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  1. paul93939

    Cairns june 2013

    hey, how are cairns sharehouses? Travellers oasis is really nice, but there seems to be very set groups of people already. Ive heard a lot of negativity on the job front too!
  2. paul93939

    Cairns june 2013

    Hey Im heading to cairns on the 10th june, staying at travellers oasis. Are you planning to work?
  3. paul93939

    Brit coming to Oz - advice needed

    Its this http://www.ultimateoz.com/ (select the cairns package). Not through STA though. Thats the only downside of it really, that they put you in a party hostel. so im not sure about doing it. I can easily organise my own bank accnt etc, so im not sure why I want to do it! If I cant find a job in cairns i might head to tully, and this hostel http://www.bananabarracks.com/, fruit picking has its advantages and disadvantages though.. @nickachu how did you find the job market?
  4. paul93939

    Brit coming to Oz - advice needed

    Hi sabrina, Im planning to head to cairns in june too! Ive been told the job situation is not too bad, and the earlier in the season you arrive the better. If you dont mind me asking where are you planning on staying when you arrive? I might do the ultimate oz package, but they book you into gilligans which might not be great after 30 hours on a plane! Paul
  5. paul93939

    WHV Starting in Cairns April 2013 :)

    Hey, Im planning to head to cairns soon, was wondering how you had found it? Have you managed to find a job relatively easily?
  6. paul93939

    Heading to Cairns in May/early June

    Thanks, Ive seen a few posts by moving to melbourne that have already been very helpful. Thats good to know about ultimate oz, i dont want to be throwing money away! Does anyone know the advantages/disadvantages of choosing Cairns over Darwin or vice versa? For jobs and meeting people etc. I have a masters in oceanography so hoping that might help me get a job reef related...
  7. paul93939

    Just joined, looking for WHV travel buddies

    Im heading to Cairns at the end of the month
  8. Hi Im new to the forum, and thought i would see if anyone is heading to Cairns soon/ is already there? Im traveling out alone, so considering doing the ultimate oz package. would be good to know someone beforehand though. Also will be looking for jobs when i arrive!