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  1. Lee4theresa

    186 - S56 request for more information

    Yes they are, immigration took so long to look at our visa, they asked for further info which was provided next day but not any passport details ( the passport was still in date 2 weeks ago, they now need the new passport which we are still waiting for from the Uk I think we will just need to wait for the passport
  2. Lee4theresa

    Missing the UK

    Completely understand your situation, we have been in Australia for nearly 5years and about to obtain permanent residency. Myself, husband & daughter emigrated & brother & family are citizens. Our parents are 4 years into permanent residency application (waiting in the uk) For the first couple of years I found it hard to settle, our living arrangements here in Oz were not what they were in the Uk but finally we live in a beautiful house that feels like home, just having sold our home in the UK. I desperately miss my parents who usually visit every year but restrictions with COVID have prevented this, and at present we have never returned to the UK as yet( mostly due to cost) It I think that has helped me settle in Oz, focusing on our life here ( husband & daughter love it) Now I want nothing more to obtain our PR after the long road of emigrating down under, and I look forward to visiting friends & remaining family in the UK as I am very grateful for being able to live the life we have here especially during COVID, Theresa
  3. Lee4theresa

    186 - S56 request for more information

    Hey All, Visa 186 Employee Transition Scheme ‘myself, husband & daughter Applied Feb 24th 2020 Employer Nomination Granted 04th May 2021 S56 requested further Information: After 17 months waiting S56 request for new colour copy of daughters passport as it expired 7 days ago It’s currently taking up to 11 weeks to get a UK passport renewed, my immigration agent said that they may accept receipt & Confirmation from HM UK Passport Office of our daughters renewed passport Application (including photo) to grant the visa instead of waiting for the renewed passport. Has anyone had experience of this? So frustrating as do very close to PR, our health checks expire in 4 weeks thanks Theresa
  4. Lee4theresa

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    We used Pet air to ship our beloved 11 year old West Highland Terrier Blue from Heathrow to Melbourne, and then internally to Brisbane in November 2016. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they were. It was one of the worst things for me but they were so amazing that it all went smoothly. They are extremely thorough and all information is detailed minutely and no question is deemed silly. Blue was picked up from our home, with me in tears, taken safely to Heathrow where she had a comfortable night before her flight. Pet air kept me informed throughout her journey, I dealt personally with Catherine who was available throughout. When Blue arrived in Quarantine I was able to speak to them directly to check on her. I was then in the hands of Lenny at Pet Traveller who collected her from Quarantine on our behalf and transported her for her last flight to Brisbane where we would be waiting. Again my mind was racing but they sent me a cute video of her so we could see she was ok. When we collected her from Brisbane our family was complete. I still hate to think of her journey but she has adjusted well, she wanted to be close to us which was expected but she loves the long beach walks and our new house which is close to great walks by the river and beach. Some people thought I was insane with the costs involved to ship her to Oz, she is part of our family and the best money we spent. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others, our family would not be complete without their help. Theresa & Blue!
  5. Lee4theresa

    6 Weeks in - the story so far!

    A lovely post to read - we are nearly 22 hours into our arrival and it feels very very surreal although I have a feeling that this was the best decision we ever made! Theresa x
  6. Lee4theresa

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi Our status went directly from application received to finalised with nothing in between! sponsorship,nomination and visa was approved within minutes of each other in 41 working days. (low risk country, family with child off shore) I think it its straight forward with no extra documents required it goes seems to go straight through. We did use an MA and no further documents were required but our MA was very thorough Good Luck
  7. Lee4theresa

    457 - Current processing times

    Ours too - 40 working days sponsorship,nominations and visa all approved together!
  8. Lee4theresa

    Migration Agents

    Hi, We have just used Michael and Visacorp in Australia. Visacorp have representatives in various companies including the UK to set up potential clients. We dealt directly with Michael here in the UK who set up our agreement with Visacorp who are based in Sydney ( they are MARA registered). Michael was available at first to answer queries and questions and point us in the right visa direction. Once our contract with Visacorp was arranged Anthony dealt with everything swiftly. Sponsorship, Nomination and Visa application were submitted together ( everything was triple checked) for our 457 application (myself, husband and daughter) 6 weeks and 3 days later we had sponsorship,nomination and visa approved within minutes of each other. ( looking at other threads this was very quick) No requests for medical records,police checks or further documentation. We are now planning to immigrate - very quick, thorough and a personal touch with a phone call to congratulate us. I would not hesitate to use them again. hope this info helps, please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries. Regards
  9. Lee4theresa

    457 current Nomination processing time

    Hi Guys We had the email we had been praying for today - our dreams came true 457 visa granted! We submitted sponsorship application, nomination and visa application together via an MA (offshore) on the 5th February. Everything was approved simultaneously today 23rd March (6 weeks & 3 days later) we had no requests for further documents, police checks or medical records, low risk country ( myself visa holder husband and daughter) Hope this gives hope to you all its been 4 years of waiting, heading to Byron bay NSW - just realised we have so much to do!! good luck xx
  10. Lee4theresa

    457 - Current processing times

    Thank you, it still hasn't quite sunk in yet!
  11. Lee4theresa

    457 - Current processing times

    Our dreams were realised at 4am this morning 457 VISA GRANTED!!!!! 4 yrs of hoping! our timeline Sponsorship,Nomination & Visa application submitted together via MA 05th February 2016 (offshore) All approved within minutes of each other - 6 weeks & 3 day wait. No further documents requested, no medical records or police checks. Heading TO Byron Bay NSW - best get packing!!!!!! Good luck to all those waiting - don't give up hope, it happened for us x
  12. Lee4theresa

    457 current Nomination processing time

    Thats good to hear, we had everything lodged by our MA together, sponsor,nomination and visa application, I do know that they did submit evidence of training expenditure too! Only 2 weeks from application received so I think a while to go yet! doesn't stop me checking every day though!
  13. Lee4theresa

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi, How long did it take for your employer nomination? were they an approved sponsor? Our MA lodged everything all at once 5th Feb 2016, Sponsor, nomination and visa - still waiting although it's early days, only 2 weeks in but trying to forget about it, but its a huge deal for us, fingers crossed!!