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  1. abid

    Student visa processing timescale?

    My 573 was processed within 23 days from application, I applied from bangladesh for a post graduate course!
  2. I applied for review of my decision related to vetassess not act ss!! [emoji3]
  3. Thanks I have already applied for a review of the decision! Lets see what happens!
  4. ***Tasks undertaken by me was not highly relevant ***Financial investment adviser ***applied on 22nd august'13 result published on 9th february'14
  5. abid

    Delays with VETASSESS

    Did anyone here applied for a reassessment of review for a negative assessment? If so, any luck?
  6. abid

    Delays with VETASSESS

    Of course u can! But generally takes 16-18 weeks now days!!
  7. I got negative assessment for being my tasks are not highly relevant with the occupation applied for; Financial Investment Adviser (222311). My manager intentionally did gave them an opinion which knocked me off Just applied for a review of that decision! anyone did this before? Do they turn their decision??
  8. I got negative assessment!!!
  9. They said the tasks undertaken by me were not closely related to the occupation applied for but the education is highly relevant!
  10. My assessment result came out negative! Disappointing!!
  11. abid

    Delays with VETASSESS

    After talking with them about my assessment result hard copy, It has become certain that, "the posts getting lost in the way" is quite normal!!
  12. abid

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    I got my call on the 13th week and also got the decision on that day! Do not contact before 12 weeks!! Nothing happens before 12 weeks ?!!
  13. abid

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Welcome Sadiq bhai!!!
  14. abid

    Aus Immigration Advice required

    My occupation 222311 is only on the csol but not available in any of the state nominated occupation list! So is there any way out for me? Help !!