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    Counting down!

    We're back since 7th Jan and all is good. Wife is moving from contact to contract and is much happier (she's a contractor). Found temp furnished housing as long our container is underway. Yes it's cold and very wet, raining everyday but that's live. I do miss the birds singing but one thing that comes to mind is how still it can be, no more noisy V8's, US trucks using their engine brakes and spinning wheels from boy racers.
  2. bitman

    Counting down!

    Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube on the 3rd of Jan 2014 and we are flying back to the UK at the 4th of Jan 2014. Tick tok, tick tok, tick tok does the count down clock
  3. bitman

    Going back with no jobs(s)

    Since you both have a job over here, why not one of you goes to the UK to find a job and staying at family or friends to save housing?
  4. bitman

    How the hell did I get here?

    I also think that Australia is changed through the years. If I compare the stories from my brother who was here 15 years ago and talking with older Australians at my work about the past gives me some clues. All thou every country changes IMHO.
  5. bitman

    How the hell did I get here?

    We came to Australia because of a job offer of my OH, on the London expo the HR took her on based on her 6 years experience and the need of mental health nurses. The hospital was expanding and they needed more staff. She has two family members who told her how great Australia is. The 457 Visa was done without problems as long as you pay the bills. But APHRA was another story, what a mess and this should be a sign to us not to go? Anyway we did go and after lots of hassle she was a registered nurse in Australia. Wasn't made welcome at her job, too many so called acting managers with the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, the extension of the hospital was not even started, me as secondary 457 visa cannot do a lot despite according the law I have no job restrictions. Problems with the 6 years of experience as you need to show them the start / stop date and the hours of work you did from the last 6 years, a bit of a problem as you have been working as contract nurse with some agencies who are not existing any more etc, while that was the reason of employment, disorganized as headless chickens, backstabbing colleagues, racist actions as being black etc etc. Over priced houses so close next to each other that you can hear your neighbors snoring with post stamp gardens. Low class colleagues who are constant swearing including the 'F' word even in front of patients! So now we are going back and my wife already has did a contract in Manchester for the last 2 months and is very happy.
  6. No worries selling the car here in Australia as for less monies I can buy a better one in the UK. Have now booked again a Seven Seas MoveCube medium for $995 All good and can't wait to be back
  7. Thanks for the replies. We came with a MoveCube as we didn't brought our cars but if the cost of a 20ft container is within budget we were thinking of bringing our Aussie car to the UK. Got a quote from Seven Seas for a medium MoveCube of $995 so a container will be about $6k + more but then incl a car.
  8. bitman

    Holden in Oz no more

    @flybyknight Well sad. In Europe there are more push bikes sold then cars while here they still think it's cool to drive minimal a 3lt V6 but better a 6lt V8, mental. And about 3rd world country... If you want to call this a 1st world country I'm not sure... Just look at the burned rubber tracks on most streets and the army of all those L & P (red / green / white) drivers who are most first generation drivers. :shocked: I do feel sorry for the Holden workers thou as I have been made redundant late 2011 and know the feeling of being send home.
  9. bitman

    Do Aussie TV,s work in the Uk

    UK is all digital (Freeview), no more analog. Also here in Australia they are moving over to digital but I'm not sure if it's the same system. If you are going to use Sky UK then no problem as you are using a Sky box connected to your TV by scart or HDMI lead. I do find electrical good very expensive here in Australia in compare with the UK so not sure if worth the hassle? But if you have the space why not just change the power socket and off you go.
  10. Hi forum, As we are moving back to the UK from NSW we are looking for quotes for a 20 ft container to see how much that will cost us. Any good mover companies around who can do this? Many thanks, bt
  11. bitman

    Moving back....making sure

    @mickinqld, I'm at the moment in some kind of situation that my wife is back in the UK for over 2 months now and being happier as when over here. I can only echo your feelings over here. I'm only still here to sort out shipping back to the UK etc. We are using Skype & Viber to keep in contact what happens at funny times due the time zone differences. It will be toff for you but I'm sure you can manage it. And cold? yes it's winter in the UK but for some sun shine Easy Jet to south Europe is an easy option Anyway good luck and keep us in the loop.
  12. bitman


    This is also what my wife noticed at her job. She's a mental health nurse with 6 years experience and we came over to NSW organized by the hospital. They didn't even introduced her at work and ignored her most of the times. One of the main reasons we are going back to the UK. Well she's already back and has a nice contract in Manchester and is happy. For nice weather there is for about 3 hours flight to Spain / Portugal plenty of sun shine I'm still here organizing for our house hold to be transported back to the UK. For my self I find that most people are low class with more tattoo paint on their body's then you can find in the B&Q. Also after every word the need to say the 'F' word bothers me. And the driving... say no more... disclaimer; this is my personal view!
  13. bitman

    Warning Home and Car Movers

    We have used Seven Seas Worldwide for our personal stuff and used their MoveCube what was a pleasure from the start till finish. Very helpful, professional, they kept their promises and had clear communication. So forget the past and look forward was what kept us positive all thou £2150 is a lot of money and could make the move financially easier.
  14. bitman

    Warning Home and Car Movers

    All thou we made a formal complain at the police we have not heard anything back... So he might be still in business ;(
  15. bitman

    Warning Home and Car Movers

    Yes, it was us who were the fouls and transferred the £2150 to this company. I should know better but a heavy cold plus all the stress of arranging our move within a couple weeks didn't help. Still no excuse thou! Lucky that we canceled the pickup as otherwise our car and personal belongings might be gone too! A big thanks to Iron Lady and The Pom Queen for their support. We ended up selling the cars in the UK as we lost that £2150 of our budget and shipping our personal belongings by MoveCube.