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  1. intrigued to know if anyone else waiting for Brisbane city application to get going? we applied early January - all in system but no email as yet for test dates...now 6 months in....wondering if anyone else waiting or any tips on how long wait is with Brisbane .... just feel like spent years waiting for visas and tests and doing applications ..... lol. Will now need to get RRV sorted as PR 'expires' 1/8/18 incase of any overseas trips etc ......
  2. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    can ask which state/city? we applied Brisbane early januray and just waiting for test dates........
  3. shiveringpom

    brisbane citizenship timeline

    just put in citizenship application- hurrah ! family of 4 application grateful for any ideas about timings ie response to application/ waiting time for test/ wait time for ceremony/ how long until passport in your hand...... we got lost in the PR system for months until I managed to finally speak with someone in Aus then we were fast tracked thro due to there error and just want to be more aware this time with rough timescale in case we get lost again lol X.......
  4. shiveringpom

    Citizenship application

    Yep - have PR . An agent told me to apply from date visa granted and others say from when you enter country .....simple question but I am getting mixed messages lol . Just wondering if anyone else in process of application ..... . I did PR myself for family and the whole process was sooooo labour intensive just wonder if citizenship as long winded ? My brain aches just thinking about it !
  5. shiveringpom

    Citizenship application

    About to start process from PR , can I check you can apply from date PR visa granted ? How long roughly is it taking in QLD ? Any tips gratefully received ! X
  6. shiveringpom

    getting into private school north Brisbane?

    thanku, yep trying this approach aswell now saying that lots of friends use state system and very happy so i mustnt get caught up in the hype which i know i do at times , lol , first world problem and all that , x
  7. shiveringpom

    getting into private school north Brisbane?

    thanks my husband and son went to open day and didnt gel with it- i wasnt there tho' - however it is the furthest one from us so travel was an issue altho they run a bus, i think i will forward all our reports that they have now asked for as iam keen to visit again at next open day ... going to look at kelvin grove as altho out of catchment it says if you work at rbwh they can consider you ????, wavell and craigslea are also near, everton park is our catchment...... son this year then have to do it all again with daughter next year .....are girls schools just as tricky here ? x
  8. shiveringpom

    getting into private school north Brisbane?

    many thanks yep heard hillbrook prob not a hope in hell and BGS same ..... The frustrating thing is they now have my enrollment list payment and all i want to know is how far off getting in are we - if they tell me iam at bottom of list so no hope then i would be much happier as could then move on and look at other schools but they keep you dangling on and give nothing away when i suspect they have a good idea of your chances. I understand kids move/drop out of places etc etc but even just a glimmer of chances would be better than none! Iam stressed as our local state school for us is not great people say and no idea how easy it is to access state schools out of catchment either.............. Do other parents make donations or make lots of appointments with the head teacher? iam slowly losing will to live as ozzie friends also now getting rejected from private schools .....
  9. Ok so am i wasting my time trying to get into private high school year 7 north Brisbane when i only put name down 1 year ago and selections now started.....??? lots of rumours.... Child in year 4 now, name down a year ago when we arrived but worried far too late and as no connections to schools/not catholic/at state school now is there any point or are they all over subscribed????? Opted for boys grammar, hillbrook and nudgee so far but should i look at any others....looked at BBC but open day wasnt a hit with us or son..... any tips or advice please? any schools to avoid? back in uk school was sooooo easy but here high school choice seems huge but unless you put there name down at birth/ went to school yourself iam hearing its a waste of time even trying ..???? going to look at kelvin grove as hear good things wrt this..... getting frustrated as sooo much choice but on other hand seems impossible to get in anywhere....????x
  10. Hi looking for a maths/english tutor for my yr 3 boy who needs a bit of help northern brisbane suburbs region can anyone recommend someone/tips on finding a good one? prefer 1-1 if possible ......?retired teacher or student teacher ???agency best to go thro many thanks x
  11. shiveringpom

    Doctors' thread

    Not sure if you would be eligible via aphra to get specialist registration.... are u a consultant yet? if not u may need to take a middle grade post in a hospital then look at transferring your training out to oz / start again in oz surgical system...... iam a GP so unsure really. i have used recruitment agencies on/ off several times as they really help you with aphra and visa application but again depends what u r looking for etc or go direct thro a hospital is the other option...... have u spoken with aphra ? Looking at more sabbatical or your year overseas at the end of your SPR training before your final exams/ getting consultancy?.....or total redirection....... x
  12. shiveringpom

    Good places to live Nth of Brisbane

    We land Brisbane 12/2/14 and very interested in north suburbs-lakes BBQ! Kids going to Mcdowall School as last time we used it we were very happy. Not thought about high schools yet as depends on cash flow and how our kids are doing obviously . The choice tho is almost overwhelming for high school! We arrive from Newcastle , holiday rental house booked and will be looking for rental as I said before in Bridgeman-mcdowall-Albany areas - ish . We lived in Bridgeman last trip and love it there. Be great to try and get to a BBQ. We are in healthcare with 2 kiddies, any healthcare workers in northern suburbs? X
  13. shiveringpom

    Swimming clubs north Brisbane

    Trying to compare swimming clubs..... albany creek vs aspley vs everton park sharks ..... looking for club but unsure at what level they take kids ..... my kids are 6 and 8 and members of Tynemouth asc . Do 2 sessions a week incl time trials but obv still a lot of strike technique teaching going on . Our club start with non swimmers and have a structure to feed them up and into the squads . Is this how they work in oz? Anyone in a club or who can advice ? Ta x
  14. shiveringpom

    Good places to live Nth of Brisbane

    We are Moving back to McDowell- bridgeman downs area soon which is a good area, Albany creek also good altho we only used the swimming pool there and parks! Good luck ! I am due to return to work in strathpine but prefer to live a little nearer the city rather than further out .
  15. shiveringpom

    189 visa rules....timing....

    Many thanks , do we have to keep close records of time in-out of oz over this 4 years? We will only be taking holidays so should b ok to get citizenship before 5 yrs..... Any tips on sort of stuff we have to provide when going for citizenship? Flight details/rental agreements etc? Should have stayed when we first went to oz in 1999! Thanks for any tips x