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  1. Laura MacDonald

    457 application

    We applied 25th January. All documents requested uploaded and submitted 24th February - Still waiting. We have had to apply for bridging visa's twice to leave the country for family events since. No more plans to leave, so hoping we hear soon and being offshore has caused the delay... Although doubtful!
  2. Laura MacDonald

    Approved '457' since April 18th?

    Sorry Jackie, Not long back from the UK and just logged on. I already have a job here. My other half is the one who is being sponsored as a Project Manager for a UK Cool Room company. I'm a Resource Manager for an accounting firm and managed to get my job before we flew out last year. They've been pretty understanding in relation to visa's. I'm on a WHV to allow at least one of us to work whilst we await 457 approval. I managed to get an extension to allow me to continue working past the 6 month rules that are in place as well which is good. Hopefully we'll hear in the next few weeks.... My other half is going demented with not much to do but wait for an approval. The company nomination was approved already, just waiting on someone picking his up from the bottom of whatever pile we seem to be on now! Good luck in your search!
  3. Laura MacDonald

    1445 Application

    Just in case anyone else is looking into finding this information out, my extension was approved until the end of my WHV or until a decision has been made on 457 application - whichever comes first.
  4. Laura MacDonald

    Approved '457' since April 18th?

    Has anyone applied onshore for a 457 recently? Ours went in the 25th Jan, more information submitted on the 24th Feb. Employer nomination was approved on the 3rd May, so now just a waiting game. However we head back to the UK on Wednesday for 2 weeks and have had to apply for bridging visa's. We were hoping being onshore would speed things up a bit, but it doesn't look like it does! Just in case any one is in the same boat as we are.
  5. Laura MacDonald

    1445 Application

    Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had a 1445 application approved/denied and if so, how long it took for a decision? I can only find information online about people applying, but nothing around timelines, successes etc. Effectively, I came on a WHV whilst my partner's 457 application was being approved. His bridging visa came with no working rights, so we thought it best that at least one of us was working. Now with the 457 changes, we should be ok, but my 6 months with one employer is nearly up and we are still pending a decision. I have a bridging visa that doesn't kick in until November... So have applied for a 1445 on the basis of the 457 (or whatever it's new form may be called) being approved/denied. I'm in a pretty good job and obviously was employed on the basis of the 457 being approved. Obviously don't want to lose this job to then try and find another one with technically only 6 months to offer. I sent off my form with 4 weeks notice, so just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar position and what your outcome was? Thanks!
  6. Laura MacDonald

    Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    Has anyone had their 457 approval this week? Ours was submitted 25th January and we're still waiting for approval and nomination approval. I'm on a WHV to allow one of us to make money, but due to the 6 month rule, I'll likely need to leave my job in the next 5 weeks if we haven't heard anything by then. I'm unlikely to find as good and as well a paid job with only a 6 month WHV to my name. We're in a bit of a strange position. The company sponsoring us is UK based. The other 2 guys sponsored have temp sponsorship until Feb next year which was based on their project timelines. Both of their jobs have been moved to the 2 year list as has my partners, so come Feb next year, all 3 of them will only be able to apply for a further 2 year Short Term Visa. Now none of us are looking likely to want to stay at all as we don't see the point in selling up, leaving jobs and life's behind for 2 years to have to go back to the UK and start all over again. Not sure where we fall in any category now as we doubt the UK company will be able to sponsor anyone for any other visa if nothing is guranteed. They will be unlikely willing to gamble paying wages for 3 senior staff members for only 2 years for them to have to shut down too with no one to continue running the business for them. My partner has already been able to prove that no one here wants to do his jobs and those who did, didn't have the right experience/skills. Shame really considering they are finishing such a large important build to Melbourne and Australia at the moment (the large distrubution centres in the west) as well as probably cancelling any future projects they may have because of this new ruling. Personally, the past 5 years of my life which have been put in to trying to get here now feel like a complete waste of time.
  7. Laura MacDonald

    Re Entry Question

    It is a multiple entry he has been given. The only other question I now have is - If he leaves tomorrow and comes back on the 25th January, does his next 3 months kick in? Or does he have to wait until the 2nd February and leave again? We only arrived on the 2nd November and trying to figure out the rules is exhausting! Thanks!!
  8. Laura MacDonald

    Re Entry Question

    Thanks George, It is a multiple entry he has been given. The only other question I now have is - If he leaves tomorrow and comes back on the 25th January, does his next 3 months kick in? Or does he have to wait until the 2nd February and leave again? Thanks!!
  9. Laura MacDonald

    Re Entry Question

    Hi All, My partner is here in Melbourne on a business/visitor visa which expires on the 2nd Feb. He needs to go home due to his own business needs and will return prior to his visa ending on the 2nd Feb, so our question is; Will he be allowed back into the country with only 5 days remaining on his visa? We are hoping to have his sponsorship lodged within those 5 days and a bridging visa applied for to allow him to stay. This has to be done prior to the 2nd Feb though or we have to wait another 3 months for this to expire again. He doesn't mind flying out again on the 2nd to NZ or elsewhere.... But it's more the re entry that we are concerned about if there are only 5 days remaining. Any help/advice offered would be great thanks! L
  10. Laura MacDonald

    Vetassess.... Dance Teacher

    Thanks for your replies. I'm HND qualified and have 8years of teaching experience. The majority falls within the remit of what's noted. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself as only paid my visa fee deposit today! Just trying to find as much information as possible so I'm on top of everything from the get go! My agent said he has only dealt with 1 dance teacher, which was 10yrs ago, she had no wualification and her teaching methods were completely different from my own (she had her own school etc whereas I teach on a self employed basis and more along the education side rather than "for fun") We have a few things to do anyway, so this will take around 18months in all (proof of living with my partner required etc!!) so I have plenty time to make sure I have everything! Just hoping someone out there may have experienced the assessment and can send a few pointers my way. I'm personally hoping they come and watch me work, but I can but hope! Thanks again! ​Laura
  11. Laura MacDonald

    Vetassess.... Dance Teacher

    Hi All, Hve just visited my MARA agent today and been told he's 90% certain I will get a visa based upon my teaching. I teach dance in a variety of styles, but specialise in ballet and contemporary. My main question is if anyone knows what the VETASSESS will consist of? I can't seem to find any information on it, including what they will be looking for specifically in a practical assessment as well as what should be contained in a portfolio? Hoping to ensure I'm fully prepared so I can be confident of passing! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! pthanks in advance, ​Laura