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  1. shiveringpom

    189 or 190 for offshore GP

    189 is fine to do yourself if you got skills assessment done/aphra registration done as a GP - we did our own but i already had aphra registration and skills assessment done on prev visas - and you need enough points to make the cut regardless of job .... age/english language skills do affect points etc ..... dont forget 10yr moratorium ruling for overseas doctors which bans you from working in certain areas/city areas
  2. shiveringpom

    Dental hygiene therapists

    Dental hygienists and dental therapists with a non-approved qualification If a dental hygienist or dental therapist holds overseas qualifications and is not registered in New Zealand then they can: complete an approved qualification, or undertake the assessment process overseen by the Australian Dental Council (ADC). Information about this pathway to registration in Australia for overseas qualified practitioners can be found on the ADC’s website. last time my UK trained sister looked into it she had to resit exams ......looks like first you need to fill in the ADC forms for a skills assessment to tell u what they want/need to register you here
  3. as a doctor from UK u need to get Aphra registration done first if applying for PR 189/190 visa...... we did our own PR 189 visa ( my aphra was already in place tho and iam on specilist register which again makes life easier ) having had several TR visas over yrs . If you are a specialist each college has its own pathway aswell... tbh the easiest route is via a doctor recruitment service esp for first applications etc as they literally take you thro the process step by step and list everything u have to provide at certain times and can get you a job if needed ....... you need lots of crazy paperwork and proof . I have used HEAD medical before and i have to say they provided an excellent service . If u want to work as an SHO/Reg u can go direct thro the hospitals and they could sponsor your visa but i have no idea how long that is taking . I do know of some hospital UK doctors getting faster processing to work in hospital system here in Brisbane . I would seek adv from specialist doctor recruitment firm as can be quite complex .
  4. shiveringpom

    Police check after citizenship test?

    i was in a fluster as i had forgotten some paperwork on sitting down at the desk altho it didnt matter as it was all online and she didnt care i didnt have original - not the police check itself - that was just a genuine query as thought didnt need one by time got to citizenship stage -not that it mattered as all approved now and finally at end of road - hurrah ! x
  5. shiveringpom


    same for us, we tested on same day in brisbane and all straight forward application altho i have 2 kids attached to mine ..... yet husband approved and got letter of approval within post within few days and i have nothing still at 4 weeks ...... no idea why some get approved pretty much instantly and others linger on ......... would love to know why ? slow case officer? ......wonder whats longest someone waited for approval ???? you think it would all be prompt and straight forward
  6. shiveringpom

    Citizenship - Proof of entry

    i just said not available as online , passports dont get stamped -not for years ( from UK ) - not a problem in our application nor an issue at interview and test a few weeks ago in Brisbane - dont worry x
  7. shiveringpom

    Police check after citizenship test?

    i wondered if random selection perhaps ? as i note some people seem to get switched to 'approved' very quickly and others stay as 'received' for longer despite passing test / interview even from the same family groups sitting them on the same days even ?
  8. shiveringpom

    Police check after citizenship test?

    we havent been out of the country and thats why i am confused ? iam aware of that rule wrt time out etc so all seems a bit odd? our last police checks were done for PR application from UK ....... iam a boring middle aged lady with no master criminal activity as yet they mentioned it to my husband aswell at his test and interview but he got an approval letter within a week so not sure if they actually did one on him ? strange .....
  9. shiveringpom

    Police check after citizenship test?

    Ok so just want to clarify if this is new norm .... Sat test and interview Brisbane City 9/10/20...... all quick and straight forward At end of test she said " we will now trigger your police check " ..... i was in a fluster and didnt really think about it and just left but on reflection i thought ?eh I didnt think checks where done after this point Is this normal ? does everyone now get them ? i wish i had asked why now ...... any thoughts ? x
  10. shiveringpom

    Lost Citizenship applicants

    sadly not- we got an email 19 months after literally nothing whatsoever from them saying there was an error with our application and to apply again ......fatal error on our part but it took them 19 months to tell us about it sadly so we are back to the start again...... we should be citizens by time 4year RRV runs out maybe ???? or maybe not at this rate x
  11. shiveringpom


    its the lack of any contact that is a pain in the ass.....almost 20 months and just literally nothing ....no request for info/no emails/no calls just a black hole of nothingness.....saying that we still have 4 months left to get a test/get approved and get a cermony before we go over 24months wait .....after that i go to the press and PM even just to get a test date would be nice ........ if we were complex or were being asked for more info i could understand but just nothing whatsoever .....i will have another whine when we hit 20months on 2/9 and another one at 21 months and so on ........but trust me when we get that magic ticket to go for the test there will be a massive party !
  12. shiveringpom


    visa class shouldnt affect citizenship application , when you have done your time as PR you can apply ... we are 189 PR visa to citizenship so very straight forward and still waiting from 1/18 to even sit a test ........
  13. shiveringpom

    Lost Citizenship applicants

    sadly our application has everything , i could understand if we were complex or had received requests for more info ..... our application is simplest one they can get ..... but maybe they assume as living here/RRV in place/nothing complex its just been dumped somewhere ...... my work mate applied 1/19 and got test date for 10/19 brisbane city so you can see why we get a bit disheartened/ frustrated at times when it comes thro there will be a party on this forum !
  14. shiveringpom

    Lost Citizenship applicants

    we applied 1/18 brisbane city application says 'received' 2/1/18........................ nothing since what so ever we are one of these applications that seems to have just been shelved...... we are almost 20 months now but obv 'still within processing times' whenever we call or email just get same response - WAIT ! and no news is good news they say if not been asked for anything extra then sadly we are just in a long line of applications they say ........ oh and then they add 'we can see your application and everything is in order ...... we are a straight forward UK family of 4 going from PR 189 to citizenship without any issues......living here patiently .......altho everynow and then i like a good moan ..... until we go over the 90% of cases at 24 months extreme timeline for no obv reason they adv not a lot they can do but then go official thro the complaints/ombudsmon service ????? they still have 4 months to get us a test date-approve us and get us thro a ceremony ........ has anyone actually gone over 2 years tho yet ??????
  15. shiveringpom


    ok so if thats true that could explain my wait of over 19 months and no test even - we got 'received ' 2/1/18..... i will remain ever patient in the heap of other long waiting applicants .....just a bit jarring when others get approved super quick so one cant help but get paranoid