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    Free Salsa's for Pomms

    Hey Guys I just got this email and thought I would share with the group!!! Its a free Burrito for everyone at Salsas with a UK passport or drivers licence! http://bit.ly/1kTJ6ea Feel free to spread the word.
  2. christianmg

    oldest you can apply for 417 visa

    Great! Looks like I have a new buddy coming out soon then!! :biggrin:
  3. christianmg

    oldest you can apply for 417 visa

    Hey guys, A friend from home was asking about coming out. I know he should do his homework but there are so many bar stories going about with the 417 visa. How old can you be to apply for it? Do you have to apply before 30 or can you apply right up to before you are 31??
  4. christianmg

    Shipping from Northern Ireland/ Ireland

    Hey Lisha, how much are you thinking about taking over to relocate? I moved to melbourne a year ago with just a bag and trying to get sponsored now. If I get sponsored I would love to bring my car, motorycycle and some stuff over. It could be worth splitting a container? Im from Ormeau Road.
  5. It was a BnB for tourists. Mostly Asian and real city folk. There were a lot of animals on the grounds to give it a farm feel. There were several chickens and hens. Which we sold the eggs of, could this be put forward. We would use most of the eggs for the breakfasts for the BnB but a a couple of boxes a week were sold to people in the area. So upset as only have a month left so cant redo it. Has anyone ever heard of people appealing and getting a visa? I have worked since I got here and been paying taxes the whole time and now Im off the "farm" im back in full time work, (well for 6 months as thats what my visa allows).
  6. Hey guys, I just got an email saying that my WHV is being Your visa application is now being assessed for refusal. I did my 88 days wwoofing. I did it at a BnB where me and my gf lived in a shipping container. I looked after all their animals - horses, sheep and cows and did all the maintenance around the place going from digging ditches to roofing the shed. My gf worked in the house doing cleaning and cooking etc. She has been granted her VISA but they looked into mine and it states on the email that as the animals were not for selling purpose it makes the visa invalid. It says I can appeal in writing which I intend to do, but I was looking for some help to put into the email. - such as do I mention that she got her visa (or leave that out). We worked for free, 7 hours a day 6 days a week. - but it says in the email that she has said to them on the phone we only did 5 hours x 5 days. This is so she doesnt get in trouble, because we phone the department earlier in the month asking can we finish early as we were working 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, but they said we could only work 5 days. ​ We lived in below sub par conditions in the middle of nowhere. I know that I should have read the site correctly but it was a genuine mistake. Please guys any help is greatly appricated.