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  1. monk

    Movecube review

    we used a medium cube , mixed with some furniture but mostly boxes of stuff .Give them a phone I found tgem really helpful and answered all my questions .
  2. monk

    Movecube review

    Hope this helps someone out there thinking of using a movecube . We had a fantastic experience with them throughout ,they were really helpful when I initially phoned them for some advice and costs , the movecube arrived at the time and date they said it would ( oh we lived in Edinburgh ) the driver was really helpful re my paperwork .It only took us an hour or so to load as we had marked out an area in the dining room the same size as the cube and stacked everything there then when the cube arrived we knew what was going where . The driver collected the cube when he said he would , we then had an email from sevenseas letting us know our cube had set sail . When we arrived in Perth and had an Australian mobile phone number and had sorted our rental out I contacted them with the new information ,they sent both a text and email confirming they had received the info and had updated their systems.We then had a phone call letting us know our cube had arrived and when it would be delivered , the driver then phoned us the night before just confirming our address and what time to expect him and true to his word he arrived bang on time , it took another hour to unload the cube we then phoned the driver to let him know and an hour later the empty cube was picked up . Hope our story helps others , Cheers Monk
  3. monk

    last day in the uk

    going to look at some houses in the mullaloo area , as we don't have a car yet the agent is picking us up and driving us to them .Biggest news though is the water does go down the toilet the other way !!! kids and I having lots of fun with that , wife thinks I'm mental , now just need to look at the moon to see what that's like
  4. monk

    last day in the uk

    Finally found some wifi ,thank you all for your kind wishes .Almost ontop of the jetlag and first impressions are good , to be honest whats not to like as we left a very cold wet Scotland and I woke up this morning to sunshine .NAB had our bank cards and pin numbers waiting for us . Looking at rental properties . My only advice to others is to stick in its worth it
  5. monk

    last day in the uk

    So after so much help from this forum we are finally on our way down under tomorrow , saying our final goodbyes today which we are all dreading . Just wanted to take the time and thank all those forum members who took the time answer all of my questions , without judgement , quickly and more importantly clearly . If anyone in Perth fancy a pint ???
  6. We are also a member of this year's April gang, visa granted 8th August, house sold, movecube coming Monday, flights booked, fly out to Perth 26th October, still need to sell car. Still have loads to do bank account being one of tomorrow s jobs. All feeling bit real now, in a good way though.
  7. We got our 189 visas by ourselves, well kinda by ourselves, we did post a few questions on here which were answered very quickly, so the thing to remember is you are not alone. Good luck
  8. monk

    189 visa April gang

    We lodged our application 28th April, did mens and police checks 2 weeks later then heard friggin nothing for months then granted 7th August
  9. monk

    189 visa April gang

    VISA GRANTED 00.18 AM !!!!!! Melbourne here we come , get the beers ready
  10. Wow the waiting is finally over , VISA GRANTED !!!!!!!!!!!! we applied on the 28th April , did medicals and police checks 2 weeks later , heard nothing for friggin ages then email yesterday saying we had over claimed points and would we reduce the amount we were claiming , phoned Brisbane about midnight , girl explained our options we said yes to 60 points and BAM 10 minutes letter the golden email arrived
  11. VISA JUST BEEN GRANTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We phoned Oz and spoke to a wonderful lady who told us they realised that we had made a genuine mistake and if we dropped to 60 points she could complete our visa application . Poms in Oz thank you all
  12. thanks guys for your advice and support , the last part of the email reads " I have provisionally assessed your points score as 60 . Subject to your agreement to correct the score to reflect your actual invitation score,I will then consider your assessed points test score against the actual invitation score ." Is this still a positive or are we just clutching at straws ?
  13. Thank you Alnaibii , that's how we read the email ,if it was a straight refusal why would they ask us to drop to 60 points ? the exact words are " I have reviewed your claims on which your invitation score was based.I am satisfied that you made an inadvertent error when entering your details in skillselect . I find that your invitation score is actually 60 points . I note that this invitation score of 60 would still have led to an invitation being issued in subsequent invitation rounds since you apllied . I am therefore seeking your permission to correct the score to reflect the actual score of 60." Any idea if we go down to the 60 points how long or even if a visa will be granted ? As ever M. We are staying up late tonight and phoning the gsm case officer on the number included in the email
  14. Just to clarify the email came from the DIBP , Brisbane , we applied for a 189 visa on the 28th of April with what we thought was 70 points , paid the money , did medicals and police checks etc , our occupation is ict business analyst , they then sent email today informing us we have inadvertently made an error but realise this was a mistake and are asking if they can reduce our points from 70 to 60 points so they can continue to process our application , as they said in the email we would have still been invited to apply in subsequent invitation rounds . Our worry is we will not be granted a visa with the offered 60 points therefore should we withdraw our application and try and get our money back ? Any thoughts gratefully received Monk
  15. thanks ozmaniac , we are still unclear as to why they have not recognised the years experience the ACS gave us though , should we ask them to clarify or should we just accept the 60 points they say we can claim , will we still be granted our visa on the 60 points ? Any help or insight would be gratefully recieved