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  1. wallie345

    Requirements for second year WHV?

    Hi im moving out to sydney/goulburn in september time and im just wondering what requirements do i need to fulfiill to be elligible for the second year? I was thinking of applying for the an skilled working visa for i have a diploma but i fall 5 points short of being elligible for it what else can I do to help myself for it? Im 18 and moving by myself any other general advise?
  2. yea i know it lasts a year but i was going to do the first year and fufill the requirements for the second year then do the second year too then after ask the company ill be working for to sponsor me a visa but if i cant get the sponsor whats the options after a second year WHV?
  3. wallie345

    Working holiday visa getting harder to be accepted for?

    what is the atchual requirements for the second year ive been told 3 months regional work and only allowd 6 months with a company and 6 months with no work just holidaying in the first year?
  4. this is a rumour im heard, is there any truth behind it? im from ireland and m planning to go out in july but recently ive been told the working holiday visa (my planned visa) a few people i know haver been turned down by it.
  5. and thank you Diane big help. ill remember that if i do need help but ill let you know how im getting on when i get out there:)
  6. and no family just by myself
  7. yea i have a job to go out too and i know itll help but the job is mainly older people too and here like the better clubs are a half an hour drive and people complain about the drive here in oz are people more open about traveling like for a night out driving up to sydney or wollongong? and does anyone know anything about the motocross comunity in NSW?
  8. Hi everyone im from ireland and im 18, im moving to goulburn in july and i only know my one friend there but he is alot older than me does anyone have any tips for making friend around my age? I race motocross and i could easily keep a conversation going with a brick wall anyone any tips? i know how to find people here but but the other side of the world i guess everythings different.