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  1. Just to follow up - I submitted the application for an RRV on 6 April 2020 and have this morning received the letter confirming that it has been granted. Phew. My "must not arrive after" date is now 14 April 2021. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  2. Thanks everyone. That's right, I activated the visa in 2016 when we visited Adelaide to see the in laws, so it's the expiry date of the 100 visa that I am concerned about. We have now come to the same conclusion that I'll apply for an RRV straight away, and mention in my statement my Australian husband and child, and the plans that we have made to migrate that are going to be slightly postponed to later this year due to Covid-19 affecting my work situation. Thanks all! Very helpful as always!!
  3. I have a partner visa subclass 100. Granted in 2015 and I activated it in 2016. We're still living in the UK but planning the move to Coffs Harbour later this year. I'm a UK citizen. Husband is Australian from Adelaide but he has lived with me in the UK for the past 10 years and we have a 5 year old son who holds an Australian passport as well as a UK passport. Husband now has a UK passport also. The "must not arrive after" date for me is 6 August 2020. Because of all the current Covid-19 upheaval, our migration plans may be delayed until later in the year. My question is, could I at this stage in the UK obtain a Returning Resident Visa? I wondered if in that way it could effectively extend the 6 August date until later in the year. We were expecting to get our Australian lives started once we arrived in Coffs and were not expecting to sign up to jobs, houses etc at this stage while still in the UK. Husband is a refrigeration mechanic so is hoping to get work quickly once landed, I'm a solicitor but not expecting to work as that in Coffs but concentrate on getting our son started in school etc. We called Australian immigration enquiry number today but didn't really get a clear answer, they just told us to look at the website, so we'll try again tomorrow in any event but I wondered if anyone here could shed some light.
  4. Soffy999

    PR with Type 1 Diabetes

    Would also be interested to know views on standard of care UK vs Aus. Husband is Australian, we are in UK, he is 3 years since Type 2 diagnosis but now started injecting basal insulin, we are likely to move to NSW in 2019. Very difficult for him getting consistent care here and navigating NHS with this very difficult, ever changing disease/condition, although obviously all treatment is free.
  5. Soffy999

    Have I got the hang of RRV?

    Have been doing some forward planning and reading through this forum and the government website and I would appreciate if anyone could let me know broadly whether my understanding is correct. I'm a UK citizen, my husband of 7 years is Australian, we live in the UK (and he now has UK passport as well as aussie). In August 2015 I was granted a permanent resident class 100 visa and we have visited Australia since then but not done the permanent move yet, due to "life getting in the way". We now have had a son who has passports for both countries. We're planning to move to Australia permanently, no later than October 2019. So, by the time my 5 year travel period is up on the 100 visa in August 2020 we will be permanently living there but not able to satisfy the 2 year resident requirement for the RRV. If, soon after August 2020, I want to do a visit home to see the folks, I would have to apply for an RRV subclass 155 and need to show aussie residence e.g. son enrolled in school/kindergarten, property lease, bank account, husband's job and (fingers crossed) my job. Likely be granted a 1 year travel facility. If after that 1 year expires I then want to go home for another visit, have to apply for the same but if it's after October 2021 then I would have satisfied the resident requirement so could be granted a 5 year travel facility. And then, after August 2023 I can apply for citizenship. Do I have this broadly correct?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the congrats. I haven't asked for them to extend it as we are able to plan a quick visit there before 1st May - husband needs a fix of the surf and our baby needs to meet his grandparents! oh and I was granted the 100 visa - permanent residency - which is great. I was told 10-14 months when they initially received my application and it was granted in 10 months.
  7. So I've now spoken to Australia House and it turns out my visa was granted on 7 August 2015. I didn't receive any email or letter so this is all quite funny! I had an email from them on 4th August but nothing subsequently. Very weird. Anyway ... another success
  8. Case officer is WP. OK it does sound like I need to call them.
  9. They haven't asked for any of these documents (which I can supply if needed)
  10. I submitted my 309/100 application in London on 8 October 2014. CO = WP Police check submitted 6 May 2015. I undertook the medical at this time in Knightsbridge and assume the results were sent directly through. Our baby was born in February 2015 and he has citizenship by descent and now an Australian passport. I updated the CO about this in August 2015 via email, and received an email back to say that "your partner visa application is currently being processed". I haven't heard anything further since then. We're not in any mad rush to move to Australia so I haven't been chasing, and also the initial letter said that the processing times were 10-14 months. I haven't been looking on this forum recently until today, and have seen that other people are getting their visas in 9 or 10 months. Has anyone recently had as long a delay as mine? (i.e. nearly 14 months)? We haven't got any complicated circumstances I don't think - I'm a UK citizen, husband is from Adelaide, we've been married since 2011 and living in London all that time, and as mentioned now have a 9 month old baby. No issues from the police checks or medical. I've emailed them today anyway and will await their response ....
  11. Getting ready to mail my 309 application to Australia House in London. It looks like I can either pay by credit card, and have to pay the surcharge plus possible foreign exchange fees, or a "bank cheque". Does "bank cheque" mean a banker's draft? I've checked with my bank (Lloyds) and they say they will charge me £20 for producing the cheque. Which might be ok in preference to unknown exchange fees, credit card surcharges, etc. Am I correct that a bank cheque means a banker's draft, and do most people use this method as the most economical? (We also have the options of (a) using an aussie credit card, i.e. my husband's in Oz, or (b) an aussie friend's current account and using his aussie debit card from that and transferring him the money, or © using UK credit cards of any type) Lastly - if I'm ordering the UK banker's draft, how much is it for in GBP? In aussie dollars I'm due to pay $3085. thanks very much!
  12. Hello, two questions on the supporting statements/statutory declarations to support my application: 1. I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no (having read and re-read the guidance notes) but do my and my husband's statements regarding the relationship have to be sworn as statutory declarations? We have typed them out and were expecting just to sign and date them at the bottom but will get them sworn if necessary. 2. One of my Australian friends has provided us with a statutory declaration to support our application. She has attached a certified copy of her passport - but we've just noticed that the passport expired in 2013. Do you think this will be a problem? (I'm pretty sure the answer to this is yes!) Thank you
  13. thanks everyone for very helpful responses better get cracking on the application ...
  14. Hello I would appreciate some advice from the experts!! Me: UK citizen lived all my life in UK Married for 3.5 years Living in London Husband: Australia citizen from Adelaide Holds indefinite leave to remain in UK, and is eligible for UK passport but we haven't got around to it yet (but will do soon!) Living with me in UK for the last 4 years, arrived on fiancé visa then we married. I'm now pregnant and the baby is due in mid February and will be born in London. Our big plan is to move to Melbourne in October 2015, so I need to apply for a 309 visa. 1) Am I correct that visas are taking 9-12 months to process, so I need to get moving and lodge my 309 application asap? 2) Does the fact that I am pregnant affect my application at all, medical assessment, etc? 3) I had assumed until today that I would have to wait until the baby is born and then lodge my 309 application for me and the baby, but it now occurs to me that the baby will be eligible for Australian citizenship and an Australian passport, so is the latter the route that I should take? 4) Will 8 months be long enough between baby's birth and emigration date to obtain the Australian passport for the baby? Thanks so much in advance for any advice you guys can offer!
  15. Soffy999

    Time limit for activating a 309 visa?

    Thanks so much everyone, really helpful responses. ​No doubt I will have a few more questions when we start filling in the forms ...