thanks Claire
  2. 2bpepperrogers

    Migrating in 2015 anyone?

    Hi! We're (that's myself, wife and cat) are migrating in September as well! Flights booked, cat's had her rabies and we're saving saving saving. Plan is northern suburbs of Brisbane but a bit depends on jobs (teachers). Claire x
  3. 2bpepperrogers

    Australia Quarantine fees

    it's an obscene amount of money but we're going to pay; can't leave our 2 cats behind they're part of the family. There should be some sort of law that makes them have to justify the fees they charge.
  4. Hi, My wife and I are both teachers and are moving to Australia in September 2015 (hopefully permanently and getting citizenship as soon as we qualify). I've been teaching for 9 years but she is younger and only in her 3rd year of teaching, some of which has been supply work. We haven't got a clue about how our pensions will work and don't want to end up age 65 with nothing! a. What will happen to our UK pensions? Can we still get these if we are not living in the UK anymore? Is this likely to even be worth it if only been in the job 9 years before leaving? b. How does the Australia pension system work re. state vs private? Trying not to let myself get in a flap about this but everything I read just confuses me even more thanks!!
  5. 2bpepperrogers

    Any Advice on Snake & Spider repelling?

    Hi everyone, thanks for the useful tips - we're moving out next September, hopefully to northern suburbs of Brisbane and have 2 cats - quite worried about them trying to catch spiders/other critters as they love that here. Concerned they're going to get bitten or stung! Also, the wife is not good with spiders so any tips on keeping them away are great. Any other ideas on preventing the ants getting inside? When we were out in April they managed to get into sealed tuppawares! thanks Claire
  6. 2bpepperrogers

    Teacher - AITSL issues!

    I pretty much had to do the same with IOE in London. Delayed my skills assessment by about 3 months in the end but you will need it again when you register with the state (yes - have to go through ALL the same details even though you have proven it to get the skills assessment in the first place!). Persevere, will be worth it in the end :smile:
  7. 2bpepperrogers

    Bamboo Steamer

    Hi all, Might sound a bit random but am I ok to ship my bamboo steamer? Occurred to me it might not be allowed under the untreated wooden material section. thanks! Claire
  8. 2bpepperrogers

    Free Australian Soda Stream available in the UK

    If they're still available we'd love one! The wife's been talking about getting one for ages here in the UK. Don't go until Sept 2015 but happy to stash it in the attic until then. my email is pepperclaire@hotmail.com thanks!
  9. 2bpepperrogers

    shipping clothes/personal items from uk

    Have a look at movecube. They have different size 'cubes'; they come to your house with the cube in a little trailer that you then fill. We looked at them but had too much furniture so are probably going to get a section of a containerbut if it's just personal items etc should fit and be a cheaper alternative.
  10. 2bpepperrogers

    Teacher - AITSL issues!

    no, didn't seem to be an issue, presume as 11-18 covers 13-18 its ok.
  11. 2bpepperrogers

    Keep ISA in UK?

    Ok that's useful to know!
  12. 2bpepperrogers

    Teacher - AITSL issues!

    I needed to get a letter from my teacher training institute that listed how many days teaching practice I'd done and what age ranges. Took a few weeks of badgering the university but got there eventually! They included the names and addresses if both schools, the age of the students and how many days there on placement, it also include the start and end date as well as the title of the course. This was enough for AITSL when I applied 18 months ago. All approved, got our 189 visa last May, validated visa this April and were off next January! Good luck
  13. 2bpepperrogers

    Keep ISA in UK?

    Thanks for all your help everyone. We've got meetings with 2 different banks here in the UK today, will see what they can offer us in terms of interest rates and international banking in 18 months time. HSBC look pretty good as they can set us up with credit ratings etc in Australia.
  14. 2bpepperrogers

    Keep ISA in UK?

    ah ok, so we might be best getting a fixed rate for 18 months instead, and then taking everything with us in one go?
  15. 2bpepperrogers

    Keep ISA in UK?

    Dear all, We have our 189 PR visa and are planning to move January 2016. We are spending the next 18 months living with family and saving saving saving! We have a small inheritance currently which we are thinking of putting in an ISA fixed for 3 years, and may well inherit some more in the next year or so. My question is: Is it OK to have ISAs in the UK for the inheritance money to earn the best interest or will we have to declare this/close it when we leave/get massacred on moving the saved money across to Aus when we are ready to buy a house in 3-4 years time? Can we leave this ticking away earning interest in the UK after we have moved? We are hoping to save enough from our wages while living with the parents to cover the move, so can leave this inheritance money untouched in a fixed term. Hope this makes sense! I'm very clear on everything apart from the finances side of migrating, any help will be greatly appreciated Claire