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  1. shiveringpom

    Contacting Immigration re: citizenship application

    Iam 15 months now and nothing either - just ‘received’ ..... Brisbane ..... I have spoken to the citizenship line and they tell me just to wait as within time frames ..... if no request for extra info I was adviced all ok just waiting for file to be processed and so we just wait and wait ...... just make sure RRV in place so u can go on holiday etc and not get stuck outside the country xxxxxxx
  2. shiveringpom


    Oh think you have me confused with someone else we live in Brisbane and been here for many years x
  3. shiveringpom


    I rang again last week and just told to wait as I expected ...... we are over 15 months now and nothing ..... no requests for extra info .... just waiting for a test date .... told me no news is good news essentially ...... they checked my application and said all looks ok ..... just frustrating when others getting tesr etc yet applied after us . All very random ! . I have visions of applying for another RRV at this rate before we get an Ozzie passport - imagine !
  4. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2018 to 2019

    date applied 2/1/18 brisbane paper-also uploaded aswell since just to be sure acknowledgement 3/1/18 and nothing still at 14 months ............ waiting and checking accounts and emails daily .......
  5. shiveringpom


    paper application 2/1/18 brisbane city , family of 4 in our 40s with 2 kids - British - no issues ackowledgement 3/1/18 by email nothing at 15 months have also uploaded everything to immi account since and nothing and rang them and nothing .... we wait and check everything daily lol...... x
  6. shiveringpom

    Paper Applications in Regional Queensland

    this is interesting as we applied paper-postal service Brisbane city 2/1/18 so now 15 months ago , we got acknowledgement within few days promptly then absolutely nothing .... no request for extra info whatsoever and waiting for test date...we are straight forward working UK family of 4 in our 40s with 2 kids living in Brisbane city with no issues ....i have since uploaded all copies we have of all the forms we sent in to our immi account and a covering letter just in case ... still nothing. I know friends who applied well after us and already done test ...... i have rang them also to check all ok- they adviced paper treated same as online applications and just to wait .... and so we wait now at 15 months patiently for a test date ..... whilst it doesnt change anything as we secured RRV and all uk passports fairly new its a bit frustrating when we see others get dealt with quicker without any explanation when we ring . If we knew our number in the queue i wouldnt fret lol I just hope it all gets sorted before have to apply for RRV again lol!
  7. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    brisbane seems to be very random ! we are 15 months and nothing, not even a test date yet .....i dont mind waiting but its the total randomness of it all that bugs me a little , if i was told at the start i was say 550th in a queue and i could check monthly online where i was i would be totally happy and stop fretting plus it would stop people calling them and pestering them ..... i check immi and emails daily but still nothing for my family ...... again first world problem as doesnt effect my day to day life here at all it would just be nice to know all is ok...i take it that no news or requests for info is good news....? x
  8. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    wow thats great speed !, we are almost 15 months waiting and nothing whatsoever from same Brisbane based application ..... can i ask did they contact you for extra info via email ? checking emails daily and immi account but nothing other than acknowledged..... we are straight forward application and just a tad jealous you applied after us and already done your test ..... sad face but waiting patiently / inpatiently at times lol
  9. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    just over all our visa applications over the years ( first world problems lol) , RRV applications, getting new passports and then citizenship applications , uploading and signing and countersigning and all that stuff......exhausted !... so much paperwork and so many computer files and so much scanning ......
  10. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    well done ! we are brisbane but sadly no test dates yet for us...... waiting since 3/1/18 ....13 months and counting on ...at least we got RRV and new passports all secured in meantime ..... fingers crossed we are in the pile somewhere in Brisbane lol
  11. shiveringpom

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    we applied 3/1/18 brisbane and still waiting for a test date..... now over 13 months and nothing x
  12. shiveringpom

    Applied for Citizenship but want to move back to UK

    so true we are approaching a year now with nothing other than 'received' ...... to hear 20 months is just depressing and crazy when all they have to do for most of us is press the button to take the test etc lol.....the backlog must be hideous
  13. shiveringpom

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    Thankyou - deep down I know this but you know what’s it’s like when u feel totally stuck / not sure what to do / rest of family sorted / fed up with filling in forms and uploading stuff ...... all first world problems .... then u panic and think the worst like can never leave or will get kicked out or Mum will die and can’t leave country etc etc .... all ridiculous thoughts ..... at least here in Oz with work and house..... must stay calm and put away crazy lady thoughts ! x
  14. shiveringpom

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    Iam thinking you could be right - altho passports and all visa stuff all in same names I did. Change passport But did send off paperwork to tell them with all stuff they needed ..... could this be the link that’s not adding up ? Altho did travel in/ out on new passport at Easter no problem ? Passport just expired so got new one with no changes but travelled on it so it must have been linked up to my PR ???? Or else I would have got stopped coming back in ? great getting all these thoughts as very helpful in trying to work out what issue could be so please feel free to keep giving them out ! Passport change now only difference but doesn’t make sense if already used it without issue ??? ......
  15. shiveringpom

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    Oh when I say agent I mean an Ozzie home affairs agent at immigration hunted down our PR file not a private agent and the apology came from immigration ...... grateful for all tips as lay awake last night mulling over what could be different and actually it’s my new passport possibly altho this is in same name as old one and PR visa ....... plus our PR visa isn’t visible at all in our account and not sure if it should be ? First world problem obv but Iam wondering if all our links scattered and not in one place ......?