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    Will I be earning enough to live in Brisbane?

    Have you looked at Australian rental sites - this will give you an indication of the proportion of your salary you would be paying. It would be very tight with a family that size - I think. Could be wrong?
  2. So candy what did you insure for in the end? Were they happy with your valuation in the end?? Did you book with insure your move?
  3. Sorry for my late reply. Busy packing! thank you John for the information. Off to book my insurance now. That's interesting Candygirl - I was thinking 20k would be an approx price for the same size container.
  4. Ok ok I know how long is a piece of string! but just interested if you took a 20 foot container. Average 3 bedroom home. Nothing of too high value just the standard stuff. I would like to get an idea of the amount you insured for (before I get out my pencil and calculator!) and I'm going to use 'insure your move' - confused though that they don't require the detailed inventory. How do they know what is covered? what about breakages etc.
  5. So I have read horror stories about custom charges for shipping/inspecting cleaning outdoor stuff. Is it true? anyone successfully shipped bikes? Trampoline? Outdoor furniture? Without the hefty charges? seems silly to eBay them for practically nothing only to replace in oz. what was your experience?
  6. Are you planning on doing a runner and not paying your debts? why can't you continue to pay them from oz?
  7. There website is down. ​I will see what info they give me.
  8. I can't believe this company are still trying to get money. Email I received today saying they will hold the price until close of business tomorrow 'however the rates are going constantly at the moment so would need the booking from you in order to hold it'
  9. My partner and I run a uk based business together. We are moving back to oz to live. We want to keep the business running and if all goes well can do most of this online. partner will probably travel out few times a year. What we don't know how things will work tax wise? Will we just declare all uk income in Australia? do we do tax here separately? im hoping that uk income will be enough to live off initially anyway. I know we will have to meet with accountant but wondered if anyone was doing the same thing? How it worked or any suggestions? We are both Australian citizens but will have dual citizenship by then. In terms of figures we each got about £45000 gross each last year.
  10. Good attitude Mooch, fingers crossed you do get some money back and karma finds its way. Good luck with your move and hopefully you can find someone to do it all for you.
  11. rix1975

    Shipping Company Warning

    Thank you for my private message. Very helpful to know. Wish I could wave my magic wand and have it all sorted without these hard decisions!
  12. rix1975

    Finally made a decision to move back at Xmas

    I'm glad you've tried it and know its not right for you and made decision to go back. Hope it a goes well. im doing it reverse and can't wait for a normal hot Christmas.
  13. rix1975

    Finally made a decision to move back at Xmas

    How long have you been in oz?
  14. Great idea about the power board would not have thought of that.
  15. Can you report to the police?